City wants to raise Fire Assessment–Again

Residents recently received correspondence from the city which states:

“West Palm Beach Seeks Citizen Input on Proposed Fire Assessment Rates.

Public Hearing Scheduled for August 26, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall.

City of West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James and City Commissioners want to hear from you”

Anyone who opposes this increase from $50.00 to $100.00 trust me they don’t want to hear from you.

Last year when Mayor Muoio pushed to raise the fee from $25.00 to $50.00 people who attended the meeting walked into City Chambers to be met with a room full of firemen, many in uniform.

Well, what do you do? If you speak against the increase, many firemen feel you are voting against them. I can only speak for myself and did speak against the raise, but took the time to tell them I was not against the fire department, but against the city and how they used taxpayers dollars.

What was not mentioned in the letter above was Resolution no.190-11.

The city passed Resolution No. 190-11 establishing fees to be charged for the emergency medical transportation services provided by the West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department. Below are the fees the city charges.

West Palm Beach effective October 1, 2011 Rates

ALS1 (Advanced Life Support 1) $700.00
ALS2 (Advanced Life Support 2) $750.00
(Specialty Care Transport) $850.00
Mileage Fee $12.00 /mile (If you live 1.1 mile from hospital you will be charged $24.00)
Waiting Fee $35.00 1/2 hour
Response to DOA (Dead on Arrival) $350.00.
Late Fee $3.00 / Month.

Figures City sent to me after a PRR for dollars collected.

FY 10/11 $2,034,461.86
FY 11/12 $1,956,560.31
FY 12/13 $1,911,861.02
FY 13/14 $1,886,757.58
FY 14/15 $1,873,849.88

Total $9,663,490,65

Below are the figures supplied by a city employee who asked to remain anonymous.

FY 2012 $2,723,993.00
FY 2013 $2,357,994.00
FY 2014 $3,144,304.00
FY 2015 $4,034,342.00
FY 2016 $3,365,000.00
Total $15,625,633.00           Difference $5,962,143.00       Where is this Money?

Original story below posted July 23, 2016.

Here are the Fire Assessment’s fee’s received from a PRR from the PBC which I received the day my request was submitted. Excellent service.

2019 $8,071,730.20 proposed (Ave$100 residential)

2018 $4,174,983.31 (Ave $50 residential

2017 $2,183,708.95 (Ave $25 residential)

2016 $2,180,241.30 (Ave $25 residential)

Total $8,538,933.56

Here are the Fire Assessment’s fee’s received from a PRR from WPB

2018 $2,090,940.91

2017 $2,087,772.73

2016 $2,033, 340.84

Total $ 6,212,054.48       Difference $2,326,879.08        Where is this money?

This is the 2nd. Time the city falsified records sent to me.

This will be a hardship for anyone on a fixed income, namely senior citizens, and don’t forget the $150.00- 200.00 that will be added onto the Non-ad valorem supposedly to be used for schools, solid waste authority of PBC $175.00. Homeowners can expect to pay $4-500 more on their tax bill. Why is it always the homeowner who pay’s? Guess who it won’t be a hardship on? Mayor Keith James, he isn’t a homeowner and rents a home from a homeowner who does business with the city, and James stated he paid “fair market Value” for rent.

Remember when James had his city commission check garnished? You forgot?  Here’s a reminder.

kjamesGarnished Wages

Remember when James had liens placed against him for not paying taxes? You forgot? Another reminder.

Keith James Tax Lien 2009-2016

“If you don’t pay your property taxes in Florida, the delinquent amount becomes a lien on your home. (Fla. Stat. § 197.122). Once there’s a tax lien on your home, the tax collector may sell that lien at an auction. This is called a “tax lien sale.”

There will be an election for 3 City Commissioners Lambert, Shoaf and Ryles. Hopefully they will not take our vote for granted.

Personally I will not vote for any commissioner who uses Rick Asnani consulting firm Cornerstone Solutions, who is being sued by former Commissioner Materio, and after receiving another complaint

Voters please take the time to know the candidates, their issues and most importantly how they vote. The last Mayoral vote Mayor Muoio, Lois Frankel, Palm Beach Post,  West Palm Beach Association of Firefighters, Police Benevolent Association, and the Chamber of Commerce all endorsed James for Mayor. That’s their opinion, have one of your own.

I believe the 3 commissioners will vote to approve the increase of the fire assessment fee for one reason. They want their endorsement for re-election.









City Knows What Is Best For You, Stop Complaining!

As residents are well aware the city streets have been flooding for the last 2 weeks, with cars stranded in knee high water, hoods up waiting for help. How serious is this?

When you work all day, then plan to stop for groceries for dinner, Need to pick up your kids from the babysitter, visit a sick relative or just get home put your feet up because today was hell at work and you never thought your day would end.

Well your day ended when your car stalled out due to city streets flooding, wouldn’t start, and here you are waiting for a tow truck you didn’t budget for. Well tomorrow’s another day. Will it be better? If your car needs to dry out you spend your time looking for a friend to take you to work, a ride to the babysitter’s. If your auto has permanent damage you ask your friend to take you car shopping. One other thing you didn’t budget for.

“A total of 2.66 inches of rain was recorded in just 36 minutes today at Palm Beach International Airport. That amount of rain in 30 minutes happens about once every 10 years, the National Weather Service reports.”

Reporters are doing an excellent job bringing residents up to the date stories, and advising residents of area’s to stay clear of Flagler Drive, S. Flagler Drive, and Parker Avenue south of Okeechobee. Read the story below:

Heartbreaking are the stories people in the area are telling how it effects them, and tell us they have been complaining to the city about the situation for 40 years. Seriously?

Below was taken from the WPB City website:


“Just like our personal budget, the City’s budget is divided into two types of expenses: operating and capital. For us as residents, operating expenses are the costs we pay to live—like our electric and water bills. For the City, it means paying for the services we all use like street cleaning, police and fire. It also means keeping each department and facility up and running. Capital expenses are one-time purchases or upgrades. For us as residents, this might mean buying a car or fixing up the house. For the City, it means paying for new fire stations, road development, or improving a tired out area. How the City spends money comes from decisions made by the City of West Palm Beach Mayor and City Administration, with approval from your City Commission. They make those decisions based on a number of things: The City’s long-range plans, local data, future forecasts and—most importantly—feedback from you! Your opinions are important because they listen to you throughout the year before final decisions are made. So, tell us what’s important for you, your business and your family!”

Million’s spent on Clematis St; with million’s more to come. Mayor Muoio visited Copenhagen, came home and made the decision to spend our tax dollars on one particular area of the city. The line above “The City’s long-range plans, local data, future forecasts and—most importantly—feedback from you.”

Resident’s have complained about flooding for 40 years do you truly believe our feedback is most important to city officials? They have mastered the art of telling us what we want to hear.

The story below has Mayor Muoio bragging about how much money the city has collected. To bad the city is spending our tax dollars where they deem important, not in critical area’s where it’s needed.

So here is my prediction: Official’s will pick the one line that states “That amount of rain in 30 minutes happens about once every 10 years.” No problem let the future Mayor and Commissioners worry about it, not our problem because in a few months the rain will cease and we can all forget about the flooding.

Thoughts to ponder: Did you ever notice asphalt and cement won’t absorb water? Keep building those Related projects, you know the ones that are not “spot zoning” and the Class A office buildings that WPB so desperately needs. Please ignore all the Class A office space that is empty.

Words of wisdom by Thomas Sewell.

Another 28 Story Building

WEST PALM BEACH — The Community Redevelopment Agency approved a letter of intent Monday that calls for a luxury office tower about 28 stories tall to be developed at the vacant tent site astride the Okeechobee Boulevard entrance to downtown West Palm Beach. At roughly 388 feet, the building would be among the city’s tallest. The letter of intent includes unusual phrasing as far as building height goes. It says the maximum 40-foot height of the lobby “shall not be included in calculating height or story restrictions for the project, and may include a mezzanine level.  The non-binding plan calls for Cohen Brothers Realty Corp. to build up to 490,000 square feet of office space, with ground floor shops or eateries and up to 1,800 parking spaces. The building’s 24 office floors would sit atop a lobby as much as 40-feet high.  The project would include public art, energy efficiencies, “distinctive landscaping/green space, distinctive architectural elements, double-wide sidewalks and community-serving retail.” Read the story below.

WEST PALM BEACH — “City officials hope a world class architect will turn the dusty tent site into a defining structure, a tower that provides much-needed top-flight offices, while serving as a landmark entry to West Palm Beach’s downtown.

Developer Charles Cohen hopes to fit that bill by assigning to it architect Cesar Pelli, whose firm has designed some of the world’s tallest and most notable skyscrapers, from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur to New York’s World Financial Center.”

“Architect César Pelli, designer of NYC’s World Financial Center, dies at 92.”


So here we are another mega building being build in WPB. Does the city have an alternative? One resident believes so, and I like the idea.

“A Cultural Center and Public Park in the heart of our city are needed to fill the gap between the library and the convention center.” Please read the entire opinion below written by Harriet Janensch of WPB who was allowed 200 words and wanted to mention the disruptive construction that would continue in our city. Two words too many, so I am happy to add them here.

I had a conversation with Ms. Janensch and she mentions Mizner Park in Boca Raton. When I googled it I was very impressed with the area and what Boca had done for it’s residents. I am posting a picture and there are many more I hope you take the time to view them at the link below.


Story below concerns Jon Ward who oversees the WPB CRA and will sell this development to City Commissioners

Single District Vs. at large

Nancy Graham was elected as WPB first strong Mayor and served from 1991-1999.  In 1997 the city moved away from Single District voting to at large. Here’s the story.

                                                  BALLOT QUESTION


Shall the City Charter of the City of West Palm Beach, Florida, be amended to provide that the election of City Commissioners be on an at-large basis rather than by five single-member districts?


The City Commission of the City of West Palm Beach, Florida, hereby finds and declares the results of the general election held on March 11, 1997, in said City as follows:

On the referendum question proposing an amendment to the City.

Charter to provide that the election of City Commissioners be on an at large basis, attached and incorporated hereto as Exhibit “A,” the following votes were cast by the qualified electors residing and voting within said City:

1,897 Yes – For the Amendment

647 No – Against the Amendment

As important as this vote was 2,544 people bothered to vote on the issue. Shame on us.

As you are aware, and for those who aren’t, WPB has 5 districts and are represented by 5 City Commissioners.

Kelly Shoaf, District 1                        Up for re-election in March 2020

Cory Neering, District 2

Richard Ryles, District 3                   Up for re-election in March 2020

Joseph Peduzzi, District 4    

Christina Lambert, District 5           Up for re-election in March 2020


There are two paths for returning to Single District Voting.

1: A super majority of commissioners (4 of 5) can place it on the ballot, and we don’t believe that will happen although it would benefit them because they would campaign in their district only.

2: The more difficult route is what we will attempt.

What is needed to make this happen?

An attorney to draw up the paperwork and guide us on our journey, who may take this on Pro Bono, and be a hero to residents.

Another 6 volunteers needed to speak to voters and gather signatures.

$$ needed for copies, advertisement and possible Attorney costs.

We may be back and ask for contributions to make this a reality.

         Palm Beach County, Supervisor of Elections

A recent trip to the PBC Supervisor of Elections we were advised we would have to gather 5% of 69,000 registered voters in WPB for a total of 3,450 signatures. She suggested we gather a minimum of 4,000 signatures. (People will tell you they are registered voters and are not.)

Signatures are then sent to the WPB City Clerk, along with a check. To verify signatures cost $.25 ea; and when they verify 3,450 signatures the count stops and hopefully placed on the ballot.

                              Single District Vs. at large.

“In a single member district the voters elect one of the candidates for a seat in that district. While “at large” is when the commissioner is elected from the city as a whole rather than by a district. All of the seats are never up for election at the same time.”

                     Why return to Single District voting?

It holds Commissioners responsible for their district and they can be re-elected or defeated in the next election. He/She will pay attention to their districts needs, and not worry about developers needs/wants.”

Heavy voter turnout can be found in the Western Communities, (District 4) and they vote to protect their interest and way of life. Example: the expansion of State Rd.7 which they oppose and officials have spent millions fighting to insure it wont happen.

If false political fliers are mailed to voters and state a commissioner is in favor of the expansion, they are voted out of office. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Another example is the OBD (Okeechobee Business District) and Commissioners Moffett, Materio and Neering who voted against the Related project. What was the outcome?

Moffett retired from politics, Materio was defeated by Lambert and Neering wasn’t up for election so he was safe for the moment. Below is an excerpt from the PB Post on a comment made by Commissioner Neering, and the entire story can be read below.

“He was one of three commissioners who last September shot down the plan to create an Okeechobee Business District. Despite heavy pressure, including threats that development interests would run candidates against him, if he opposed the plan because he felt there wasn’t enough information on how the plan would address the issues of traffic, spot zoning and how the plan could benefit the entire city and not just one parcel, coveted by developer The Related Co.”

I don’t want District 4, the Chamber of Commence, Cornerstone Political Consultant or Related choosing my commissioner in District 1,2,3,or 5 and I don’t want developers threatening my commissioner if they don’t vote their way they will find a candidate to run against them while throwing untold thousands of dollars, from unknown sources, to insure their defeat.

One argument I heard against single district voting is all Commissioners vote on all the issues and should be campaigning in all districts. Well we have been doing that for the last 22 years and what has it done for residents? And what happens when a commissioner runs unopposed? It is a win for developers when threats and money flows to commissioners with a “My way or the highway” attitude.

We are looking for volunteers willing to speak to their friends/neighbors and gather signatures in the North and South end of the city. The Western communities are gated and if a reader lives there and is willing to help we will have needed petitions delivered.

I want commissioners to vote in the best interest of their constituents, not in the best interest of one particular district or developer. I hope you feel the same.








Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken!

“Cops and Scholars’ Program” This program was started by Sargent William Nealy “We’re placing all our resource on the kids that were getting into trouble, but we’re not doing anything for the kids NOT getting into trouble. So this evening was all about Darshayla, Trenasia, and Ruben. The three kids got a free meal at Brother Jimmy’s courtesy of CityPlace, and a full meet and greet with the mayor and police chief.” The three kids above had dinner with Sargent Nealy and other officers. Heartwarming story that can be read below.

West Palm Beach Police Department in Southern District of Florida to Receive Project Safe Neighborhoods Award won in 2018. “The West Palm Beach Police Department’s community engagement initiatives are extensive, and include not only national programs, but also local programs like “R.I.P.” program that interacts weekly with juvenile offenders arrested for gun and violent crimes, and “Cops and Scholars,” which champions kids in vulnerable communities. West Palm Beach Police Department also serves as a partner to many outside organizations and programs. All of these efforts are contributing to the success of PSN in local West Palm Beach communities.” The PB Post conveniently left this story out of their editorial. Read the story here.

Coffee with a Cop program. Where kids and parents meet with officers at McDonalds while parents drink coffee and kids eat ice cream and discuss whatever is on their mind.

Conversation with a cop program. I attended this program in May and parents discuss problems in their neighborhood while cops take notes and explain what the police can and cannot do. One grandmother impressed me when she said all her grandchildren are involved in either sports or programs and are not allowed to run the streets.

Chief Mooney has a Master’s degree in social work, experience in community outreach, and years of experience as a hostage negotiator, police trainer, field operations supervisor, patrol division shift commander and internal affairs commander. What I find admirable is her common sense approach to problems in the Northend.

From all I read troubled teen’s are looking for acceptance and a place to belong and the gangs are more than willing to accept them as members of their families, and once they are in impossible to leave.

It appears to me that Chief Mooney concentrates on the younger generation in an attempt to keep them safe and free from these welcoming gangs with programs she approves and encourages her officers, like Sargent Nealy. to contribute possible ideas to aid the community.

One new program involves volunteer’s who are willing to travel to crime scenes after a death in an attempt to help family members remain calm and explain why they cannot approach their loved one. Police officers and Detectives are on the scene looking for the perpetrators and evidence that may have been left behind. Law enforcement depend on DNA, and when hysterical family member praying the police are wrong and it’s not their family member. If it’s a parent I can’t imagine the pain they endure and just want to hold their child which could very well contaminate the scene and evidence will be lost. No parent should ever bury their children.

There is a City Commission meeting Monday night (6/3/19) at 5:00 PM and Mayor James will ask the commissioners to approve Frank Adderley as WPB new Chief of Police.

If you support Chief Mooney please take the time to appear at the meeting and let your thoughts be known. If you decide to attend please be on time as it is the first item on the agenda and bring your parking stub with you to be validated.   Commissioners please don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Here you can find a story on Frank Adderley, the mayors choice to lead the WPB Police Dept.

How Lucky Is Florida?

I am going to start this story with an admission. I want President Trump to build the wall.

Former Mayor Muoio declared WPB a Sanctuary City, until Trump said no Federal Money for Sanctuary Cities. What did she do? Changed the wording. WPB will be a “Welcoming” city. Wasn’t necessary because courts ruled Trump couldn’t withhold federal funds.

Listening to the news this morning President Trump is sending 500 immigrants a month to Palm Beach & Broward County. Read the story below.

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says there are between 11 million and 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.        Read the story below.

“WASHINGTON — The number of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border last month was the highest total for February in 12 years, according to statistics released by Customs and Border Protection on Tuesday. In 28 days, and in the same month President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in order to build a border wall, 76,103 immigrants without the needed documentation to enter the U.S. either presented themselves at legal ports of entry or were apprehended by Border Patrol between ports of entry.”       Read the story below.

Below are the leaders of the Democratic Party who will not fund a border wall. President Trump needs to spread the wealth and send immigrants to California, Maryland and New York.

Leaders of the Democratic Party are listed below.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA)

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD)

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY)

Closer to home Former Mayor Geri Muoio has a 5 bedroom and 3 full & 1/2 bathroom. I figure she can “welcome” 1 large family (mom, dad and 3 children or 2 smaller families mom, dad with 2 children. If any reader does not want the wall please contact PBC Sheriff Rick Bradshaw and let him know how many you can welcome into your home.

I am all for legal immigration, but want to know who is entering my country and believe they should have sponsors.

Do you remember the 1980 Mariel boatlift when Castro opened Cuban prisons and mental health facilities and 10,000 refugees became our problem.

Do you remember 9/11/2001 The September 11 attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  They were here legally.








Big Changes, Many Not Good For The City

As Mayor of our city, Keith James is off to a rough start removing key people from postilions they excelled in and a few that retired immediately after the election.

Lets look at a few.
A staff member who for years kept the Mayor’s office running smoothly retired right after the election.

Dorritt Miller who “knew where the bodies were buried” and people reporting to her worked in fear of being fired and in my opinion she should have been replaced years ago, there are two stories circulating city hall. She retired or she was fired. Important fact: She’s gone.

Christine Brevik who brought the IT Department into the 21st Century was fired, but I am told she is being rehired next week. That is excellent news for the city and she never should have been fired in the first place.

Peter Bieniek, Director of Public Works. Peter was hired by Muoio 2 years ago and it didn’t take long for him to prove himself worthy of the job. Peter put new procedures in place, and had other ideas that would have improved the efficiency of the process, eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernizing techniques, or taking other approaches. So what happened? Scott Kelly happened. As I have been told by numerous insiders who watched the interaction between the two men. After hearing different versions I can only conclude Kelly was in fear of his own job due to the fact Peter was doing an outstanding job, and may one day replace him as Assistant City Manager.  After the election Kelly went to James and complained, and James fired Mr. Bieniek, I can tell you honestly that Scott Kelly has personally lied to me on certain issues, along with residents of the city when he makes presentations concerning developments. Scott Kelly was one of five executives fired from the city of Jacksonville, Fl. in 2012. if he was not good enough for Jacksonville what makes him good enough for WPB? James definitely fired the wrong guy. Read the story below.

When the IA (Internal Audit) completes an audit of different departments the head of the department appears and answers any questions whenever the committee member or staff need clarification.. I attend all IA meetings, and have heard Ms. Brevik and Mr. Bieniek on occasions when committee members and staff commend them on the job they have done, and continue to do. Want to know how both managers handle the praise? “They couldn’t have accomplished it without their staff members.” Ask the guy who picks up your trash and yard waste what they think of James firing Peter, they will tell you. Both managers had the respect of the people reporting to them. Nuff said.

I am going to digress here and you will understand why if you continue reading. I watched a program where they asked middle school students grades 6-8 (ages 11-13), and high school grades 9-12 (ages 14-18) if they ever consumed alcohol. A shocking 20% said they had. The experts came in and spoke with the kids and they all left a little smarter than when they arrived. They were told of peer pressure and manipulation. The children thanked the experts and one young lady said she understood how she was manipulated and would not be again. So the experts came in and spoke to the kids with a hope of turning their thinking around, and it worked at least with one young lady. They reached out to the young and I believed were successful. Do you believe they would have had the same outcome with College age kids, who are set in their ways and know absolutely everything.

Police Chief Sara Mooney always reached out to the young children while making the rounds in the toughest neighborhoods in the Northend. She is reaching the kids because this is where change begins, with them, not the gang members who destroy and terrorize a neighborhood.

It’s my opinion the WPB Police Dept. is the finest in the state, led by the strongest Chief. I am not naïve enough to believe all police officers walk on water and some should never wear the uniform because they bring disgrace on themselves and their department. The remaining cops put their lives on the line every day protecting citizens who despise them for the uniform they wear. The PBA (Police Benevolent Association) President John Kazanjian endorsed James for Mayor. If a cop is accused or terminated they can turn to the PBA for protection, and they step up. The PBA did not step up for Chief Mooney, but defended Palm Beach Gardens police Officer Nouman Raja who was found guilty of manslaughter with a firearm and attempted first degree murder in the 2015 shooting death of Corey Jones. Thank God the jury made the right decision or once again police would be the bad guys painted with the same brush. How do you rid the departments of the bad guy’s when the PBA defends them? Corey Jones’s family finally received justice. Read the story below for the PBA reaction for finding Raja guilty.

James is replacing Chief Mooney with Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley. Don’t know anything about Former Chief Adderley, but Neighborhood Scout is reporting on Fort Lauderdale, “We found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small). Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon.”  If you weren’t aware WPB have three excellent Assistant Chief’s  West, Spatara and Kahil.  Why does James constantly overlook excellent choices to look elsewhere when replacing people that are not replaceable? Now you know the reason why workers moral can be in the dumpster.  Read the stat’s below.

One of the best program introduced by Chief Mooney, and there has been many, is the “Community Response Team.” and Officer Courtney Sullivan is our neighborhood Community Officer. She reached out to a few residents and supplied her phone no; along with her e-mail address for any resident who wished to talk to her concerning problems in their neighborhood, like drugs. There are too many residents throughout WPB who are afraid to talk to police for fear of retaliation.  If you ask Officer Sullivan not to park her police car in your driveway she wont and that is one way of protecting residents. Officer Sullivan reached out to the Board of Directors with an invitation to speak before residents to let us know she was in the neighborhood and approachable. That was approximately 6 months. The board has not accepted her invitation. I can tell you from experience I called her and her response was faster than white on rice, but that wont help residents who aren’t aware she’s in their own neighborhood waiting to assist them.

It is my understanding city hall has received complaints concerning Chief Mooney’s removal as Chief of Police and after the uproar from Mayor Muoio and others James offered her a position as Chief of Police for Emergency Management. Now this is just my opinion, and take it for what it’s worth. James never expected Mooney to accept the job, but accept she did. Mayor Muoio knowing how Keith James felt about Chief Mooney gave him her endorcement after he told her he would leave Mooney in place as Chief. James lied. Was Muoio that nieve? Hadn’t she learned how strong women intimidated him? Again my opinion.

If you didn’t know, Keith James is a Harvard Graduate. My wish is had common sense and used it.

Channel 5 ran a story on Mooney and Muoio’s response. They mentioned 2 commissioners who were basically OK with James decision, but didn’t name the commissioners. Again just my opinion it was commissioner’s Peduzzi and Lambert. I believe those 2 because I have heard Commissioners Neering, Shoaf and Ryles defend the chief.
What would happen if those 3 commissioners didn’t confirm a new chief of police for WPB?

Hear news 5 report below.

I Have A Questions—But No Answer

I live in a community with retired teachers and a few starting their careers. I had a conversation with a new teacher and asked how much homework she sent home with her kid’s and her answer was “my kids don’t do homework.” I was shocked remembering how much homework I had as a kid. My next question, which I regret asking (sometime ignorance is bliss) was why. Her answer was shocking. There aren’t enough books to go around.  I spoke with her recently and she informed me she did receive 3 1/2 % pay raise, and no the school still doesn’t have enough books to go around.

Let’s do a small bit of history:

January 1988  Fl. voters approved a Referendum approving the lottery to benefit schools. I voted approval, brought billions to the state, and I learned a lesson.

January 2017  “When county residents voted two years ago to hike the county’s sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, the move was supposed to raise $2.7 billion over a decade for the school district and the county’s municipal governments. Palm Beach County’s 10-year “penny tax” may last for only nine years, thanks to higher-than-expected sales countywide since the tax took effect in January 2017.”

Please read the entire story below. The state beat expectations of 2.7 billion and in 10 years they will ask voters to approve an extension for another 10 years. Hope I live long enough to vote no.


Nov. 2018 Once again homeowners were called upon with a new Referendum. “The tax would add $1 for every $1,000 in taxable value, contributing $800 million to the district’s coffers over four years. The owner of a $225,000 home with a $25,000 homestead exemption would see a tax increase of $150 per year.”  This tax will run for 4 years. Read the entire story below. In four years they will ask for another  extension.


If you voted for this tax increase, below is the Referendum wording on the ballot.


Shall the School Board of Palm Beach County have authority to levy 1.00 mills of ad valorem millage dedicated for operational needs of non-charter District schools to fund school safety equipment, hire additional school police and mental health professionals, fund arts, music, physical education, career and choice program teachers, and improve teacher pay beginning July 1, 2019 and automatically ending June 30, 2023, with oversight by the independent committee of citizens and experts?

Seems pretty clear to me, so why are folks demonstrating at the PBC Supervisor of Elections office? Charter schools are suing and want a piece of the pie, and the media’s attention is the way to go. I only hope they are protesting at the State Capitol also.

“One area that opponents of charter schools largely take issue with is their management by for-profit companies. In the state of Florida, a higher percentage of charter schools are run by for-profit corporations than are nationally. About 45 percent of Florida’s charter schools were managed by for-profit corporations in 2017-18, according to the report, significantly higher than the national rate of about 15 percent.” Read the story below.


“A tax package approved by a Florida House committee Thursday seeks to settle the dispute by requiring school districts to share revenue generated through property tax increases with charter schools.” Read the story below.


“March 2019 – Florida falls in national teacher pay ranking to 46th. The Sunshine State swapped places with Arizona, now 45th. Florida teachers got some bad news this week that bolsters their case asking for better pay: The state dropped from 45 to 46 on the National Education Association’s annual report of average teacher salaries.”  FYI Florida is short 2200 teachers.

Is Florida a third rate country? Read the entire story below.


Below is one more example of how the Florida Legislature respects what voter’s approved.

Nancy Graham First strong mayor 1991-1999        And the beginning of the end for WPB

March 1996 Voters pass 5 story limit on Flagler. Part of the story reads.

“If the referendum passes, no skyscrapers could be built east of Olive Avenue or in the Government District along Banyan Boulevard. New towers would be allowed only along Okeechobee Boulevard and Lakeview Avenue, east of the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts.” Read the story below.


When we voted for the second time to keep the building height at 5 stories, officials ran to the Tallahassee Florida Legislature’s and they ruled against voters, and WPB can and did go as high as developers wanted and have no problem spending millions of dollars in lawsuits.

My question, with no answer is. Why do we keep sending these guy’s to Tallahassee?





Who is Sean Jackson?

The Black Republican Caucus of Florida held a news conference Monday afternoon where they called for WPB Police Chief Sara Mooney to step down effective immediately. Sean Jackson has a history with the city and in my opinion it’s not good. In the interview he stated he was at the scene on the double homicide last Saturday and within an hour he learned who the shooter was. Bullshite. Also said he had a conversation with Mayor James, Commissioners Cory Neering, Joe Peduzzi and Richard Ryles. Why didn’t he have a conversation with the two women commissioners Shoaf and Lambert? Does he have a problem with women? He also has an opinion on who should be the next Chief of Police, but wont mention HIS name at this time, and please take the time to listen to Rick King of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association. Hear the press conference below.


Sean Jackson A former West Palm Beach city commission candidate is being accused of a hit and run in the city hall parking garage. When first asked about the incident by The Post, Jackson said, “My bumper tapped another car and that was that.” But this week he denied ever hitting the car, saying the “frivolous” charges were dismissed. Please pay attention to how he treated the women garage attendant, and the owner of the car he hit. Read the story below.


Inside the Bru’s Room Sports Grill in Boynton Beach, Carly Cass, a lesbian, says she was accosted and nearly assaulted by Sean P. Jackson, a Palm Beach County Republican Party operative. Jackson, Cass said, grew angry and eventually stated, “You want to be a man, I’ll beat you like a man.” My opinion Jackson is a bully who has no problem threatening women. Read the story below.


City website 4/29/19 Work Session with the mayor and commissioners. The only item on the agenda concerned the Police Dept; and guess who placed it on the agenda? Commissioner Joe Peduzzi the mayor’s right hand man. He is to James what James was to Muoio, their yes man. Rumor’s were flying around after James was elected Mayor his top priority was to replace Chief Mooney. You judge for yourself.


Mayor Muoio nominated Chief Mooney, and needed the commissioners to vote on her nomination but no vote needed to fire her. Does that sound right to you? Four commissioner’s voted for approval with James voting no. He wanted to look elsewhere. Chief Mooney has the backing of her officers, and if you talk to them they will tell you morale has never been higher, and I never met a cop who didn’t respect her.

She has initiated new programs and community outreach such as, Cops working with six year olds to join the Boy Scouts, cops reading to 3rd. graders, having lunch with cops, police going into elementary schools and talking to the kids. There is more, but you get the drift. It appears she is trying to reach the kids before they become a satistic like the 18-25 year old African Americans who join a gang to belong and it’s these very gangs who are killing each other in the north end of the city.

If I could make a suggestion to Sean Jackson come join in the monthly Peace Walk headed by Kevin Jones, a man dedicated to make the area safer. Where police go door-to-door talking with residents, handing out flyers, job applications, placing signs in yards to promote peace, but also to build bridge’s between law enforcement and residents, especially the children. Also take a “Ride with a Cop” and see what goes on during their shift, and please request the North End ride along.

Two pictures below show Officer Pinto with a child who love the Segway and line up to take a short ride or just to stand on it.

Chief Mooney completely unaware the picture was taken. She is at the April peace walks and that is the position you will find her in, on her haunches talking with the kids, handing out peel and stick badges. You would think she was given each child the Hope Diamond as they hold onto her every word.

Now that’s building bridges.








CTG Sues City Over Development.

Well here we go again, another battle with the city over development.
We have another 24 story waterfront condominium going up on Flagler Drive. City Commissioners ignored the zoning rule concerning height density and set back. They broke all the rules for developers–again. This project, like many others is trying to place 100 lbs. of baloney into a 1 lb. bag. It don’t fit.

All 5 commissioners James, Shoaf, Lambert, Ryan and Neering voted in favor of the project.

James: was rewarded with the title Mayor of WPB.

Shoaf: believes transit plan, minority hiring plan, a housing plan, an art plan, innovative design and preserving green space.   Naïve?

Lambert: “I do care very much for this city,” while her vote continually say’s something different.

Ryan: lost and is no longer a problem for the city. Irony: Ryan took Lambert under her wing and she appeared with her at varius function’s around the city educating her. Lambert endorsed James. Kick in the ?

Neering: People are surprised he voted for this project and ask why.
It takes 3 commissioners to approve or stop a project and he does not have the support to swing the vote residents want or expect.

In my oppinion residents can depend on 2 commissioners Neering and Ryles. Were short one who cares.

New commission Joe Peduzzi in my opinion is definately in James corner and like Lambert and Shoaf will vote for developers and against residents, and will fight the State Rd 7 expansion wasting millions more of taxpayer dollars. He was very clear at forums and meet and greets.

So, what do we do? In March 2020 3 commissioners are up for re- election, Lambert, Shoaf and Ryles. Commissioner Ryles is finishing Ryan’s one year term in office, and must run again.

What am I going to do? I’m going to vote for whoever challenges Lambert and Shoaf regardless of who they are. We cant do any worse than these two. I’m going to vote to send Ryles back to the commission to assist Neering. If we are fortunate (smart) enough to replace Lambert and/or Shoaf residents stand a chance of taking their city back. Remember their vote to always assist developers, big money will be thrown at them.

Reasons I’ve been told folks don’t vote is because it is a waste of their time: Really?
People who do not vote are the reason we can’t elect decent representation. Don’t take the time to learn what is going on or it’s not their neighborhood so who cares.

Other people, like CTG (Citizens for Thoughtful Growth) spend countless hours watching what the city is doing, and more endless hours trying to convince them this is the wrong project for the city.
When the commissioners are ready to vote the project they invite people to the meeting who will speak in favor of the project.

The story in the Palm Beach Post, which can be read below, mentions the resident’s name who spoke against the project.
A resident who spoke in favor of the project no name mentioned. Why?

Read the story below.


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