PSC Security Wants to Kill Cops

You are about to read two different stories with one thing in common– PSC Security.

A few months ago a brawl broke out in CityPlace when a large gang of thugs caused extensive damage to the Burger Fi Restaurant tearing the place up, smashing tables, chairs and the cash register which caused the business to close for repairs.
Employees unable to find PSC Security guards  called 911 and the real police showed up and I’m told the thugs had left the area.  There were no media reports on the incident.

As you are aware Related owns CityPlace and the text between PSC Willie Perez and Keith James may explain why this didn’t warrant a news story, but a cover-up.
Perez writes in part  “All those years of insulating Related from liability”   Obviously protecting Related was Perez concern, not the safety of residents,

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Breaking news 12/10/19

WELLINGTON, Fla. (CBS12) — A mall security guard is accused of threatening to kill police.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old Jason Parkins on a charge of intimidation-written threat to commit bodily injury.
Investigators said Parkins, via Facebook messenger, posted in a public forum a statement that read in part, “stupid f—–g pigs i would literally drive my vehicle into them all killing as much as i could with my sig sauer and then proudly die myself or serve the life sentence.”
You can read the entire story below.

Is the Wellington Mall protecting it’s visitors well enough so they are comfortable  visiting or shopping there? Is this the only PSC employee who dreams of killing cops?

As readers may be aware from news stories the mayor has written Governor DeSantis a three page letter explaining his side of the story as to why Rep. Willhite has asked the Governor to investigate the happenings in WPB.  I received a copy of the letter and sent it to a few readers who in turn asked me what could be done.

Honestly if I could fix it– I would, but I can’t. Below is the mayors letter, and the email address of the Governor.  One question! What are you going to do about it?

Letter from Mayor Keith A James to Governor Ron DeSantis

Mr. Oyer Say’s

Now is the time for action and for your voice to be heard on “One Flagler” the 25 story Related building on Flagler. If you object to the project you must speak up to the DAC Board. Your absence could be seen as acceptance.

The meeting time and place.
Downtown Action Committee  (DAC)
Wednesday, 12/11/19 @ 9:00 AM
Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members.
Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area
Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas (also sits on the DNA Board), Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and Mr. Mac Ross, 1st Alternate.  1 alternate seats vacant.  Michael S. Cuevas also sits of the DNA (Downtown neighborhood Association) Board.

I realize I am not giving much notice, and also believe the City is not helping with holding their meeting’s at 9:00 AM when most people are at work and can’t give their input. It’s called planned strategy and the City does it well.

I attended a presentation and listened to Harvey Oyer spin his tail on what a great project this would be for the city. Mr. Oyer, a registered lobbyist and attorney  “Harvey represents commercial and residential developers, lending institutions, large rural land owners, and governmental agencies in real estate transactions, finance, land use, zoning, agricultural law, and government affairs.”

Mr. Oyer represents Related and it’s his job to insure “One Flagler” is built. The link below tells the story by Forbes  “America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions” and they list Attorney’s at 18% and Lobbyist at 8%. If your curious Nurses are at 82%.

List of “Class A Office Space”

1) Phillips Point, 777 S Flagler Dr.  2)Northbridge Tower 515 N Flagler Dr.  3&4) Flagler Center I, & Flagler Center II  505 S Flagler Dr. 5) Esperante Corporate Center  222 Lakeview Ave;   6) Rosemary Square (Formerly CityPlace Tower)  525 Okeechobee;  7)One Clearlake Centre  250 S Australian

When new “Class A Office Space” is built the tenants relocate to the new building, when their lease is up leaving many vacancies behind. They all want water views. Know what, so don’t the residents of WPB want the water views, not a wall of concrete.

What One Flagler will consist of is smaller offices for Palm Beach residents who drive across the bridge, and the Bristol crowd 1100 South Flagler Drive where a 25 story condo sold for $42.6 million. Coming soon the La Clara 1515 S. Flagler Dr.  another 25 story building is going up where more multi-millionaires will need office space. Know why the Bristol and La Clara didn’t build on Palm Beach but settled for WPB? Palm Beach wouldn’t allow their way of life to be disrupted. Obviously the Mayor listens to residents.

On Flagler we have 4  if you count Flagler Center having 2 buildings, and 3 Class A Office Buildings in other areas, and 2 Class A Condominium buildings on Flagler. That’s a pretty good start to “walling” off the water.

Mr. Oyer said “Traffic wouldn’t be a problem because they will be going in the opposite direction away from traffic.”  The whole city is a log jam. The only way more traffic wouldn’t hurt is if they all flew a helicopter.

Mr. Oyer said:  “Office hours will be staggered to alleviate any traffic issues.”  Why would they stagger office hours if traffic is moving in the opposite direction?

Mr. Oyer said:  “He is going to talk to the Coast Guard and request the  bridge stay closed during peak traffic hours.”  Why?  traffic is moving in the opposite direction, right? 

Mr. Oyer said: ” The County will be asked to do a better job synchronizing traffic lights. Why do we need traffic lights, we have traffic moving in the opposite direction away from traffic.

Mr. Oyer will say what needs to be said to get this project off the ground. He will say nothing negative or mention the lawsuits filed against the City for approving a comp plan change that benefits only Related and this site.

The County, Palm Beach and many others object to this building’s location.
Ms. Sandy says: Wouldn’t it be easier to ask Related to locate their Class A Office Building  to a different location?

The three boards  DDA, DNA and the DAC are all Board Members appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor would not appoint someone who he thought wouldn’t vote the way he expected, although Mayors have been surprised when they accidentally appointed a person with honesty and integrity. Lets hope they are on the board 12/11/19.

Here is a text between James, Green. Read how James reacted when Raphael Clemente, who I am told by many is a real good guy, refused to endorse Chief Frank Adderley as James pick for Chief of Police, and reminds them who appoints the board.

Double click to enlarge.

New Text Messages between James & Green

April 4, 2019 Keith James sworn in as Mayor of WPB Fl.

Aug. 27,2019 Doubles the Fire Fee from $50.00 to $100.00. Millions more added to the city coffers.

Sept. 23,2019  (5 months after being sworn in.) City loan from Sun Trust Bank for $20,000,000.00 to fund capital improvements projects and a few projects listed are:

*Howard Park & Dreher Park Improvements.
4 vehicles  Fire Dept. EMS vehicles replacement.
3 vehicles Fire Dept. Pumpers.

The City plans to pay for the 7 vehicles needed with funds from the 20 million dollar loan, so why double the Fire Fee a month earlier?  What will the city do with the 20 million dollars that taxpayers will be on the hook for?

*Dec. 2, 2019 (9 months after being sworn in) Approving General Obligation Bonds for $30,000,000.00 for the improvement of City Parks.   Now were in debt for $50,000,000.00.

The City states improvements will be started between 1 and 5 years.  “A general obligation bond (GO) is a municipal bond backed by the credit and taxing power of the issuing jurisdiction rather than the revenue from a given project.”  In 6 months much of the public will not remember how much was borrowed or for what reason. Politicians depend on it. I hope the public remembers when they vote in March 2020.

If you speak out against the Fire Fee, which I do every time, it appear I don’t support the WPB Fire Dept. which could not be further from the truth. Every generation seems to have memories of devastation in America, something they recall and remember for the remainder of their lives.
December 7, 1941: Both my parents remember where they were on Sunday morning when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Sept. 11,2001: I was driving to meet friends for breakfast when the radio announced a plane hit the World Trade Center. We turned on the TV in time to witness the second plane hit the second tower. No one ate that day.

“Of those who perished during the initial attacks and the subsequent collapses of the towers, 343 were New York City firefighters, 23 were New York City police officers and 37 were officers at the Port Authority.”

Facts you may not be aware of:
“The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) was created by an Act of Congress, the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act (49 USC 40101), shortly after 9/11 to compensate the victims of the attack (or their families) in exchange for their agreement not to sue the airline corporations involved.”
Congress protected the airlines instead of the men and women who died trying to protect the people in both towers. I imagine they were well compensated with contributions for their re-election campaign.

“After years of legislative gridlock, the Victim Compensation Fund has been extended to ensure permanent funding for rescue workers whose jobs after the terror attacks caused health problems.
In July, the bitter and protracted battle to compensate 9/11 first responders who fell ill in the aftermath of the attacks finally came to an end.
President Trump signed a permanent extension of funding for the Victim Compensation
Fund into law which will authorize $10.2 billion for the 10 years along with additional funding until 2090 which will cover surviving 9/11 first responders for their entire lives.
A grim new statistic highlights just how important it was to pass that legislation.
Officials recently told ABC News that 241 NYPD have now died in the 18 years since the attacks.”

To President Trump, who will never read this message a sincere Thank you sir for accomplishing what Washington could not. Why am I rehashing history? Below are new texts between James and Green, who in my opinion are no better than Congress for using our first responders for their own benefit.


Yes ** WPB There Really is a Santa Clause

  I cannot possibly add to Terry Parker’s story. Ms. Parker, Investigative Reporter for Channel 25 WPBF  Make sure to watch the video, before you read the story.

“Texts from former West Palm Beach City Administrator Jeff Green show inside communication between Green and Professional Security Consultants regional manager Willie Perez before a controversial $8 million, no-bid security contract was awarded to Perez’s company.”


James was the man that said he knew nothing about the contract. Green and Perez worked it out his first few months in office.


One Flagler Justification Statement.

One Flagler Justification Statement, is an attempt to justify “One Flagler” being built where no 25 story building should be built.

“One Flagler” developer is Related, and this is the building the City consistently tells residents it is not “spot zoning” and if you repeat the lie long enough it becomes fact. They will attempt to justify Related’s 25 story building with the help of the DAC (Downtown Action Committee) The statement consist of 13 pages and if you care to read the propaganda e-mail me at and I’ll forward it to you. Below are excerpts. My remarks in italics.

“The 2.47-acre Site consists of three parcels with a small portion of submerged land to the east bifurcated by Flagler Drive.”

Definition of bifurcation. the point or area at which something divides into two parts

“The Site is currently partially developed with a church that was constructed in 1928, which has been and continues to be used by the First Church of Christ Scientist for the last 91 consecutive years.”

“This DAC application to construct a twenty-five (25) story Class A office building is being submitted concurrently with a Register of Historic Places Nomination application to the City to designate the church building as a historic landmark structure.  These two applications are part of the same project and should be considered together”

“To be clear, the current property owner will not approve historical designation of the church building until the following has occurred:

a) Final and un-appealable Downtown Action Committee Special Review approval of the One Flagler project (DAC Case No. (  TBD  ); and,

b) Closing of the purchase and sale transaction between the First Church of Christ, Scientist, West Palm Beach, Inc. and Related Urban Development, L.P. for the acquisition of the One Flagler project site.”

12/2/2019 City Commission meeting and I draw your attention to item 18 on the agenda.

18. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4886-19 approving the Local Landmark designation of 809 South Flagler Drive, also known as the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places.

Background: “This voluminous one story, Neo-Classical Revival style church structure was constructed between 1927-1929 by F.W. Blandford and designed by the Philadelphia based architectural firm of Horace Trumbauer for the Christian Science community. The building has a prominent east facing portico and pediment. The building’s unique blue tiles were inspired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The structure is known as the Christ Scientist building and recorded under Florida Master Site File number 8PB00681 and has never been historically designated due to the Church’s previous objections.”

What reason could the Church possibly have for refusing to have it historically Registered?

The city is acting to place the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places, meaning “b” above will be taken care of at Monday night meeting.

“a” will be complete on Dec. 11, 2019 @ 9:00 AM when the DAC meets to approve “One Flagler” which it turned down on Nov.16 and James ended the term’s of the board members who voted against the project and replaced them with people he knew he could trust to get the job done. So with a stacked board do you believe it will pass the second time around? The church believes so or they wouldn’t allow the Register of Historic Places to take place.

If at all possible please attend the 12/11/19 meeting and let the board know how you feel. Related’s  people, and invited guests, will attend praising the development. Allow the DAC hear the other side, your side. Who gave the DAC the power that any decisions it makes is un-appealable. I must repeat they are appointed not elected, and suffer no consequences for their vote while ignoring residents concerns and complaints. Below is the description of responsibilities along with the names of DAC board members.

“Downtown Action Committee (DAC) Contact: Ana Maria Aponte

Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members

Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area.

Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas, Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and 2 alternate seats vacant.”


Watching the news I learned vandals caused over $1,000.00 damage to the Sandi Tree on the waterfront, where I understand PSC Security patrols the area 24/7. I vehemently oppose this destruction with supposed security on site, just as Commissioner Shoaf vehemently oppose replacing PSC.

The DDA has a contract with PSC and I have a PRR (Public Records Request) sent to the City of WPB and was told I would have to place my PRR with them. I question if they sent out bids, to what Companies, how many responses they received. Who wants to bet it’s another no-bid contract?

2 meetings 1 PB Post Story

There were 2 meetings held on 11/25/19. “Special City Commission Meeting” held at 8:30AM, and the “Mayor/Commission Work Session” @ 9:00 AM. Both meetings held when residents were at work. Being retired I attended.

The “Special City Commission Meeting” had 2 items on the agenda, and I was interested in the first item concerning the CRA. Long story short. The Fleet Management Fund has a net deficit of $200,000.00. This requires a transfer of $600,000.00 from General Fund Reserves to the Fleet Management funds. On the bright side when it was reported the Internal Audit (IA) was going to be done early 2020, Jon Ward, Director of the CRA stated the City had no authority to audit them, even while they were spending tax dollars. The CRA is and has been hemorrhaging  money and the audit will be very telling.

Commissioner Lambert was missing when the meeting began, but arrived on the dais at 8:39 just as James was calling for the vote@8:40. Before she put her bag she voted approval.

The 9:00 AM meeting concerned (1) “Strong Mayor Duties and Responsibilities” City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg was to make the presentation, and (3) Security Services, City Attorney Nancy Urcheck to make the presentation. Ms. Urcheck made both presentations due to Ms. Rothenburg was a no-show.

(1) According to James the 5 Commissioners are not allowed to ask any questions of any staff member, ever. If they need a question answered they are to go through Tiffany David who answers to the Mayor. In a previous story I wrote about Ms. David who makes appointments with Presidents of Homeowner Association, who either cancels or don’t show up or ducks out 5 minutes after James leaves a meeting. They can also ask questions of Interim City Administrator Faye Johnson, who also reports to the mayor.

When residents call their commissioner with a problem they don’t want to wait weeks or months for a reply. James said staff was inundated with questions. When Mayor Muoio was in office she had a City Administrator and 2 Assistant Administrators. James has appointed 5 Assistant Administrators. Do the math: 5 city commissioners and 5 assistant administrators. In my opinion James is either trying to control what information the commissioners are receiving, or the assistant administrators don’t know the answer.

(2) Security Services. Larry Keller, Special to The Post wrote the story and it can be read in it’s entirety below. Here are excerpts and my comments in italics

“The city has set a Jan. 10 deadline for proposals with a target date of May 11 for a new security guard contract. The city commission proceeded Monday to rescind its controversial three-year security guard contract”

This could have been accomplished earlier if Commissioners Peduzzi, Shoaf and Lambert bothered to show up when Commissioners Neering and Ryles attempted to rescind the contract 9/27/19. 2 months wasted, but not for PNC who keeps their contract. Now James is telling us May 11,2020, 2 months after we vote for 3 commissioners. in March 2020. If Shoaf and Lambert are re-elected for 2 more years would you be willing to bet the contract wouldn’t go right back to PSC. The 3 missing commissioners had excuses, but with 110,222 residents living in WPB relying on them, I don’t consider this a part time job. Show up, or move along. You represent us not James and PSC.

“This month, the owner of the city’s shopping and entertainment district, Rosemary Square, dropped PSC as its security guard contractor”

And it didn’t take them 9 months either.

“Commissioners expressed remorse for their vote on PSC’s no-bid pact Monday.”

I heard Commissioner Neering and Ryles express remorse, both said they were sorry. That tells me they acknowledge their mistake which enables both of them to learn and not repeat. Lambert, Shoaf and Peduzzi have never made an admission they were wrong or explained their vote.

“Commissioner Cory Neering  wondered if PSC should be given notice immediately that the contract is being rescinded and letting its predecessor take over until a new contractor is selected. My whole point is I made a mistake in terms of the initial vote … and wish I had been more outspoken regarding that,” Neering said. “Let’s not pretend this current service provider isn’t embroiled in a major issue in our city”

By predecessor he means Giddens

“Commissioner Kelly Shoaf, whose district includes Northwood, said she was vehemently opposed to the idea of using the previous security contractor. Every neighbor in the Northwood area can give you a story of previous security firms that have underperformed,” Shoaf said. “Things have vastly improved there and the merchants are the ones who will be affected.”

Vehemently opposed, what does that mean? It tells me you would not vote for Giddens or any security company but PSC. You cam certainly do that after you are re-elected. Thank you for your service Commissioner Shoaf.The merchants will be affected, how about the damn residents who have been accosted at Rosemary Square under the protection of PSC. Guess their too busy sending pictures of their penis to see where their employees were hanging out in groups, or when I attended a recent meeting and 5 PSC security  were socializing on the 2nd. floor, how safe was Clematis St.?

“It isn’t known if PSC will put in a proposal to continue operating as the security contractor.”

Of course they will submit a proposal. They already have 3 votes on the commission if two of them are re-elected namely Lambert and Shoaf.

“Mayor James pointed out that only he, not the commission, can end the current contract with PSC, and he still favors doing so.”

Excuse me James, it was the Commissioners who rescinded their vote and the contract.

“Like commissioners, he said he wished he had obtained more information before approving the PSC contract. “If the administration is at fault, certainly I have big shoulders,” he said”.

Your shoulders aren’t strong enough to admit this contract was in the bag. What did you, Perez, Green, Peduzzi, Adderley  and Morris discuss over drinks at the Blue Martine, all sitting at the table known as the Table of Corruption, the new fall colors?

Read the entire story below.



Who Is Responsible for PSC Security Services in WPB?

Well that would be former Mayor Lois Frankel who introduced PSC to WPB in her final years as Mayor in 2010, upsetting the police department in the first no-bid contract to PSC.

“Tension between Frankel and the police exploded this month during a police protest of SunFest.

Mayor Lois Frankel defended her actions today, hours after the Post’s Page2Live posted a copy of the mayors unpaid ticket for violating the right on red law. When asked if Frankel could fairly be judged in a city court, she responded: “I don’t think the police or court or anyone around here would be giving any breaks at all.” Frankel did catch a break earlier this year when an officer reportedly let her off with a warning when going more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone.” Read entire story below:

When her term as mayor ended she moved on to Congresswoman Frankel where she continued to insure PSC and Willie Perez would once again receive lucrative contracts.

Congresswoman Frankel and Perez did their best to keep Wellington safe also. Double click picture to enlarge, then check out Ft. Lauderdale.

“Fort Lauderdale’s Downtown Development Authority awarded a lucrative, no-bid contract for its security patrol program to a private guard firm with political ties to Congresswoman Lois Frankel.

Frankel was actively involved in the DDA’s selection last year of Professional Security Consultants (PSC)Democrat Frankel’s glowing endorsement of PSC and its regional boss, Willie Perez, was used in a marketing PowerPoint presentation to the DDA’s board of directors before it voted unanimously on June 12, 2014 to hire PSC without seeking competitive bids.

Two months after the vote, PSC’s founder and owner, Moshe Alon, began contributing to Frankel’s campaign. Alon has contributed nearly $11,000 to Rep. Frankel’s election campaigns since August 2014, according to Federal Election Commission records. Read entire story below.”

Follow-up story:

“Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s endorsement of a private security guard firm whose owner poured $11,000 into her campaign after her support helped him land a sweet, no-bid government contract appears to have run afoul of House ethics rules prohibiting business endorsements. Ethics principles restrict how members of Congress may interact with commercial enterprises. However, records and interviews show that Rep. Frankel was actively involved last year in pushing a company called Professional Security Consultants (PSC) for the lucrative job of providing a team of unarmed “security ambassadors” to the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to enhance safety with foot and bicycle patrols in places like Riverwalk.

DDA minutes show that Democrat Frankel introduced the company to DDA officials, and later met with a DDA delegation about the matter. The DDA soon hired PSC without seeking competitive bids. PSC’s contract continues this year with the program’s budget doubled to $200,000 with help from the city.

The company also featured Frankel’s official photograph and endorsement of PSC and its regional boss, Willie Perez, in a PowerPoint marketing pitch to the DDA’s board of directors before its unanimous June 12, 2014 vote to hire PSC without seeking competitive bids.”

Frankel herself wrote a “To Whom It May Concern” letter of recommendation for Perez under letterhead that identifies her as “Representative Lois J. Frankel Member of Congress.” If you read the entire story below you can read her letter of praise.

You may be aware that WPB has a shortage of Police Officers which is why we have a need for private security, and if a serious incident occurs PSC calls the WPB Police Dept. who investigates and make arrest, How’s this for an idea? Hire the missing police, pay them a decent wage so they don’t have to depend on overtime to feed and house their families. Problem solved.

If dreams came true Representative Matt Willhite would also include Lois Frankel in asking  Governor DeSantis too investigate her along with WPB Officials.,








“My Cop” Officer Donawa

I had my 3rd. ride along with a cop and this was different because I rode in my neighborhood with Officer Donawa who I will refer to as “my cop” because that is exactly what he was for 4 hours.
I met him at the police station and received my marching orders, wear your seat belt at all times and stay in the cruiser unless he invites me out.
As usual I started out being noisy and asked him if he was married, and he is. Do you have any children? Yes, one son 4 months old. I said I would like to see a picture of him when we stop. We stopped immediately and I was shown a picture of his son. I should describe him as handsome being a boy, but he was absolutely gorgeous. Although my cop was wearing a bullet proof vest which is both heavy and constricting you couldn’t help but notice his chest expand with pride.

He met his wife at gymnastics and the story sounded like he chased her until she caught him.

My cop went to Culinary School where he became a chef, and still loves to cook. Lucky wife.

Now the ride and my experience.

We rode the streets where I have lived for 33 years, and right around the corner he showed me streets, businesses and schools I never knew existed.

We stopped at a development on Cumberland to check on a condo that is behind a 6′ fence and an unlocked gate. He walked into the courtyard saw sliding windows were intact and the front door secure. All’s well. Later I thought he had no idea if someone was behind that fence and would have done him harm.

At Sam’s warehouse there was a man panhandling and my cop stopped and told him “first and last.” The man picked up his belongings and walked off. I asked what he meant by “first and last.” First and last warning.

At 45th and Military another panhandler standing in the medium strip and when he saw the cruiser moved to the sidewalk. The cruiser made a U-turn, stopped the car and rolled down the window to talk to him. The man started to walk toward us and was told not to approach the car and he kept coming. Another warning was given and my cop jumped from the car and approached him saying he told him not to approach, why did he continue to walk to the car? The man apologized and was told to leave the area. He did.  I had to ask why he got upset with the man coming up to the car. He explained I was his responsibility and you never know what they will do or weapon he might have. Never thought of it glad he did.

We checked shopping centers where it was plainly marked “fire lane no parking” and cars were parked. He left the cruiser to speak to a man sitting in his car, and all of a sudden he turned and jumped back into the cruiser and once we got on 45th. St. the sirens and lights came on and he was traveling east and moving quickly. Once he passed the light he moved even faster, and explained there is a problem at 45th and Greenwood involving a truck and train. If you are familiar with 45th. St. there are 3 travel lanes and we were traveling in the middle lane. At one point there was no traffic in the right lane and with lights and sirens blaring do you think motorist would pull over as the law demands. Two cars didn’t. What would their response have been if we were rushing to someone they loved in need of help. Unbelievable.

When we approached Greenwood he was going to make a left hand turn, and what I didn’t realize is there were 2 cruisers behind us. The traffic moving east and west was stopped at the traffic light and my cop instead of making the turn, stopped at an angle and blocked cars from moving if the light changed. I can explain this now but at the time my mind went to he was going to jump the curb, and we were going to end up in a field. While this thought was running through my mind his arm reached out across me in a protective manner. I now understand the meaning of adrenaline rush, and his maneuver requiring skill and care which was exciting.

Well it turned out to be nothing. A semi was parked in the field, facing north and south and there was a lone train car on the track and everything seemed OK. We rode up Greenwood just to make sure we were at the right place. We were.

When we were leaving there was a car parked at the lights again on Greenwood and the driver had on his emergency flashing lights. My cop radioed one of the cruisers that followed us down and asked for assistance. He wanted another cruiser to stop traffic while he pushed the car across the street. I asked him “Your going to push him across the street”?.  Yes I am can’t have him holding up traffic. As he was getting into position a family member came and assisted the driver.

Sometime during his shift he was the first officer to respond to a call for a man named Johnny, a homeless man, complaining of chest pains. Johnny was transported to St, Mary’s Hospital, and my cop wanted to check on him. When we entered the emergency room Johnny was in the hallway, on a stretcher sleeping, and was to be admitted when a room became available.
We proceeded to the nurses station and when the nurses looked up they were all smiles and welcoming him. He introduced me as his partner and the smiles got wider.
The two officers that followed behind us on 45th St. named Officer Bales and Goldberger met us in the hospital and their tradition is to have ice cream after shift and they  invited me along. Of course I went, and it was
the perfect ending to a ride along.
So Johnny will never know the cop came back to check on him and a broken down motorist will never know a cop was preparing to help. I realize I can’t be greedy calling him “my cop” He was everybody’s cop that day.

Stay safe Officers Donawa, Bales and Goldberger, stay safe everyone.

Did The Diversion Work?

Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post wasted no time writing the story on the City Commission meeting held on 11/18/19 with the City residents filling most of the seats. The news stations were also all over the story with channel 5,12 & 25 reporting the story on the 11:00 PM news and again this morning @ 6:00 AM. The PB Post story can be read in it’s entirety below, and I have provided readers with excerpts (again) and my comments with my opinion in Italics.

“West Palm Beach City Commissioners were unanimous in wanting more information, including hearing former City Administrator Jeff Green’s side of the story.”
“City commissioners Monday night unanimously rejected settling an ex-employee’s case over allegations that former City Administrator Jeff Green sexually assaulted her.”
“The five commissioners expressed severe reservations about settling without the city having consulted Green to judge whether the employee’s allegations had merit.”

Along with their vote, I hope they realize the authority they have in controlling the city purse strings, and they don’t have to approve everything the mayor and staff request. Good for them, and I hope they continue to listen to residents when the TV cameras aren’t rolling, and they aren’t up for re-election in 4 months.

“Several called for a full investigation of the allegations before they would consider settling based on the accuser’s word alone.”

If events unfolded as reported a full investigation is indeed warranted, and a suggestion was made that FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) do the investigation, and I agree. Police Chief  Adderley was seen socializing with James and Green and an investigation should be made by independent  law enforcement.

 I have been told on good authority, when employees enter City Hall with an entry card after normal working hours the lights automatically come on, and the camera’s start recording. It should be easy enough to confirm if both Green and Esposito entered together, and left separately, and how they both appeared.

“Mayor Keith James, sharply criticizing Green’s alleged behavior, had urged the board to approve the $180,000 settlement, saying the city could end up paying much more if the matter ended up in court.”

“But the five commissioners all said they needed more information, despite strong statements by the city attorney and interim city manager that texts and other information provided in mediation convinced them Green committed heinous, unethical acts that left the city open to a much more expensive settlement.”

In my opinion if the commissioners approved the settlement they would have contributed to a major cover up and what the mayor and staff don’t want residents too be aware of. This story is far from over and hopefully the press will keep digging until all is exposed.

“The lawyer for fired city employee Sharagay Esposito has alleged that Green sexually assaulted Esposito in a City Hall conference room in June.”

There are 2 people who know what happened that night, Green and Esposito. The truth will win out, go back and check the cameras, unless they weren’t working that particular night, or accidently erased, or termites ate through the wires.

“But Green on Sunday denied the allegations to The Palm Beach Post and said he never had sex with Esposito. He said the city has never asked for his side of the story.”

Green is the first one the city should have had a discussion with over the allegation. Why didn’t they?

“He added that Esposito told Green’s wife, Barbara, with whom she was best friends, that she would be going to the press with made-up allegations because she wanted her job back.”

Once again 2 sides of a story. One is lying and one is being truthful. Which one?

“The allegations of assault were disclosed in a letter Friday from Esposito attorney Isidro Garcia to West Palm City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg.”

Well, there went the confidently agreement.

“Rothenburg conceded she never called Green to get his side of the story. Neither she nor Johnson detailed the allegations at Monday’s meeting because of confidentiality requirements governing the mediation.”

What “confidentiality requirements governing the mediation?” Esposito’s attorney, Sid Garcia, reported to the city the rape alligation, possible whistleblowers complaint, problems with Garcia’s manager. What else is in the “confidentiality” report they didn’t want commissioners or the public made aware of?

“Green said the Esposito lawyer’s letter, forwarded to him by The Post for comment, was the first he’d heard of any sexual assault allegations against him and that the city never called to confirm the allegations. I haven’t heard of any of this before,” he said, adding that he never had sex with Esposito. Green’s attorney, Denise Bleau, called the allegations “absolutely and categorically false.”

That tells me if the PB Post hadn’t sent the letter to Green he would not have known of the alligations against him. Shame on the mayor and staff. They even attempted to keep Green in the dark along with residents.

The majority of residents who showed up, and spoke out, asked the commissioners not to approve the settlement. This was the hot story of the day and probably into the rest of the week.

The story last week concerned Ms. Esposito’s involvment with Willis Perez, a friend of James, and the winner of the almost 9 million dollar-no bid security contract.

As most know a picture of Willie Perez penis was text to Ms.Esposito, and every time James mentioned the “graphic” picture it was followed by Green’s name and many people I spoke too assumed the text picture was sent by Green.
I have known for weeks what the picture contained and the name of the sender but actually questioned myself, proving if you tell the lie or make misleading statements enough it becomes fact and believable.
I am willing to give James the benefit of the doubt and assume he believed the picture was sent by Green. Would love to know his reaction when he discovered it was actually his friend Willie, who he along with Green and City Attorney Rothenberg pushed the contract through the system.

An attorney representing PSC and Perez asked the commissioners not to cancel the security contract due to the fact PSC had already spent 200 thousand dollars on new equipment. If that’s true, they get the money they spent and WPB get’s the equipment along with the sales invoices/slips. No re-imbursement for equipment used in other cities where former Mayor Lois Frankel also has secured  security contracts for Perez.
We heard from PSC security guards who praised Perez and what a wonderful guy he is, and doing a great job for the city.
We know what kind of guy Willie is, and they can’t pull on my heart strings.

Leah Gaines a woman who appeared knowlagable to me (please google her) informed the City Commissioners according to the City Charter they had the right to cancel the contract with PSC, and they should investigate if that is indeed a fact. If true please follow through and cancel the contract.
Please don’t wait for James to do it, he lied over a month ago when he said he was cancelling it. Why hasn’t he? Willie has known James for years as a commissioner and now mayor. Does he know things and is James afraid Willie will “spill the beans” if he does cancel the contract?

Also on the agenda was item 13 which the commission was asked to approve many millions of dollars on improving the design of Banyan Boulevard.
A staff member in planning for the County spoke and asked the commission to consider the work being done on the weekend and nights so traffic wouldn’t be impacted as heavily. He explained the County sent a letter to the City with their concerns. So far so good.
At the meeting Commissioner Neering asked Interim City Administrator Johnson if the commissioners were sent a copy of the letter, and he simply overlooked it? She replied she did not send the letter to them. Appears it was sent to her and the mayor. Important information was held back from the commissioners, and I hope they file it away for future reference, and I thank Neering for having the common sense to ask the question. It passed 4-1.  Four commissioners knew they weren’t given all the information they needed to make an informed decision again, so why didn’t they postpone the item?

While were on the topic of City Commissioners not receiving the information needed to make informed decisions. On the no-bid contract Commissioners were not told that Procurement and Law were against the contract. What changed their opinions? My guess, James.

Read the entire story below:

West Palm Beach commissioners reject $180,000 payout over sex assault allegations





Agenda Review Meeting 11/14/19

Here’s what you need to know about the Agenda Review meeting held 11/14/2019.

First of all Keith James was absent along with Commissioner Neering. I’m told James has been MIA all week.

Now the public is aware the graphic picture (penis) sent to Ms. Esposito was not that of Former City Administrator Jeff Green but Willie Perez, the Regional Security Manager of PSC Security the company that received the nearly 8 million dollar no-bid contract from his pal and drinking buddy Mayor Keith James. Here is how the Resolution was written. Please pay attention to “Background”

Resolution No. 380-19 approving the Conditional Settlement Agreement dated November 5, 2019, in the amount of $180,000.00 in the pre-suit matter of Sharagay V. Esposito and the City of West Palm Beach.

A Resolution of the City Commission of the City Of West Palm Beach, Florida, approving a Conditional Settlement Agreement Dated November 5, 2019 For $180,000.00 In The Pre-Suit Claim Matter of Sharagay V. Esposito and the City of West Palm Beach; Providing an Effective Date; and for other purposes.

Staff Recommends Motion:

Approve Resolution No.380-19


On October 4, 2019, Sharagay V. Esposito was separated from City employment. Ms. Esposito, through council, requested and participated in pre-suit mediation relating to claims against the City concerning her employment and separation from employment. An agreement has been reached with Ms. Esposito to resolve all claims against the City of West Palm Beach, it’s agents and employees, including all attorney fees and costs, for $180,000.00. In exchange for such compensation, Ms. Esposito has signed a full release of all claims relating to her employment and separation from employment.

Section 2-268(g)(4) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of West Palm Beach, Florida, provides that the authority for settlement of all claims in excess of $30,000.00 shall require approval of the City Commission by formal resolution. Resolution 380-19 approves the Conditional Settlement Agreement.

Here’s what I noticed in “Background” those 4 little words it’s agents and employees

“Agent” A person who is authorized to act for another (the agent’s principal) through employment, by contract or apparent authority.

Is PSC an agent of the City, I believe so.  Is James protecting Willie Perez and PSC from legal action from Ms. Esposito?

If WPB employees are involved is James protecting others from legal action from Ms. Esposito?

Below are excerpts from PB Post Tony Doris story Posted Nov 13, 2019.

“After a storm of public disapproval over the sizable no-bid award to a friend of the mayor and Green, James announced on Oct. 15 that he would cancel the contract and put it out to bid, after all, at the recommendation of his new, interim city administrator, Faye Johnson.”

“As of last week, though, city spokeswoman Kathleen Walter confirmed that the mayor did not in fact cancel the contract. PSC will continue to handle security service citywide until the new contract solicitation yields a winner, she said, which could take months.” Read the entire story below.

If I am understanding the excerpts correctly, a month after James said he would cancel the contract he has not, and according to Ms. Walter it “could take months” I’m concerned for Ms. Walter’s job.

Is James still ensuring Willie Perez will draw a salary? If only he took care of residents as well.

Commissioner Peduzzi stated he wants a closed meeting with attorneys and commissioners because he still had questions of a legal matter.

Commissioner Shoaf stated she wanted an open public meeting.

Which of the 2 commissioners has drinks and pal’s around with James and Perez? Remember it’s a guy’s club.

I spoke with a friend and he asked a good question, one I didn’t have an answer for. Maybe the commissioners or mayor can help us out.

If the commissioners are foolish enough to approve the settlement, how about deducting all money spent by the city, including the $180,000.00 from PSC contract. You know the same one James was going to cancel.


I attended the DNA (Downtown Neighborhood Association) meeting on 11/6/19 at 6:00 PM in a building on Clematis St. When the meeting ended guess what I saw? Five (5) PSC Security men hanging around inside the building on the 2nd. floor.  How safe was Clematis St residents.?








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