Good news/Bad News.

4/20/2020 City Commission Meeting listed 11 items, all on the Consent Calendar. Items placed on the Consent Calendars generally are passed without discussion as in the $180,000.00 payout to a city employee in an attempt to cover up misdeeds by the city.

5. Resolution No. 111-20 “authorizing a letter of support to the Florida Department of Transportation for the Lane Elimination planned for the Broadway Improvements Project from 25th Street to 45th Street. Transportation staff is proposing to submit a Lane Elimination Application to the Florida Department of Transportation to eliminate vehicular travel lane(s) on Broadway from 25th Street to 45th Street.” Item #5 more fully explained below.

9. Resolution No. 110-20 “approving the City’s intent to engage in mandatory conflict resolution procedures in an action filed against the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency regarding an amendment to its Long Range Transportation Plan that added a project extending and widening State Road 7.”  City still fighting the State on State Rd. 7 wasting tax dollars.  Read the City’s agenda below:


Another failed campaign promise from Mayor Keith James, when in an effort to gain votes, he stated he was going to mend bridges between the County and City.
I attended a Commission meeting recently when a County staff member appeared before the city and spoke of a concern over a project the city was voting on that night. He spent his 3 minutes explaining how it would impact the city and county and asked them to consider their vote. When his time was up James stated he did not appreciate the county sending staff to the city to express their views as the city didn’t send city staff to speak at county meetings. In my opinion James didn’t want the public to have the information given by the county, same as he wont allow City Commissioners to ask questions of staff.

In what I believe was Mayor James attempt to embarrass the County James called a press conference and “implored the county to get us these testing kits”
“I implore you, get us these testing kits. We are trying to save lives,” Mayor Keith James urged in a news conference Friday aimed at Palm Beach County leaders.
County administrator Verdenia Baker and Mayor Dave Kerner addressed James’ accusations together to WPBF 25 News.

They said the county has no control over testing kits — the state denied the city’s request for 1,000 kits.
“We get tests from the state, and we have to follow rules of the state,” said Baker. “The city did ask for 1,000 kits, we sent that to the state, the state did not honor that request. We can’t control that.”
Baker said the county has plenty of both drive-thru and walk-up testing sites for everyone in the county — including those in African-American and other vulnerable communities.

Read the WPBF 25 news story below.


Item # 5 from Commission vote on 4/20/2020.  With gridlock throughout the city while they continue to overbuild and neighborhoods speak out with legitimate complaints and concerns, which go unheard. The State is weighing in on their attempt to narrow, as in removing lanes on South Dixie Highway. This is a win for the NSNA (Northwood Shores Neighborhood Association) who have for over 20 years attempted to have the city follow through on promises made including the constant flooding on Flagler Drive, and recently how narrowing Dixie would negatively affect their neighborhoods. The good news is obviously the State has an eye on WPB and Mayor James. A little over one year in office and James not only has the County upset, now the State is looking at us while investigating Mayor James.

“State rejects West Palm Beach plan to narrow South Dixie Highway, saying it would jam traffic.”

WEST PALM BEACH — “One year after state officials approved a dramatic narrowing of a stretch of South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, they’ve changed their minds, saying it would aggravate traffic on the busy artery and adjacent roads.”  Read story below

On 4/27/2020 I published a story titled “Show Some Compassion!” when Mayor James announced he was temporally ending the Hurricane Season Vegetation Amnesty Program. I would like to think that story moved City Commissioners and City Administrator to request James have a change of heart. He did. Residents don’t have a couple of months to prepare but we do have 12 days to get ready to save our pocketbook.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (May 6, 2020) — “In preparation for the 2020 hurricane season, the City of West Palm Beach is pleased to announce that Hurricane Season Vegetation Amnesty will start on May 25, 2020 and continue through June 5, 2020.”  Read the City’s press release below.