Can’t Fix West Palm Beach

Cosmetic changes


Regarding the comments by former City Administrator Ed Mitchell that the “stature” of the city has improved: Clematis Street is a well-dressed watering hole, with boozers stumbling from one bar to another. If it wasn’t for the nonstop “free” events downtown, the waterfront would go back to tumbleweed.

CityPlace recently had foreclosure issues. The city had to dip into reserves to balance the budget. The new budget year started this month, and the city’s finance director has publicly stated that the city is starting out in the red. If more changes are not made, the deficit for this budget year will be greater than the $8.5 million first projected for last year. Let’s not forget the many failures of city departments that were under the direct supervision of Mr. Mitchell, such as the OpenSky police radio system that’s yet to be activated.

So the city’s degree of development and outward appearance has improved? To me, it’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on a house infested with termites and boasting about its outward appearance.