Whither Chapel-by-the-Lake?

September 21, 2013

Sept.16,2013 was a late night for City Commissioners and the residents who met to discuss the First Baptist Church’s Chapel-by-the-Lake property. The church has a chance to sell the property for 23 million dollars, if the city agreed to allow developer Al Adelson to erect a 29 story condominium on 3 acres of land. To accomplish this Mr. Adelson would require the city of WPB to make large concessions concerning setback requirements.

The City Commission on Monday voted 3/2 to rezone the property from community service to multifamily residences, which would allow the Condominium to be built. Commissioner Robinson, who voted for the rezoning stated “My vote was for the Church” Did Commissioner Robinson listen to the residents opposed to the project? Commissioner Robinson supposedly represents the residents, taxpayers, and voters of WPB. In my opinion he does not do a very good job.

Commissioners Moffett, James, and Robinson want a smaller structure, so the developer will lower the building a few floors, and the City Commissioner’s will vote to approve the project, due to the fact they only hear ching, ching, the bell on the cash register, and many dollars will be gained in the form of taxes.

The city government does such a poor job of spending our tax dollars wisely now, why would they expect us to trust them with more of our hard earned dollars. A few examples:

Oh yes, they will vote for the Chapel-by the- Lake.