Did The Diversion Work?

Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post wasted no time writing the story on the City Commission meeting held on 11/18/19 with the City residents filling most of the seats. The news stations were also all over the story with channel 5,12 & 25 reporting the story on the 11:00 PM news and again this morning @ 6:00 AM. The PB Post story can be read in it’s entirety below, and I have provided readers with excerpts (again) and my comments with my opinion in Italics.

“West Palm Beach City Commissioners were unanimous in wanting more information, including hearing former City Administrator Jeff Green’s side of the story.”
“City commissioners Monday night unanimously rejected settling an ex-employee’s case over allegations that former City Administrator Jeff Green sexually assaulted her.”
“The five commissioners expressed severe reservations about settling without the city having consulted Green to judge whether the employee’s allegations had merit.”

Along with their vote, I hope they realize the authority they have in controlling the city purse strings, and they don’t have to approve everything the mayor and staff request. Good for them, and I hope they continue to listen to residents when the TV cameras aren’t rolling, and they aren’t up for re-election in 4 months.

“Several called for a full investigation of the allegations before they would consider settling based on the accuser’s word alone.”

If events unfolded as reported a full investigation is indeed warranted, and a suggestion was made that FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) do the investigation, and I agree. Police Chief  Adderley was seen socializing with James and Green and an investigation should be made by independent  law enforcement.

 I have been told on good authority, when employees enter City Hall with an entry card after normal working hours the lights automatically come on, and the camera’s start recording. It should be easy enough to confirm if both Green and Esposito entered together, and left separately, and how they both appeared.

“Mayor Keith James, sharply criticizing Green’s alleged behavior, had urged the board to approve the $180,000 settlement, saying the city could end up paying much more if the matter ended up in court.”

“But the five commissioners all said they needed more information, despite strong statements by the city attorney and interim city manager that texts and other information provided in mediation convinced them Green committed heinous, unethical acts that left the city open to a much more expensive settlement.”

In my opinion if the commissioners approved the settlement they would have contributed to a major cover up and what the mayor and staff don’t want residents too be aware of. This story is far from over and hopefully the press will keep digging until all is exposed.

“The lawyer for fired city employee Sharagay Esposito has alleged that Green sexually assaulted Esposito in a City Hall conference room in June.”

There are 2 people who know what happened that night, Green and Esposito. The truth will win out, go back and check the cameras, unless they weren’t working that particular night, or accidently erased, or termites ate through the wires.

“But Green on Sunday denied the allegations to The Palm Beach Post and said he never had sex with Esposito. He said the city has never asked for his side of the story.”

Green is the first one the city should have had a discussion with over the allegation. Why didn’t they?

“He added that Esposito told Green’s wife, Barbara, with whom she was best friends, that she would be going to the press with made-up allegations because she wanted her job back.”

Once again 2 sides of a story. One is lying and one is being truthful. Which one?

“The allegations of assault were disclosed in a letter Friday from Esposito attorney Isidro Garcia to West Palm City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg.”

Well, there went the confidently agreement.

“Rothenburg conceded she never called Green to get his side of the story. Neither she nor Johnson detailed the allegations at Monday’s meeting because of confidentiality requirements governing the mediation.”

What “confidentiality requirements governing the mediation?” Esposito’s attorney, Sid Garcia, reported to the city the rape alligation, possible whistleblowers complaint, problems with Garcia’s manager. What else is in the “confidentiality” report they didn’t want commissioners or the public made aware of?

“Green said the Esposito lawyer’s letter, forwarded to him by The Post for comment, was the first he’d heard of any sexual assault allegations against him and that the city never called to confirm the allegations. I haven’t heard of any of this before,” he said, adding that he never had sex with Esposito. Green’s attorney, Denise Bleau, called the allegations “absolutely and categorically false.”

That tells me if the PB Post hadn’t sent the letter to Green he would not have known of the alligations against him. Shame on the mayor and staff. They even attempted to keep Green in the dark along with residents.

The majority of residents who showed up, and spoke out, asked the commissioners not to approve the settlement. This was the hot story of the day and probably into the rest of the week.

The story last week concerned Ms. Esposito’s involvment with Willis Perez, a friend of James, and the winner of the almost 9 million dollar-no bid security contract.

As most know a picture of Willie Perez penis was text to Ms.Esposito, and every time James mentioned the “graphic” picture it was followed by Green’s name and many people I spoke too assumed the text picture was sent by Green.
I have known for weeks what the picture contained and the name of the sender but actually questioned myself, proving if you tell the lie or make misleading statements enough it becomes fact and believable.
I am willing to give James the benefit of the doubt and assume he believed the picture was sent by Green. Would love to know his reaction when he discovered it was actually his friend Willie, who he along with Green and City Attorney Rothenberg pushed the contract through the system.

An attorney representing PSC and Perez asked the commissioners not to cancel the security contract due to the fact PSC had already spent 200 thousand dollars on new equipment. If that’s true, they get the money they spent and WPB get’s the equipment along with the sales invoices/slips. No re-imbursement for equipment used in other cities where former Mayor Lois Frankel also has secured  security contracts for Perez.
We heard from PSC security guards who praised Perez and what a wonderful guy he is, and doing a great job for the city.
We know what kind of guy Willie is, and they can’t pull on my heart strings.

Leah Gaines a woman who appeared knowlagable to me (please google her) informed the City Commissioners according to the City Charter they had the right to cancel the contract with PSC, and they should investigate if that is indeed a fact. If true please follow through and cancel the contract.
Please don’t wait for James to do it, he lied over a month ago when he said he was cancelling it. Why hasn’t he? Willie has known James for years as a commissioner and now mayor. Does he know things and is James afraid Willie will “spill the beans” if he does cancel the contract?

Also on the agenda was item 13 which the commission was asked to approve many millions of dollars on improving the design of Banyan Boulevard.
A staff member in planning for the County spoke and asked the commission to consider the work being done on the weekend and nights so traffic wouldn’t be impacted as heavily. He explained the County sent a letter to the City with their concerns. So far so good.
At the meeting Commissioner Neering asked Interim City Administrator Johnson if the commissioners were sent a copy of the letter, and he simply overlooked it? She replied she did not send the letter to them. Appears it was sent to her and the mayor. Important information was held back from the commissioners, and I hope they file it away for future reference, and I thank Neering for having the common sense to ask the question. It passed 4-1.  Four commissioners knew they weren’t given all the information they needed to make an informed decision again, so why didn’t they postpone the item?

While were on the topic of City Commissioners not receiving the information needed to make informed decisions. On the no-bid contract Commissioners were not told that Procurement and Law were against the contract. What changed their opinions? My guess, James.

Read the entire story below:

West Palm Beach commissioners reject $180,000 payout over sex assault allegations