Commissioner Shoaf Voting Record

If you read the recent story on Commissioner Lambert’s voting record this story would give you the same information. Shoaf voted with Lambert on every issue presented by developers, against residents objections. Commissioner Shoaf voted for: Okeechobee Business District, One Flagler, a Related project Voted for approval the plan to narrow the car lanes on South Flagler, where many residents living in the area spoke up trying to explain how the... [Read More...]

Whither Chapel-by-the-Lake?

Sept.16,2013 was a late night for City Commissioners and the residents who met to discuss the First Baptist Church’s Chapel-by-the-Lake property. The church has a chance to sell the property for 23 million dollars, if the city agreed to allow developer Al Adelson to erect a 29 story condominium on 3 acres of land. To accomplish this Mr. Adelson would require the city of WPB to make large concessions concerning setback requirements. The City... [Read More...]