Terrorist, Bombings, Vaccines, & Americas Health

This story moves away from City Government to homegrown terrorist, bombings, vaccines and the health of American citizens.

Nov. 1983   Capital Bombing  May 19 Communist Organization (M19) bombed the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Women led terrorist, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans were found guilty and sentenced to 58 years in prison. Story below.


January 2001 President Bill Clinton issued a pardon to both Rosenberg & Evans.

August 2014    Fergurson Missouri Remember the riots and looting.

“Sgt. Al Notham, who works with the Highway Patrol, says the bad actors have largely been weeded out. “Community leaders are stepping in. We’re getting all kinds of assistance from the community. They’re actually doing a fantastic job.
Since the protests erupted, people in Ferguson have insisted that the troublemakers are not from this community. Capt. Ron Johnson, the highway patrolman in charge of security here, said as much earlier this week.
In fact, of the 51 people who were arrested Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, only one person was from Ferguson. The rest were from surrounding towns and faraway cities such as Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago and New York.” Where is the $$ coming from to bus protesters to the city, shelter and feed them?


Where is Susan Rosenberg today?

2016   BLM Global Network approached Thousand Currents to create a fiscal sponsorship agreement.


June 2020 “Thousand Currents, the California-based charity that manages fundraising operations for the national arm of Black Lives Matter, includes on its board a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.”

Susan Rosenberg was identified as the vice chair of the Thousand Currents board of directors on the charity’s website until Wednesday when the page was taken down after the conservative think tank Capital Research Center detailed her involvement with a communist terrorist group


“As the protest for social justice continue across the United States, some are critical of the true intentions of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.
To many, the protests seem to have turned into a extremely radical political movement rather than a movement for social justice police brutality. The group has grown immensely in popularity and strength since the unfortunate death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The protests have not stopped, but critics of the movements believe many, if not most, of the people supporting “Black Lives Matter” don’t embrace the true political intentions of the movement.”  It appears to me an attempt to drive a wedge between the black, white and police community are happening, and we have to start thinking for ourselves and put a stop to the madness.



While researching this story my mind wandered to the recent stories concerning people of color who are reluctant to take the vaccine. Lets take a moment to look at why and try to understand their point of view.  Johnson & Johnson has developed a new vaccine for the Caronavirus.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Talcum powder caused Cervical Cancer.

“A Reuters examination of many of those documents, as well as deposition and trial testimony, shows that from at least 1971 to the early 2000s, the company’s raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos, and that company executives, mine managers, scientists, doctors and lawyers fretted over the problem and how to address it while failing to disclose it to regulators or the public.” They hid the dangers of talcum powder, Do you trust them to be honest with the findings of the vaccine? I don’t.



The Tuskegee Study
“40 Years of Human Experimentation in America: The Tuskegee Study
The goal was to “observe the natural history of untreated syphilis” in black populations, but the subjects were completely unaware and were instead told they were receiving treatment for bad blood when in fact, they received no treatment at all.  Now I understand why people of color are hesitant to take the vaccine. They have been there and done that.


The end

Is Mayor James Vindictive?

Feb.22,2021   City Commission Meeting Item #4 on Consent Calendar. Please double click the 3 letters to enlarge, then hold the control button while tapping + button. My comments are in Italic.

“#4 Subject: Reappointment to Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, Subject to Commission Approval.

City Commission approval is requested for the Mayor’s appointment of Dr. Deandre J. Poole to the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee for a term of two years (2) that expires on March 8, 2023. Dr. Poole has served over the maximum allowed number of terms (3) and it is required that the City Commission confirms his reappointment.”

A this point in time Dr. Poole sat on the committee for 6 years, was appointed by Mayor Muoio and must have done a good job or he wouldn’t have been invited back by James for an additional 2 years.
At the start of the meeting James asked if there were any changes to the agenda and was informed item #4 was “pulled”

As usual no reason was given, but In my opinion it was pulled due to the upcoming election for City Commissioner in District 2. The race was between Deandre Poole & Shalonda Warren, and Mayor James supported Warren to hell Andros Isle and back and again my opinion Mayor James didn’t want Mr. Poole to receive any publicity before the March 8, 2021 election.


2/5/2021 James letter to Poole

Feb.5,2021   Dr. Poole received a letter from the city signed by James.

“Subject: Reappointment to Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, Subject to Commission approval.
I am pleased to advise you that, subject to City Commission approval, you have been reappointed as a member of Criminal Justice Advisory Committee for a term of 2 years that expires March 8, 2023. “

James suggested Dr. Poole attend the 2/22/21 meeting, and he was present. Read the entire letter.






James letter to Poole 3/10/21

March 10, 2021   (2 days after the election) Dr. Poole received another letter from the city signed by Mayor James.

“Subject: Service to Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
Since your term of service has concluded, your continued support and participation in the City’s endeavors will be greatly appreciated.”

Dr. Poole was dis-invited to sit on the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. What is James problem? His candidate  Ms. Warren won the election.




James letter to Poole 3/24/21

March 24,2021   Now James is adding insult to injury. He wants Dr. Poole off the Service to Sales Surtax Oversite Advisory Committee.

“Subject: Service to Sales Surtax Oversite Advisory Committee
Since your term of service has concluded, your continued support and participation in the City’s endeavors will be greatly appreciated.”





April 13,2021 “@8:30 AM Zoom meeting. Criminal Justice Advisory Committee.”

Up-coming Meeting will be held without  Dr. Poole, his services no longer required.
I see a pattern here. lets see if readers agree.

Keith James VS Geri Muoio

Geri promoted Sara Mooney to Chief of Police, which had to be confirmed by the City Commissioners. At the time Commissioner James, the only no vote, was against the proposal and wanted the city to canvass the country for the best possible candidate.

Geri endorsed James for mayor, and she is quoted on WPTV Channel 5 as stating.

“One of the things that’s disappointing is that he promised us all he wouldn’t change the police chief. I know the (Police Benevolent Association) asked him that question when they gave him their endorsement Now he’s taking this action, so it’s very disappointing.”

After the news broke, and Geri was honest with the public I’m willing to bet that put her on the wrong side of James, and that is the moment I realized his word was no good, and he couldn’t be trusted. Is he also vindictive?  Read the story below.


Geri hired Peter Bieniek, Director of Public Works. All I can tell you is the crew that reported to him spoke very highly of him, said he was always ready to listen and help solve problem’s.  James fired him.  That’s vindictive.

Geri appointed Dr. Poole to Criminal Justice Advisory Commission & Sales Surtax Oversite Advisory Committee. James removed him from both. That’s vindictive.

Geri fired Christine Breivik, who oversaw the IT Dept; due to numerous complaints from much of her staff, and was given $50,000.00 in compensation. James rehired her with a promotion to Assistant City Administrator, then fired her again. After her re-hiring the city never asked for the return of the $50,000.00. That’s vindictive, and dumb.

Geri formed the African American Advisory Committee, and at the time she said this board was very important to her.  James disbanded the committee. That’s vindictive.

Geri, as Mayor for 8 years had a contract with the Lord’s Place. They look after the homeless and supplies daily lunches, clothes & housing where needed.  James ended the contract. That’s vindictive and sinful.

Want to know why I use the word vindictive so much?  It’s how some city worker’s, along with staff refer to him. Don’t cross the mayor–he’ll get you–he’s vindictive

Nuff said.
The end

60 Minutes VS Florida

While watching 60 Minutes on 4/4/2021 and listening to WPB Mayor Keith James being interviewed by 60 Minutes reporter Sharyn Alfonsi James made the following comments.

Keith James: “Listen, the county health director has fallen on the sword on that and said it was her bad. Her organization’s bad. They made a mistake. But isn’t it funny that these mistakes only happen in communities that have that kind of wealth? They didn’t make a mistake and send a thousand doses to the poorest communities in our county.”

“Mayor James is among a number of community leaders who say the state’s vaccination rollout has favored the wealthy.”

“In West Palm Beach, Mayor James says he was still trying to secure vaccines for his town’s firefighters when he learned that at a nursing home in town, some board members and their wealthy pals got vaccinated. Even though those doses were only supposed to be given to elderly residents and staff.”  Read the entire story below.


Twitter See/hear Mayor Keith James interview by 60 Minute reporter when he stated, with the right amount of outrage. “But isn’t it funny that these mistakes only happen in communities that have that kind of wealth” They didn’t make a mistake and send a thousand doses to the poorest communities in our county?”

Now lets look at Andros Isle where Mayor Keith James calls home and endorsed Shalonda Warren for City Commissioner.

Median and Average Income in Andros Isle
Average Household Income $94,860.00
Median Household Income $75,019.00
Total Households 24,555
Total Population 72,546

Now lets look at the recent City Commission election for District 2 & 4.

Joe Peduzzi was running for re-election in District 4 City Commission race and Andros Isle, a gated community, is located in District 4.  He won.

Shalonda Warren, was running for District 2 City Commission race. She won.

I reside in District 2 a development with 187 homes, many elderly and retired residents, and I can recall hundreds of cars parked on Haverhill Rd. waiting for hours to enter the ball park to be tested for the Caronavirus.

Ms. Shalonda Warren managed to sponsor a Carona Virus testing sight in Andros Isle. The message to residents reads.
Sponsored by Shalonda Warren, a candidate for WPB City Commission
Free testing for Andros Isle residents only. (proof of residency required)
2/27/2021 9:00 AM to 1:00PM Appointment required

Here is a question for Ms. Warren. Why didn’t you arrange this testing in District 2 where many residents look like you and the mayor?
If you had to go outside your district why not in other areas of the city where people of color struggle to be tested? How about Roosevelt Estates or Pleasant City. Double click pic. to enlarge.

Mayor James please explain why the State & County Health Director’s action’s were wrong pandering to the rich, but justify what you and Commissioner Warren did in Andros Isle was acceptable.

District 4 is fortunate to have 2 commissioners (Peduzzi & Warren) representing them. Can you give us information on who will represent District 2?

In my opinion 60 Minutes should have investigated further.

The end



WPB Residents received their first shot of the  Moderna Vaccine

Gaines Park location: 1501 N. Australian Avenue
The vaccine is being offered for FREE and appointments are necessary. Please call (561) 200-3687 (TTY: 800-955-8771) for an appointment.

WPB Residents received their first shot of the  Moderna Vaccine

The City of WPB announced vaccine for Caronavirus would be administered by the WPB Fire Fighter’s at Gaines Park on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning’s between the hours of 9:00AM until 3:00 PM. I took a ride up to check it out, snap a few pictures, and here’s what I witnessed.


The room has 6 tables set up and were spaced 8-10 feet apart with a firefighter/paramedic at each table and all were ready, willing and very able to serve the residents. Thursday & Friday 280 vaccines were distributed both days and Saturday the number reached 370. I assume people being off work raised the number of vaccines being distributed. Double click pictures to enlarge.




An elderly woman receiving her first shot arrived with her daughter and after receiving permission to take their picture they got down to business and both were receiving the vaccine. The daughter had the table behind her mom and she never looked away from her the entire time and I’m assuming she wanted to insure her mom was OK. Mom was in good hands.




I observed another resident receiving the shot and from the time she sat in the chair until the time she stood up was 1:07 (one minute 7 seconds) The next resident was in the chair for 1:26. The paramedic didn’t slow down, the time difference was spent telling him how grateful she was to be able to get the vaccine and took the time to thank him.


After receiving the vaccine they are required to sit for 15 min. in the Observation Room, 30 min if they are considered high risk, where they are watched over by city employees and given there follow up appointment.





The vaccine, syringes and other medical supplies are supplied with a grant from the Federal Government.

Other supplies such as the tables, chairs, trash bags and buckets and the FF had a golf cart for the elderly who had difficulty walking any distance were supplied with a grant from Housing & Community Outreach Program.

The Federal Government will reimburse the city for expenses.

If City Government ran as efficiently as the WPB FF did issuing the vaccine and city employees who watched over the residents we wouldn’t have anything to complain about—–ever. The city can thank the fire department by reaching a new contract. Seven months overdo is long enough.

I can’t close out the story without a Thank You to Jaime Walker an 18 year veteran and assigned to the Emergency Medical Services who allowed me to be present and watch the paramedics in action.

The end.

City Worker Loses Job Over Pot.

Want a law passed that voters will find acceptable it better be worded just right to insure passage.

The lobbyist stepped up and here’s what voters were told. People suffering from Cancer found that marijuana was a tremendous pain/stress reliever.

Our American soldiers coming home suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and marijuana helped relieve the overwhelming stress/tension they felt.

So what were the magical words used to legalize marijuana? Medical, Medical, Medical marijuana.

Florida voters approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana in 2016. The word Medical was enough to get their foot in the door and the law on the books.

Soon after the voters approved Medical marijuana the City of WPB Mayor & Commissioners met and approved opening a marijuana shop on Clematis St. which of course was recommended by staff and a new business was formed. Double click pic. to enlarge.


“US cannabis industry’s economic impact could hit $130 billion by 2024.” Read the entire story below.


The lobbyist did a great job, and look how we have grown in a few years. It really is all about the money.



Below are excerpts from the PB Post written by Tony Doris and the entire story can be read below. My comments in Italic.

“West Palm employee learns the hard way: You can still get fired for smoking pot even if you have a medical marijuana card”

WEST PALM BEACH — “Shortly after noon on Feb. 4, Jason McCarty went to his car in the city hall garage.

The city’s deputy chief of Information Technology wanted to buy his co-workers lunch — it was a birthday, for one of them — but he’d left his wallet in his car, so he took the elevator up to retrieve it while they stood downstairs.

When he went to take the elevator back down, two other city employees passed by, walking out.
He seemed “anxious and avoidant,” one thought. As the two Risk Management staffers continued into the parking area, they caught a whiff of pot near McCarty’s car.

That impromptu smell test led Safety Officer Tim Scott and Risk Analyst Alexis Galvan to report McCarty to city management without delay.

And no, he didn’t grab a quick hit in the garage, he insisted. As he divulged before taking the urine test, he smoked at home the night before for anxiety and insomnia, rather than take a sedative that would leave him groggy the next day. His elderly mother is extremely ill and he has been unable to sleep, said his attorney, Russell Cormican Jr.

“The next day McCarty, a 50-year-old father of two, a five-year, $121,000 employee without a ding in his record, was banished from city hall. His days of keeping city computers running come hurricane or COVID were over.” In my opinion James found a way to cut staff from the budget without laying off people. Remember the uproar when it was suggested layoffs were needed to balance the city budget?

“A city spokesperson said West Palm Beach has caught five employees violating its substance abuse policy since 2019. All five were fired.” The five fired also helped balance the budget and was the first year of James term as Mayor.

“City updated its marijuana workplace policy in January”

Medical marijuana isn’t illegal under Florida law. But as of Jan. 28, 2019, the city updated the policy, “given the conflicting information in the public sphere about the use of marijuana in the workplace”

“The use of marijuana by city employees, including medical marijuana, with or without a prescription, is prohibited” and a prescription is not accepted as a valid explanation for an employee’s positive drug test result, the paragraph states.”

“Another potential defense for a lawsuit: In Cormican’s view the policy violates Florida civil rights law because McCarty didn’t violate state law. Also troubling, he said, is that the city policy seems to contradict itself, and at the least is obtuse rather than transparent, indicating one thing higher up in the policy and burying the update at the bottom.”

“Jason McCarty got plenty of support from his co-workers
Five co-workers, including those who waited below while he ran up to his car, submitted letters of support for his personnel file.”

If you have time to read the story, letters written by Mr. McCarty’s co-workers can be read in the story, and I fear for their jobs as in my opinion the city can be extremely vindictive. 

“Medical marijuana use has been legal in Florida since 2017 for specified conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic nonmalignant pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and comparable conditions.

In 2019 the Florida legislature repealed its ban on smokable medical marijuana.”

That was all it took. Suspicion.
A heavy heart, a puff of marijuana and Jason McCarty lost his job in a wisp of smoke.”

The city receives federal money and are required to follow Federal Government rules and the fed’s are poised to decriminalize marijuana, so what the city has done to Jason McCarty does not pass my smell test. I would love to see all WPB elected officials receive random drug testing.

Legalizing marijuana will put drug dealers out of business. Right? Wrong! Look for a spike in cocaine and heroin laced with fentanyl coming to a neighborhood near you.

Below is the PB Post story.

Along with the city’s water bill a flyer was enclosed with a suggestion “Plant a Tree for you and me” The city is giving free trees to residents, but there not really free. Don’t forget your permit.

“Application fee: Single family residence– $25.00
Multi‐family residential and /or non‐residential ‐ $50.00
IMPORTANT: The application fees indicated above provide for the removal/relocation of one (1) tree–an additional fee of $5.00 (per tree)will be charged for each additional tree proposed to be removed/relocated.”

Take one city tree and plant it in your yard without a permit and the fine will be 4 times the cost of the permit or $100.00. Love the play on words. Went from Permit to Application
The end

Do you need a permit?

Information below is from the City of West Palm Beach website.

“Do I need a permit?
The most likely answer is yes, but there are exemptions. As a best practice, you should email us and ask. Include your property address and describe the scope of work of your project in the email. An associate will respond to you as soon as possible with an answer and how to proceed. If you are unsure, do NOT start work. If you commence work without a permit you may be responsible for penalty permit fees.”

A  permit is now needed if you change out your air conditioner or water heater. See the application here:   AirConditioningChangeoutFo

Want to plant or remove a tree, you  need a permit.  See the application here:  TreeAlterationPermitApplic

I recently had my AC unit replaced and my AC guy told me I needed a permit. I said “since when” He replied “since the new city administration.” I checked and he was correct, I needed a permit.

Here is what readers should be aware of.

My permit for a new air conditioner unit.
Value of unit: $3,850.00
Permit fee:  $132.27
Penalty for no permit:  $529.08 (4 times the cost of original permit)

A neighbor of mine was recently cited for installing his AC without a permit. Due to Corona Virus he hasn’t worked for the last 6 months.

The swale is the area between the city sidewalk and the city street, and this area belongs to the city.

You are allowed without a permit to mow the grass, and fertilize to keep it looking great. If the grass has a fungus and the sod must be replaced the cost belongs to the homeowner not the city.

I don’t know what other changes the city (James) has made concerning permits, but if you are in doubt call the city or you will be penalized.

The city (James) has placed code enforcement under the umbrella of the WPB Police Dept. I have been told, but could not verify code enforcement does not work weekends when homeowners take advantage and working without a permit. As you are aware the Police Dept. work 24/7 365 days a year.

When residents receives their water bill there is an insert included. Why wont the city include changes they have made concerning permit changes, instead of going for the gotcha.

I can’t wait to see how James finds other ways into our pocket.











NewDay Coming to WPB

The previous story “WPB to Receive Windfall” Mayor James stated.

“Mayor Keith James said during the pandemic the city experienced revenue losses of $7 million and spent about $2 million on testing, PPE and overtime. He said the city is $10 million short of its projected 2021 budget.”

The story by Alexandra Clough, Palm Beach Post, wrote a very informative story on Mortgage lender NewDay USA, and may explain why as James has stated the city has a shortfall of $10 million.

Below are excerpts from the story, and the entire story can be found below. The city did not release the name of the company and I’m betting they didn’t want people to google NewDay USA and learn about their record. The company’s identity was revealed by the Palm Beach Post last month.

“Mortgage lender confirms expansion to West Palm Beach, will bring 600 jobs; company’s average salary is over $90K”

“Mortgage lender NewDay USA on Tuesday confirmed plans to create a headquarters in West Palm Beach, bringing 600 new jobs in one of the largest corporate deals to land in Palm Beach County in years.”

“The NewDay USA location is a second headquarters for the mortgage lender, which originates refinance mortgage loans guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The company is expected to maintain its Fulton, Md., offices.”

“In recent years, the company has tangled with national and state regulators of mortgage loans, on issues ranging from cheating to loan churning.The company surrendered its license in New York state in 2015 after it ran afoul of regulators for cheating on exams.”

“Rob Posner, chief executive of NewDay USA, said in a statement that the area was attractive because of its large population of veterans.”

“Last July, Posner paid $19.8 million for a home at 230 N. Ocean Boulevard, according to Palm Beach County property records.”  It appears to me Posner was guaranteed a warm welcome 8 months ago when he purchased his Palm Beach home. James was mayor at the time.

“In recent years, NewDay’s business practices have netted the company heightened scrutiny, and sometimes action, from federal and state regulators of mortgage loans.”

“In 2015, New Day Financial, which does business as NewDay USA, was ordered to pay a $1 million penalty to the New York Department of Financial Services. The company elected to surrender its mortgage banker’s license to do business in the state. “

“This action came after NewDay USA employees, including senior executives, engaged in a scheme to cheat on state-required continuing education courses and exams, Housingwire.com reported.”

“Earlier that year, the Multi-State Mortgage Committee, a group that coordinates state systems of mortgage regulation, announced a settlement involving 43 state mortgage regulators and NewDay.”

“In 2018, NewDay and another Department of Veterans affairs lender also were temporarily restricted from participating in a Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securitization program due to loan churning, which is a form of refinancing in which the borrower appears to benefit but does not. Although an interest rate might be lower, the fees attached to the deal can increase the overall loan amount, meaning it could take years for a homeowner to reap any benefit from a refinance.”

“Housingwire.com reported that the move was part of the federal agency’s effort to control a rise in mortgage lenders that were aggressively targeting service members and military veterans for quick and potentially risky mortgage refinances.”

“The West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency recently approved $1.8 million for the training of new hires at NewDay University.

The WPB City Commissioners act as the CRA board and why did they approve a $1.8 million tax payer dollars for training new employees (600) at the NewDay University? Mortgage lender NewDay USA has opened a university, and the taxpayers will pay to train their new employees. Good deal for NewDay, not good for WPB taxpayers.

This deal is right up there with James & commissioners who approved a new contract with PSC Securities which rose from $8.9 million to $9.5 million dollars. When James was questioned about the increase his response was the cost of living increase was due to increase to $15.00/hour. WPB taxpayers paid to increase paychecks for PSC employees.

Good deal for PSC, not good for WPB taxpayers or the WPB Police Dept. who has worked without a new contract since Sept. 2020.



WPB to Receive Windfall

President Biden signs $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Frankel said West Palm Beach will receive about $25.3 million.

Mayor Keith James said during the pandemic the city experienced revenue losses of $7 million and spent about $2 million on testing, PPE and overtime. He said the city is $10 million short of its projected 2021 budget. Hear the press conference below.


WPB will receive a windfall of $25.3 million which eliminates the $10 million shortfall for the 2021 budget, leaving $15.3 million dollar.

I have a suggestion. The city settle with our Police and Fire Fighters with a new contract, and fully staff both departments. No excuses now.

Pembroke Pines Police Dept. is hiring and offers:
$5,000.00 sign on bonus for non-certified applicant.
$10,000.00 sign on bonus to any Florida Certified Officer.
The benefits are generous.
Have to wonder why our first responders stay with a city where it’s city officials cant /wont give them a decent wage and benefits. Click the ad to enlarge then hold the control button while tapping the + button.

What is the WPB Police Foundation?

Equipment, Technology and Training
Each year the Department discovers needs for equipment, new technology or training seminars which haven’t been budgeted or were rejected due to budget constraints which would be useful to aid the Department’s crime prevention efforts. In such cases, the Department comes to the Foundation to request possible assistance. See their web page here: https://www.wpbpolicefoundation.org/

Reporting for duty

How many times have you turned on the news to see an elderly person who has “wandered” away from home, or kids went missing? Can you imagine the panic these family felt? The police are called and Moose and his 2 legged partner are on the job finding “lost” people.
I hope residents never have use of Moose, but it’s comforting to know he’s here thanks to the Jimmy Rice Center who generosity donated the blood hound to the WPB Police department in October 2020.  Double click to enlarge picture.

3/8/2021 City Commission meeting
Resolution No. 39-21 accepting donations from the West Palm Beach Police Foundation canine equipment and of safety helmets and underwater flashlights for the Dive Team, totaling an approximate value of $12,000.

Background:The West Palm Beach Police Foundation is forwarding a donation of canine training equipment they received from Crazy Tuff K9 Gear (Peter Swart). The equipment has been approved by the Police Department Canine Trainers and would help to keep expenses of the canine unit closer to earlier years, despite the increased number of dogs and handlers. The retail cost of the training equipment to be donated is approximately $6,500 ($600-$650 in equipment per dog). The Foundation also received a directed donation from Justice for Kids, a division of Kelley Kronenberg, in the amount of $2,500 to assist with the expenses of retrofitting a vehicle for the Jimmy Rice Foundation sponsored bloodhound. The Foundation also became aware of um-met needs of the Dive Team and committed to purchase essential safety gear required for the team. The Foundation purchased underwater flashlight systems to assist with nighttime or dark water searches and has reimbursed a purchase made by the City to provide safety helmets for the newest of the Dive Team vessels. The safety gear has a total value of $2,905.40 ($940 for the helmets and $1,965.40 for the underwater light systems). A revenue account has already been established to accept authorized donations from the Foundation. Fiscal Note:The donations have an approximate value of $12,000.

A private company, Crazy Tough K9 Gear, a “mom & pop” small business located in WPB has donated some smaller equipment like leashes, toys, and harnesses. They are now developing their own brand of K9 ballistic armor and have offered vests for all police dogs. The city has received new 4 legged police officers and they will need the K9 vests to keep them safe. This is “Loki”, he’s a one year old Belgian Malinois, and currently in training for patrol, tracking, and explosive detection. Double click the picture to view this handsome boy. Loki is 1 of 4 new police dogs.

I have learned the K9 medical kits are due for replacement, a new “bite suit” officers use for training is 15-20 years old and they are in need of a new one. K9 dog vests are also needed. As you have read these 4 legged hero’s depend on donations from people and organizations for all their needs.

When these dogs are up for retirement they can be adopted out, but their 2 legged partners never give them up and they retire in the comfort of the home they shared with the officer who trained and loved them.

If you want to help please send donations to

WPB Police Foundation
P.O. Box 851
West Palm Beach, Florida 33402

I leave you with a poem: The Life Of A Police Dog
Author – Unknown

You brought me home One sunny day With you for years I would surely stay.

I met your pack Children and wife I began to love My new-found life.

I slept on your couch At the foot of your bed You looked at me lovingly While petting my head.

We trained for months And our bonding grew We were both partners Buddies in Blue.

We did school demo’s And I never did wrong Over all of the years My love for you grew strong.

How I loved to work To stand up and bark In the back of our car From light until dark.

We went call to call Having fun all the way Until the call came On that one fateful day.

A man with a gun The dispatcher did say I jumped from my car When it pointed your way.

Before leaving home I was told “keep him safe” by your wife I knew at that moment For you I would give my life.

The bullet struck hard Steady and true The bullet struck me instead Of striking you.

When you go home tonight Tell your wife I did good Strong, Tall and Proud On the ground that I stood.

I’m dead and gone now This much is true But I’ve done my job well Of protecting you.

Thank you Loyal partner, Faithful friend, You will be greatly missed.



As Usual, Dirty Politics in WPB

Carona Virus
According to the NY Times “The U.S. first identified cases among travelers who had flown in from Wuhan, China, in the middle of January. Officials worked to contain them. There is some evidence that the virus began getting a bit of traction around the end of January.”

The USA has been suffering for over a year as the country shut down, businesses close, people losing their jobs, school closing, children paying the price.

Millions of Americans standing in line for hours in the hopes they will be tested to see if they are infected with the virus. I witnessed hundreds of automobiles lined up on Haverhill Rd. hoping to be tested at the ball park. Many were tested until they ran out of test kits only to return and once again wait in line, always hopeful.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Thousands of residents depend on public transportation to move around making it impossible to drive to a testing site, or the sites are not located around their neighborhood so walking miles isn’t an option.

Thousands more don’t own a computer making it impossible to make an appointment until a group of young men & women reached out to help the elderly and others.

I live in a community consisting of 187 homes and the majority of residents are people of color. We are all concerned with the Carona Virus and I have no knowledge of how many residents have been tested. My home is located in District 2 and we will soon be voting for a new City Commissioner. Either Deandre Poole or Shalonda Warren will represent us.

Skipping ahead.


“The mission of the Mayor’s Task Force for Racial and Ethnic Equality is to identify and help address issues of racial/ethnic equity through education about racial and ethnic inequities, research of best practices, and issuance of policy/funding recommendations to address racial/ethnic inequity in the City of West Palm Beach.”

“The Task Force is in line with Mayor James’ vision of working to create a “Community of Opportunity for All”, whereby any citizen can achieve their dreams in West Palm Beach.”


“Criminal Justice, How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity regarding the criminal justice system, including policing?
Education & Workforce Development, How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity regarding education and workforce development?
Finance, Banking & Industry, How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity related to wealth-building, banking, business development and jobs?
Health: How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity regarding health access and healthcare

Real Estate & Housing: How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity related to housing and real estate?”

You can read the entire Mission Statement here: https://wpbequalitytaskforce.org/

I don’t need to inform readers of how bad it was in 2020 as we have lived through it or I should say most of us. Over 30,000 have died of the virus in FL. and the number keeps growing.

Dec. 11,2020 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the first COVID-19 vaccine for use in the country and government states who will receive it and when.

Happening Now:

Everything you have read so far is leading to the latest story and information I have received and I want readers to be aware of.

Andros Isle: District 4

Double click flyer to enlarge.

A gated community located in the western section of the city with 912 homes and approximately 1,800 residents.

Ms. Shalonda Warren, CEO of Sickle Cell Foundation, managed to sponsor a Carona Virus testing sight in Andros Isle. The message to residents reads.

Sponsored by Shalonda Warren, a candidate for WPB City Commission.

Free testing for Andros Isle residents only. (proof of residency required)

2/27/2021      9:00 AM to 1:00PM     Appointment required

FYI: Mayor Keith James resides in Andros Isle, and endorsed Ms. Warren for City Commission.

Here is a question for Ms. Warren. Why didn’t you arrange this testing in District 2 where many residents look like you and the mayor?  1800 residents that will bring you some votes.

If you had to go outside your district why not in other areas of the city where people of color struggle to be tested? How about Roosevelt Estates or Pleasant City. Again I repeat myself where most of the residents look like you and the mayor.

Here is a question for Mayor James. Did you organize the Racial and Ethnic Equality in order to start campaigning early for your re-election as Mayor? I remind you of the key issue  Health: How can West Palm Beach build racial/ethnic equity regarding health access and healthcare?

Why Andros Isle, why not a black community, and who is paying for the tests?

District 4: City Commission. Joe Peduzzi running for re-election and is being challenged by Jonathan E. Jones. I am receiving emails from Mr. Jones and he’s telling me “Elected Officials” have failed the city over State Road 7 extension. Personally I am upset with Mayor and Commissioners for spending millions of taxpayer dollars fighting the extension for years.

Yesterday I received another flyer telling me “Elected Officials” have failed the Police Dept. and Firefighters for not coming to an agreement on a new contract. Mr. Jones is 1/2 right “Elected Officials” have failed the Police Dept. and Firefighters and it hasn’t been the commissioners but Mayor Keith James who has failed both departments with his take it or leave it attitude.

Both the Police and Firemen have endorsed Peduzzi for re-election. They know they have his support.




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