Pinewood Park not our normal Peace Walk

Friday night @ 7:30 PM (4/23/2021) I was expecting a regular Peace Walk like the “old days” when the police officers outnumbered the residents walking. This walk was completely different with approximately 200 residents in attendance which included former City Commissioner Sylvia Moffett along with Commissioners Peduzzi, Lambert, Fox and Shoaf who represents District 1 where the event took place. Missing was Mayor Keith James and Commissioner Warren.

I spoke with residents who told me “they were not from the area” and attended to show they wanted peace in the streets and gave up their Friday night to show solidarity. Black and white, young and old all walking for a common goal. We all wanted peace and an end to the violence. This is how you take back the streets, you show up in numbers.

“RISE” is an organization, and their members also joined the walk, and they do good work in the northend of the city. RISE will assist residents with housing, employment, education and health and wellness. All you have to do is reach out to them. Double click to enlarge picture for address & phone number. Flyer at the end of the story.

The police dept. had a food truck available and offered hot dogs, snow cones and water along with a mini bus and golf cart for folks who may have a need to sit and rest or a ride back to their auto.

We walked from 39th. and Pinewood to 54th. 15 blocks. 2 blocks east to Broadway on 54th. Broadway to 39th. 15 more blocks and 2 blocks back to Pinewood Park.. total of 34 blocks

On Pinewood we walked down the middle of the street until we reached Broadway and the police asked we all move to the sidewalk, and all the marches moved to the sidewalk. We complied. Personally I preferred walking on the street as sections of the sidewalk left a lot to be desired. The police wanted to keep us safe and away from heavy traffic. Here I want to thank 2 men who allowed me to take their arm which allowed me to finish the walk. Thank you to the drivers who sat patiently while the police stopped traffic so we could cross the street safely. Thank you to the drivers who honked their horns on Broadway to show support. Thank you to the WPB Police Department who took every step with us, and kept us all safe. As usual they came through for the City and residents.

If you look at the pictures of arrest at the bottom of the story (double click to enlarge) you will see the following:

Special Investigation Div.   8 arrests

Operation Clean Streets      8 arrests

Operation Ghost Unit         7 arrests

Vice Unit                               11 arrests

That is a total of 34 arrests. One arrest for every block residents walked for peace.

WPTV Chanel 5 was there and you can read the entire story below.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — “A peace walk. It’s a stroll the residents of the Pinewood Park neighborhood in West Palm Beach say is needed to spur change.

“What we feel in this neighborhood on the north end of the city is that we’re not heard very well,” Denise Barnes said.

But they were also briefed by West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderley on what his department is doing to fight crime.

“It’s not falling on deaf ears, we’re in the midst of doing an operation, Operation Clean Sweep. We’ve arrested about 30 individuals that are involved in open drug sales and prostitution in this area. When our community calls, we’re going to respond to them,” Adderley said.”

While residents walked for peace, we heard police sirens a few blocks away and the police helicopter flew overhead and you knew there was a problem. On 13th. St. 3 people were shot, 1 fatally at 8:00 PM. As you can see there’s a lot more work to be done. The police cannot give us peace without the public’s help, and residents will never have peace without the help of the police.

If you know something please step up and say something. If your afraid of retaliation, I understand that so make a phone call from a public phone. Drop a letter to the police dept.  give them a starting point, someone to investigate. If not you—Who?  Denise Barnes spoke up and look what she accomplished, 200 marching people.

West Palm Beach neighborhood holds peace walk to spur change (wptv.com)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — “One man is dead and two others are injured following a shooting in West Palm Beach Friday evening, according to the West Palm Beach Police Department.

The shooting occurred at 8:32 P.M. along the 900 block of 13th Street.

Police said the gunman shot three pedestrians, who appeared to have been targeted, and then fled the scene.”

1 dead, 2 injured following shooting in West Palm Beach (wptv.com)