Sandy’s second Court Date.

September 26, 2023, is a day that I will remember for a long time. That’s the day I appeared in Criminal Court along with three members from FNB, all arrested and charged with feeding a large group of 25+.

Of course, the 25+ were the homeless just looking for a meal, many their first and only meal of the day.

All the preparations that were needed. A friend to fill in the amount of my utility bills, somebody to maintain my lawn, and my biggest worry was my beloved KC who stood by me for 8 years. She would never understand my going out one morning and not coming home for 60 days. What would she think? I left her, I abandoned her, I didn’t love her anymore.  Thankfully I have a very good friend who was willing to move into my home and care of her.  My biggest worry taken away.

I arrived early and had no idea what to expect and the process went smoothly and quickly as I was directed to courtroom # two and was told that an attorney from the city of WPB who was prosecuting the cases would be in to speak to me.

When I looked across the courtroom and saw the three members from FNB speaking to a woman who I assumed was the attorney from WPB. It was, and my turn was next. Photo of 3 members of FNB who Mayor James and Commissioners considers criminals.

The city attorney approached me and started to explain the situation. She told me the fine could go from zero to $500. The city was willing to fine me $100 which I had 60 days to pay, or I could do community service and my case dismissed.

The city was offering me a good deal, I wasn’t going to jail that day. I told the city attorney that I was being offered a very good deal, but I had to turn it down because I was going to plead not guilty to the charge.

I attend the feedings on Saturday afternoon for two reasons, as I’ve written before, one to observe and two when the feeding was over police the area and picked up any trash that might have been left behind. I don’t want the Mayor, City Commissioners or residents that visit the area to have anything to complain about.
It was brought to my attention that picking up trash in the park, I was actually doing community service. I never thought of it that way. I don’t pick up trash because I was ordered to, I do it because I choose too.

So, what’s next?

October 2, 2023 @ 8:30 AM I am ordered to appear in Criminal Court, before a judge who will decide my “case dispositions.”

Help from Tallahassee?

170 — Local Ordinances “The bill pertains to the passage and challenging of local ordinances. It adds to the process for local governments passing ordinances and gives certain additional rights to those challenging local ordinances.”
Additionally, the bill imposes certain conditions on lawsuits brought by any party to challenge the legal validity of local ordinances as preempted by state law, arbitrary, or unreasonable. In these cases, the bill:”
“Requires the local government to suspend enforcement of an ordinance of such legal challenge, under certain circumstances.
Requires the court to give those cases in which enforcement of the ordinance is suspended priority over other pending cases and render a preliminary or final decision as expeditiously as possible.
Provides that a court may award up to $50,000 in attorney fees to a prevailing plaintiff who successfully challenges an ordinance as arbitrary or unreasonable.”

Sandy’s requested PRR not received. 

Thu, Sep 7, 2023.        1st. PRR requested a copy of my police arrest report. 

Sun, Sep 10, 2023.       Received my arrest report, in 3 days.

Shocked by the report I placed another PRR

Sept.11, 2023.    2nd. PRR requested.  Quotation marks wording in police report. Request bold, 

“I made contact and received a Sworn Statement from the original caller Jessica Kelly (Event Coordinator”   Please supply me with a copy of Ms. Kelly’s Sworn Statement.

“I contacted WPB STIC in order to review city cameras, and Det Skotzke located the subjects on scene for more than an hour serving food in the city owned property. This video was submitted to Evidence”      Please provide me with a copy video that was submitted as evidence.

Sept.29, 2023  18 days later, and 3 days before my next court date, the city has not supplied me with my PRR.

The saying above I found on Facebook and wanted to share. I believe that is what I am doing, and I know I am not standing alone.

Far from over.





Sandy’s Arrest

KELLY, JESSICA  A (Event Coordinator) for City of WPB.

Below is a copy of my police report and excerpts from the report.

Sandy Police Report

“I made contact and received a Sworn Statement from the original caller Jessica Kelly (Event Coordinator). She advised that at approximately 1600hrs she observed a vehicle parked on the sidewalk unloading food items, she approached to request for the vehicle to be removed.

As Kelly approached, she observed food plates and people eating around a table approximately 30 or more. Kelly asked Matkivich if she was part of the Ukraine Relief event, which had food and beverages on sale and was a permitted event, and she replied no.

Kelly then asked for the “Food not bombs” table and food items to be removed from the area. When Matkivich became aggressive and confrontation towards Kelly, Kelly walked away and contacted WPBPD.

It should be noted that Matkivich was very argumentative and did not want to provide identification to police, and at one point giving an alias of “Sandy”.

“I contacted WPB STIC in order to review city cameras, and Det Skotzke located the subjects on scene for more than an hour serving food in the city owned property. This video was submitted to Evidence. All four of the above subjects were cited under West Palm Beach Ordinance 5037-23 for Feeding Over 25 people with a court date of September 26, 2023, at 0800. All subjects signed for their Notice to Appear.”

My side of the report. I requested a PRR (Public Records Request) on September 07, 2023

“On 8/26/2023 I was arrested for the charge of feeding large group 25+. I am requesting a copy of the police report and accompanying police video.”

September 10, 2023. I received the police report, but no police video, in 3 days. After reading the police report I submitted another PRR on September 11, 2023

“After reading the report, I have another request. The report states. “I made contact and received a Sworn Statement from the original caller Jessica Kelly (Event Coordinator)”

PRR     Please supply me with a copy of Ms. Kelly’s Sworn Statement.

“I contacted WPB STIC in order to review city cameras, and Det Skotzke located the subjects on scene for more than an hour serving food in the city owned property. This video was submitted to Evidence.”

PRR    Please provide me with a copy video that was submitted as evidence.

September 24, 2023.  The police dept. has not supplied me with Kelly’s statement, or the video submitted as evidence. 14 days and counting.

Police report also states “It should be noted that Matkivich was very argumentative and did not want to provide identification to police, and at one point giving an alias of “Sandy”.

This is definitely overkill. I never refused to provide ID to the police. I told the officer my ID was in my car which was parked 2 blocks away. I was not asked to retrieve it. They asked me my name and date of birth.

I told them Sandy Matkivich and gave my date of birth. He ran a DAVID report on me and my name didn’t come up. I told him that either Chief Adderley or Deputy Chief Morris could identify me.

I assume he called one of them because he came back to me and asked if my name was Madeline. Damn, I realized my mistake. Anyone who knows me I am Sandy. Was Sandy from the womb and will be Sandy to my tomb. I did not intentionally give the police false information.

I have questions.

Does Jessica Kelly ((Event Coordinator) have the authority to “request for the vehicle to be removed” and for the “Food not bombs” table and food items to be removed from the area”?

Why did I request the sworn statement from Kelly? I don’t recall ever meeting or talking to her. I wanted to read her entire report which was not included with the police report.

Why did I request a copy of the city video placed into evidence? The city states ” Det Skotzke located the subjects on scene for more than an hour serving food” I want to see me on camera being “aggressive and confrontation” Why wont the police dept. honor my PRR?

Response to readers who asked why I wasn’t at the DNA event on Sept 20, 2023, 6-8pm. I did receive an invitation, and notice Dear Sandy, not Madeline.

Dear Sandy,
You’re invited to a special DNA event next week:

Three weeks before the DNA invite, with the same date and time, I was invited to a farewell party for Jose Tagle, a city employee, who was instrumental to the Hispanic community of WPB for over 21 years. I accepted the invitation.

Jose is so loved and respected by all who knew him with the exception of Mayor Keith James who called Jose Tagle (Neighborhood Services Coordinator) and Tiffany David (Neighborhood First) into his office and stated, ” I’m going to cut to the chase, both of your jobs have been eliminated, effective immediately.”

There it is and I’m not buying it. Something is in the wind. Time will tell, we’re looking.

Jose party was a success with many people coming in to wish him good luck. I was in good company which included former Mayor Jeri Muoio, and former City Commissioner Kelly Shoaf along with many others. Jose Tagle will be sorely missed by former and newer employees of the city along with the Hispanic Community.

At the DNA meeting Jennifer Ferriol, (Housing & Community Development) made a statement verified by 2 people, and people in the audience had their phones out and videoed the meeting, that the city had difficulty removing the homeless, and FNB, the organization that offers a much-needed meal from city owned property. FNB feed the homeless on Saturday afternoon at the Nancy M. Graham Centennial Square and Fountain Park, also known as the Great Lawn. This is the spot the city has placed 1st; removable barriers and replaced them with a chain link fence.

Ferriol commented the mayor has formed a committee to look into making the park private. If this is successful it means the police can arrest the homeless and people feeding them. Making it private the city will lease the land to someone to do God knows what with the land. Hope it’s not Related.

Terri Parker, Investigative Reporter for WPBF (25) has written a story and can be read below.

“West Palm Beach erects fence around downtown park pavilion ahead of League of Cities meeting City says it’s not to keep homeless away but for overdue maintenance.”

The park has a Men’s & Women’s Room which the homeless no longer have access too. What are they supposed to use?

My silly analogy, and more question’s for Google. “How many bullets can a 38 revolver hold? Answer 5.”

“Does a 38 revolver eject cartridges after firing? In many top-break revolvers, the action of breaking open also pushes an extractor lever upward, which ejects all the cartridges or empty cases or moves them far enough out of the cylinder that they can be pulled out easily.” In other words, the spent cartridge stays in the gun’s chamber until removed.

Mayor James demanded wanted the Amendment to punish people who feed the homeless to be as severe as possible. $500.00 fine and / or 60 day’s in jail and needed the vote of the City Commissioners to make it happen. Three of the 5 would accomplish that, one commissioner for each chamber.

James brought the gun, loaded it up with 5 City Commissioners who voted unanimously to approve the Amendment. Not one question asked about the homeless population dying of starvation. I don’t recognize my own country, and it’s getting worse.

It’s still painful to think about James refusing to renew Henrietta Farms contract. The farm in the poorest section of the city that people of color depended on for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why does James have a problem with feeding the poor and homeless?  I have no answer, but I do know he feels no shame–ever–he told us.

The end—for now.


Commissioners Speak Out On Homelessness

9/18/2023 City Commission meeting started at the usual time 5:00 PM and ran late ending at 10:00 PM.  After a 5 hour meeting people were tired and hungry.

Comments from the public start time 3:56:38 end 4:27:41

Comments from the Commission start time 4:27:46 end 4:47:56. All 5 commissioners spoke on the homeless situation.  Video of the meeting can be found below.

Commissioner Fox’s statement reads in part. “I have no doubts that you have good intentions but what I haven’t heard from anyone that has been coming to talk about the one meal a week that they’re not allowed to provide. I’ve never heard anyone say Oh, I instead offered to pick up the homeless and take them to your home or to take them somewhere else to another city in order to feed them. I haven’t heard you invite them to your guest rooms. I haven’t heard you offer any other comprehensive plans and while I do know that you have the best wishes at heart one meal a week is is not really a humane way to think that this is a comprehensive approach to our homeless situation what we’re looking for in the city is to try to find housing to try to find services to try and find jobs and meals and so I appreciate all that you’re doing and coming to us to talk about the things that you think that we’re not doing but I can assure you there is no topic that I spend more time talking about, thinking about worrying about than this topic.” Fox start time 4:38:33 stop time 4:41:24

Sandy’s response to Commissioner Fox. Speaking for myself, I understand some of the Homeless population have substance abuse issues, living with mental illness and I have no training on how to help the unfortunate souls, so bringing the homeless into my home is not an option for me. One thing I am able to do is boil eggs and donate them. The City Commission meeting which ran for 5 hours, as I stated above people were tired and hungry. How many Commissioners ate dinner after the meeting? Did the one meal make a difference?

Commissioner Peduzzi. I’m not sure Peduzzi believes what he stated or trying to appease the mayor, as he read from a prepared statement, not once picking up his head and looking at the audience or camera. His 3 minute comment I found extremely offensive. start 4:41:30 end 4:44:32

Mayor James statement reads in part. “People would try and shame us, don’t get up here and throw shame at me, my administration and my commissioners, come here every other Monday and throw shame at me, it’s not going to work.  And if you thing feeding someone once a week is curing the homelessness problem that is ridiculous. Don’t come here and try to make me feel bad or my administration feel ashamed because you can’t feed somebody once a damn week. Now let’s move onto something more productive.” Like Peduzzi’s statement, I was again offended. start time 4:47:59 end time 4:57:21

James mentioned “shame” 4 times, and what popped for me was his statement “come here every other Monday and throw shame at me, it’s not going to work.” Onto Google with the question “why do some people not feel shame? There is volume’s written on shame,and below is the first on the list, and that’s what I will use.

Sociopathy and psychopathy: “Both are characterized by a lack of empathy, shallow emotions, and manipulative behavior. Shame, as an emotion, is often foreign to them. Their lack of remorse or shame is not out of resilience or narcissistic self-perception but a result of these severe mental disorders.”


WPB bans begging, panhandling and loitering. West Palm Beach, three homeless people sued the city to overturn similar rules to those in the Lake Worth Beach case. ” FJI also participated in a lawsuit against the City of West Palm Beach over a similar ordinance, after which the City repealed the ordinance and settled the case; that case is Williams v. City of West Palm Beach, Case No. 21-CV-81537

Does the First Amendment protect panhandling? “Yes. As the Willis Court explains, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment covers “charitable appeals for funds.” Because of this, panhandling, solicitation, or begging are protected speech under the First Amendment.”

“The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

CC meeting: Video below.

There is to be a follow up story on who is really helping the homeless in WPB along with the arrest of 3 members of FNB (Food Not Bombs) and myself for the charge of “Feeding large group 25+”  Special to readers I will include my Arrest Notice to appear at the CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMPLEX on 9/26/2023 @ 8:00 AM. to answer the charges. If found guilty I can receive a $500.00 fine and or 60 days in jail.

The end? –no

WPB Watch The Lord’s Place & Homelessness

Former Mayor Jeri Muoio, knowing WPB has a problem with the homeless reached out to The Lord’s Place for assistance. A contract was signed and the outreach began.

Shortly after Mayor James was elected, he cancelled the contract and has the program brought in house.

Excerpts from The Lords Website

“Our History. Our founder, “Brother” Joe Ranieri, was an orphan who experienced housing instability at an early age and whose younger brother died tragically on the streets. In honor of his brother’s memory, Joe opened a soup kitchen in 1979 to feed the homeless.”

“July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022. Clients Served 1,747 Clients Housed 438 Clients Employed 337”

“From July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023 Individuals served 1,838 people housed, including 55 families consisting of 119 children. 20% of residents are age 55 and over. 91% of individuals who exited our housing programs successfully remained stably housed for at least one year after program exit. 76% of those in recovery avoided relapse while in our housing programs, and 85% avoided the use of emergency/crisis services. 92% of clients served are no longer homeless.”

The Lord’s Place does not feed the homeless on Saturday and Sunday, so the WPB homeless have a need for FNB (Food Not Bombs) and We Care About People Inc. who do feed the hungry on weekends.

The City should supply residents with the facts and figures, as The Lords Place has, on how many people have been helped by the city since the election of Mayor Keith James on March 12, 2019, when the war on homeless began.

Editorial from the city.

“Public Health, city services at root of permitting rules.” Excerpt from the story below. Link below is entire city editorial.

Let’s address “Public Health” first.

“The feeding of large groups of people with no oversight is a public health concern, as there is potential for food-borne illness and excess litter within the city’s public spaces.”

Regarding the editorial from the city: their concern regarding food-borne pathogens and overflowing trash.

There are many public events being held in the same area as well as other areas of the city, for example, Clematis by night every Thursday, where food vendors are selling the food and trash is left behind and overflowing trash cans are present all the time. Why did the city pick only homeless feeding events where the number of the participants is far less than during all other events? This doesn’t make sense to me.

Let’s address “excess litter within the city’s public spaces”

I attend the feedings for two reasons, 1st. to observe, and 2nd. to police the area to insure no litter is left behind. The majority of the homeless place their refuse in a barrel, while a few do not. I pick up the few dishes, cups, and empty water bottle’s. I do not want the city to have this particular complaint so I do it willingly. The problem I do have is the city does not have container’s for recyclables. Read the city statement below. What you see is what is used for the feeding. Missing is the water bottle.

Rebuttal from FNB 

“The ordinance requires those hosting any food sharing public expression event involving 25 people or more must obtain a permit. Another stipulation of the ordinance limits permits to two per location per year”

Four citations were issued, 3 to members of FNB and myself. We were arrested, fingerprinted, but not placed in jail. We are ordered to court 9/26/2023, and there is a possibility of being fined $500.00, and or 60 day’s in jail. Read the entire rebuttal below.

City Commission Meeting 9/5/2023.     My message in part

“Everybody good? Let me remind you who is not doing so well.

June One dead, one injured in West Palm Beach shooting. 2200 block of Belvedere Road

July 15-year-old girl shot and hospitalized in serious condition. Tamarind Avenue

July two people were hospitalized following a shooting in West Palm Beach Lake Mangonia Apartments.

Aug. 1 killed, another critical after shooting at Village Boulevard apartment complex

Sept. 2023 The shooting occurred on 6th Street, off N. Tamarind Avenue.

7 people shot in WPB in 3 months. Other crimes!

Burglary from Motor Vehicle, Residential Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Individual Robbery, to name a few.

With the crime in WPB can someone explain to me why 5 or 6 police officers, along with 4 police cruisers arrived on Clematis St. to stop FNB (Food Not Bombs) from giving a hot meal to the homeless. I have another question. How many police officers, and PSC Security are assigned to downtown Clematis St. while people are being killed in other sections of the city?

Three people from FNB, along with myself was arrested and fingerprinted at the feeding, and must appear at the Criminal Justice Complex on 9/26/2023, and subject to a $500.00 fine and, or 60 days in jail.

James waged war on the homeless from day one, and City Commissioners gave James his amendment to allow for arrest, fine and jail time.

The story below was published Dec. 30, 2020, and please see the restrooms locked and secure. The reason the city gives is people use the restrooms for sex and taking drugs, so they must remain locked. What can the homeless use to relieve themselves?

Mayor James gave a no-bid contract to PSC Security, stating they were to patrol City Parks. What are PSC security being paid for if the city continues to lock the restrooms.

The end

Not quite.

9/9/2023 The homeless arrived and so did FNB to offer a meal to the hungry. Unlike last Saturday the city placed barricades along the entire street to keep the homeless along with FNB out of Centennial Park, where the feeding took place for the last month. I was told the feeding was moved to 100 block of Clematis where I encountered more barricades along the street keeping people away.

FNB moved across the street, set up the tables and began serving the homeless. Three police officers arrived and once again 3 members of FNB were given citations to appear once again in court for a possible $500.00 fine, and, or, 60 days in jail.  Click picture to enlarge and notice barriers.

The police are caught between a rock and a hard place and the city is demonizing cops. All people see is cop’s arresting, and shutting down the feedings. I want them looking at the people responsible, Mayor Keith James and the Cornerstone 5 city commissioners.
The end.

WPB Police Crack Down On Residents Feeding Homeless.

8/26/2023 FNB (Food Not Bombs) was present and starting setting up tables and preparing the food that was to be served to the homeless population of WPB. All was going well, until it didn’t. Near the end of the feeding a police officer arrived and told us we would have to shut the operation down. There were a few more homeless in line and a volunteer continued to serve them and the officer was OK with it, pointed to the last man in line said he would be the last one to be fed. He was.


Next thing I know there are 4 or 5 police cruisers, when officers began questioning and asking for identification from the volunteers.




Soon after at least 2 of us, and possibly 3  were issued an arrest/Notice to appear at the Criminal Justice Complex on Gun Club Rd. 9/26/23 @ 8:00AM. “Charge Description” Feeding large group 25+.

Update: 8/28/2023. There were a total of 4 people charged. Carly, Jacob, Nick and Sandy. 

There it is, James war on the homeless and people attempting to give a warm meal.




The police made me nervous, the thought of a judge handing me a $500.00 fine or 60 days in jail, or both has me concerned. I can close up my house for 60 days, but what about my KC, my 70 lb. dog. Arrangements will be made.

A popular quote is the one that says, “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” In other words, God doesn’t allow us to face suffering and hardship unless He has a plan for us to walk through it and conquer. I’ll put my faith in Him.

Ordinance No. 4919-20

“West Palm Beach’s Controversial Ordinance: Feeding the Homeless Under Scrutiny”
“Grassroots organizations and compassionate individuals have stepped up to address the needs of the homeless population in West Palm Beach. These dedicated individuals and groups have been providing food, shelter, and support to those in need. Their efforts aim to alleviate the immediate suffering and provide a glimmer of hope to those who have fallen through society’s safety net.”

The Controversial Ordinance:

“In an effort to address the challenges associated with feeding the homeless, the city of West Palm Beach enacted an ordinance requiring permits for feeding groups of 25 people or more. This means that organizations and individuals distributing meals without proper authorization may face penalties, including fines and potential jail time.”

City Officials’ Rationale:

“City officials defend the ordinance by citing concerns over litter, unsanitary conditions, and the need for comprehensive solutions beyond providing food assistance alone. They argue that well-intentioned groups may leave behind a trail of debris, further burdening the city and its residents. By requiring permits, the city aims to promote coordinated efforts that address not only immediate needs but also long-term solutions related to housing, mental health support, and substance abuse assistance.”

“concerns over litter”

One of the reasons I attend the FNB feedings is to police the area after the feeding. Small amounts of debris are left behind, I clean it up so the city has no complains.

“unsanitary conditions”

I watched a well dressed man and woman walking a medium size dog, when the dog took care of business on the waterfront. Dog was finished, people moved on leaving the “unsanitary conditions” behind. No problem, blame it on the homeless. Story below.

FNB (Food Not Bombs) and We Care About People, are 2 organizations that feed the homeless on the streets of WPB. Both organizations are under threat of facing a $500.00 fine, 60 days in jail, or both for feeding the homeless without a permit.

The permit is the problem, you can only feed the homeless, twice in a given year in the same location. Appears the city is fine with letting the homeless go hungry the remaining 50 weeks. The city has the right to refuse the permit, and if you doubt that is true just ask Rodney Mayo.

FNB meets every Saturday @ 4:30 on the 100 block of Clematis St; for one purpose. Give a hot meal to a homeless person. For many it is the only meal that day.

I have watched them arrive carrying all their worldly possessions in a backpack, line up for a meal. They come on walkers, in wheelchairs and one man both legs missing from the knees down. He was young enough to fight in Afghanistan. I watched one man, so crippled with arthritis, his fingers were nearly fists as he tried to maneuver the spoon from his plate of rice and beans to his mouth.

At the 8/15/23 feeding, one woman was present and had a bowl of rice, beans and a roll. She was rail thin, sat down next to me. I looked at her and she asked if I would like to share her meal. A man was also present and started a conversation telling me he was sorry he arrived late because all the hard boiled eggs were given out (18). A hard boiled egg would have made him as happy as a $45,000 contributions made to mayor’s campaign manager’s PAC ahead of West Palm Beach Marina vote.

On 8/26/23 the donation was doubled to 36 eggs. A few asked for, and received 2 eggs and a few left over.
The homeless have walked the earth when Jesus did, and they will walk the earth long after we are gone.

What is the world coming too?

What is MAID? (medical assistance in dying)
“One third of Canadians fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessness”

“Roughly the same number told a poll they were fine with approving MAID for someone whose only affliction was poverty”

“One third of Canadians are apparently fine with prescribing assisting suicide for no other reason than the fact that the patient is poor or homeless.”
Author of the article: Tristin Hopper Published May 16, 2023. Read below

The end

WPB Has A New lawsuit

Updated 9/11/2023

April 4th 2019  Keith James was sworn in as mayor of WPB, and one of his campaign promises was he was going to clean up the homeless population in WPB. One of his first actions was to demote Chief Sara Mooney to Assistant Chief, and brought in Chief Frank Adderley, and Deputy Chief Rick Morris. He also gave a $8.5 million no bid contract to a private Security firm PSC.

July 2019  “Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida are trying a new method of driving homeless people away from a city-owned rental facility: children’s music. The wildly popular and extremely repetitive children’s songs, Baby Shark and Raining Tacos, play on an endless loop through the night. Mayor Keith James told the BBC it is a temporary measure to keep the homeless from the city’s waterfront space. The particular songs were chosen, he notes, “because they’re pretty aggravating if you hear them over and over”. Read the story below.

Nov. 1, 2019  John Monroque, suffered a fractured skull, broken nose and traumatic brain injury. He was accused of trespassing outside a grocery store. Monroque was arrested by Officer Lordi and a second officer, Jamesloo Charles. Link to the story below.

Dec. 28, 2020  “West Palm passes law that will fine and jail homeless for ‘aesthetics’ Story was written by Larry Keller Special to The Post. I have included the link below, and ask readers to take the time to read Former Commissioners Neering and Peduzzi comments.

July 22,2023  A homeless woman named Sophia was on the 100 block of Clematis St; along with a few more homeless waiting for FNB (Food Not Bombs) to serve a hot meal to the homeless population. For many it was their only meal of the day.

There was a torrential rain and lightning storm at the time and they were attempting to stand under an awning for protection when a A PSC security guard approached the group, showed them a “No Trespassing” sign on her phone and demanded they move. They walked across the street while Sophia stood her ground. An altercation pursued, the police were called and long story short she was issued a notice to appear in court on Aug. 29, 2023. If found guilty she will face a $500.00 fine, 60 days in Jail, or both.

Aug.2023  John Monroque has filed a lawsuit against the City Of WPB, Sgt. Adam Myers and the Fraternal Order of Police along with the State Prosecutors Office.

“The 55-page lawsuit states officers confronted John Monroque for trespassing at a Food Plus Store on Broadway on Nov. 1, 2019.

Officer Nicholas Lordi was named in the lawsuit for the alleged abuse, while Officer Jamesloo Charles is mentioned for failing to intervene.

His mugshot shows the aftermath of the encounter, Monroque his nose broken and face bloody. He was taken to the hospital and records show he sustained a “closed fracture of his nasal bones.”

“In May 2020, the West Palm Beach Police Department (WPBPD) asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to investigate the use of force by Ofc. Nicholas Lordi against the victim, John Monroque.

On February 2020, nine minutes of surveillance video from the store that showed the scuffle was posted on social media and the FDLE determined Lordi’s statement contradicted what the video showed.”

“The 18-page state lawsuit is against Sgt. Adam Myers and the Fraternal Order of Police. Monroque’s attorneys say Myers, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, made false statements acting “with actual malice and/or reckless disregard, and at least negligence in breaching their duty to verify their claims.”

“Last year, prosecutors declined to file an aggravated battery charge against Lordi following his arrest. The prosecutor’s office wrote, “Under the law, both officers reasonably reacted to what they perceived as an immediate threat of serious harm to themselves. This is exactly the type of ‘tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving’ crisis envisioned by the Supreme Court. Additionally, the officers were attempting to make a lawful arrest, and as such had no duty to retreat.” (State Attorney Dave Aronberg)

Baby Shark & Raining Tacos story below. July 2019

John Monroque arrest story below Nov. 2019.

Officer Lordi arrest story below.

Commissioners Neering and Ryles comments below. Dec. 2020

I have always defended the WPB Police Dept. and the good cops that wear the uniform to protect the residents of WPB. I can’t defend the Chauvin, or others that forget their sworn oath to “Serve and Protect.

Shame on the Fraternal Order of Police and the State Prosecutors Office for declined to file an aggravated battery charge.

How do you weed out the bad one’s when people in authority protect them?

“No Trespassing” sign chained to a tree outside the coffee house at city hall. Picture taken Aug. 21, 2023. God forbid a homeless person try and sit in one of the chairs shown. No class at all.

The end


Mint Eco Car Wash & Malverine Rd.

WPB City Commission Meeting 8/21/2023 Monday @ 5:00PM

11.1. “Public Hearing and Second Reading of Ordinance No. 5051-23 regarding a Future Land Use Map Amendment to change the Future Land Use designation of approximately 0.175 acres located at 301 Malverne Road from Multifamily to Commercial; and Public Hearing and Second Reading of Ordinance No. 5052-23 regarding a Rezoning to change the Zoning designation of approximately 0.175 acres located at 301 Malverne Road from Multifamily Medium Density Residential (MF-20) to General Commercial.”

Background Information:

“The subject property contains an existing two-family dwelling (duplex).”

Housing for low income residents is sparse in WPB. If approved the home will be torn down to accommodate a car wash.

“While staff has a concern about the conversion of residential property into commercial use, the benefits of including this parcel into the Mint Eco Car Wash property outweigh these concerns” Agenda below.

Would staff allow a business into their residential neighborhood? The job of staff is to sell the project to the City Commissioners.

Apparently Eco Car wash has outgrown the space they operate in and their solution is to purchase the property at 301 Malverine Rd. in order to expand. The picture shows the 2 pieces of property. The top of the picture, which appears to be a large white canopy, is Mint Eco car wash. The property below, circled in red, is the duplex they want to purchase and raze. Click to enlarge picture.

If City Commissioners approve, a residential street will have a property rezoned General Commercial and surrounded by single family homes and how will that effect their property values? Would you purchase a home next to a car wash?

At the 8/7/2023 CC meeting (which I attended) they stated this will better control the traffic problems on Southern. Common sense tells me if allowed to expand onto a residential street this will increase traffic.

What defines commercial or residential?

“While residential properties are exclusively used for private living quarters, commercial refers to any property used for business activities. Commercial refers to hospitals, assembly plants, storage warehouses, shopping centers, office spaces, or any other location for a business enterprise.”

This is a small neighborhood and residents on Malverine Rd. need help to keep Mint Eco car wash from expanding into their residential neighborhood, negatively affecting their property values, not to mention the residents have a right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes. They are a small neighborhood, without the funds needed to challenge a successful, corporate owner of the business.

Why is the car wash looking to expand into a residential neighborhood?

Traffic is a major concern on Southern Blvd. where the car wash is located at 316 Southern Blvd. Corner of Southern & S. Olive Ave. People lose patience, screaming at each other, and police were called multiple times to the area according to people who spoke at the meeting.

Mint Eco launched a campaign in an attempt to gather signatures for approval to allow the city to change the Zoning Multifamily Medium Density Residential (MF-20) to General Commercial.”

They have the means and the people necessary to carry their campaign plan to success.

Jeffrey Jarvis, Co-founder & CEO of Mint Eco car wash presented to the city 180 letters of support within 500′, letter of support from SENA, letter of support from HPS PNA and Dreher Park Neighborhood Association 1,242 total letters of support.

I have a couple of questions. Who is going to verify the signatures collected? Did the neighborhood associations support the car wash without discussing it with their neighbors? I have no answer.

People who signed were told this was needed to eliminate the traffic congestion in the area. it’s my understanding people couldn’t sign quick enough. At the meeting I listened to speakers in favor of the change, many employees of the car wash. I also listened to residents of Malverine Rd, and one gentleman, named Ryan Beckett was asked “want to fix this traffic problem?” he said yes. then it was sign and go. Another gentleman, Galen Brannon, stated he spoke with 50 neighbors who were not told the truth.

The link to the City Commission meeting is below: Here are the times I ask for you’re attention.

CC Meeting item # 9.2 start time 32:06

Mint Eco car wash, Jeffrey Jarvis Co-founder & CEO of Mint Eco car wash made the presentation and presented the city with the signed petitions. start time: 33:57 to 48:20.

The 4 gentlemen below are residents of Malverine Rd.

Ryan Beckett 1:27:11 to 1:30:10 want to fix this traffic problem? yes, sign and go

Galen Brannon 1:30:25 to 1:32:45 50 people were not told truth

Earl Spurlock 1:32:50 to 1:35:53 made good points

John Varga 1:36:02 to 1:38:01 made good points

There were approximately 10 people who spoke in favor of the Ordinance, many wearing green t-shirts provided by Mint Eco, a possible message to the City Commissioners.
Now they are talking Deed Restrictions with Covenant, and could be presented at the City Commission Meeting 8/21/2023 for the Second Reading.


What is a Deed Restriction

“A deed restriction is a legal agreement between two or more parties that limits the use of real property. There are different types of deed restrictions but the most common is known as a restrictive covenant. Deed restrictions are often used to protect the value of neighboring properties by limiting the types of activities that can take place on the restricted property. Common examples of deed restrictions include prohibitions against commercial development, minimum lot size, and maximum building height.
Deed restrictions are created when the owner of a piece of property agrees to sell, lease, or donate the property to another party with the condition that the property will only be used for certain specified purposes. The deed restriction is then recorded in the county clerk’s office so that it becomes a part of the property’s title.”

How do I get around deed restrictions?

“Deed restrictions can only be removed by the party who placed the restriction on the property. This can often be done by getting approval from a homeowners association or other body that is responsible for enforcing the restrictions.

Who can put a restriction on a property?

The owner of the property can put a restriction on the property. The restriction will be legally binding on anyone who purchases the property after the restriction is put in place.”

Apparently it will depend on Mint Eco car wash to remove the deed restriction to enable Malverne Rd. to return to a residential neighborhood, minus any commercial business. I don’t believe I have that much faith to trust it will be done.

The first reading was held 8/7/2023, and passed unanimously. The second reading will be held 8/21/2023, and if passed the city will allow a residential neighborhood to change from Multifamily to Commercial.

If residents allow this to proceed what business may want to locate to your neighborhood or mine tomorrow? What precedence is the city allowing? Can you see lawsuits on the horizon?

301 Malverne Rd. Corner of Malverne Rd. & S. Olive Ave.

Sales information below. If City Commissioners allow the change, I’m assuming Mint Eco will pay more than $200,000, plus the cost of razing the duplex. If they decide the location is not working out for them, I can’t imagine they will take a loss on their investment. Commercial property is more expensive to buy that a residential property. Next question. Who is going to purchase an empty lot for 200K + tear down?


CC meeting 8/7/2023  Link below

I have added a recent story by Joel Engelhardt. If you do not receive Stet Media, you are missing out what’s going on in your own back yard. Please subscribe and if possible support them financially. In my opinion we can’t afford to lose honest journalism.

“When developers pay and no one knows”

Agreement calls for Rustic Lakes Property Owners Association to get the money if Palm Beach Gardens City Council rezones site on Northlake Boulevard.
Rustic Lakes, a community of 5- and 10-acre home sites off of Northlake Boulevard, has agreed to support a townhome project on its perimeter for a $650,000 payment from developers.

At the 8/7/2023 CC meeting all 5 commissioners approved the Ordinance on First Reading.

The residents on Malverine have one more chance to end the foolishness with the Second Reading on 8/21/2023.

Commissioner Lambert this is your district, and you were elected to protect the residents, NOT a car wash.

I once again ask you to attend the upcoming City Commission meeting and speak up for our neighbors, before they come for us.
The end


The Slade and City of WPB

CC Meeting 8/7/2023   I have included times if you care to hear the meeting and verify what was written.  (link below)

9.5. “Resolution No. 178-23: A request by John K. Rice of Gunster, on behalf of 1525 North Flagler LLC, for a Class A Special Use Permit (with waivers) to allow for a dock that extends beyond 100 feet of the subject lot located at 1525 North Flagler Drive.”

The presentation on the dock start time 2:22:50 The video of the meeting is below. I recommend watching the meeting to witness James demeanor, and his obvious bias toward the development of a new dock.

Cast of Characters: Honorable Mayor Keith James, City Commissioner’s Fox, Lambert, Peduzzi, Ward and Warren, City Attorney Rothenburg and City Staffer, Alexa Sanglier.

Applicant (1525 No. Flagler LLC) presentation by: John. K Rice and Brian Seymour, both from Gunster and Bree Kokis, Marine Biologist. Ms. Kokis is a paid consultant, and she was also used as a consultant when the new marina was discussed.

THE SLADE CONDOMINIUM 1551 N. FLAGLER DR, WPB, FL. Residents object to the size of the dock, and enlisted the aid of Attorney, Michael Weiner. Never heard of Mr. Weiner. On to Google:

“He attended Washington & Jefferson College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He was then accepted into the University of Michigan Law School and graduated in May, 1974. Mr. Weiner specializes in solving his client’s problems relating to government regulation. He is a sought-after speaker before various City and County Commissioners, Chambers of Commerce, local civic clubs and groups about the importance of the revitalization of urban centers.” Read the link below.

John K Rice made the presentation.

2:35:55 Mr. Rice, for the dock. “The property is just over half an acre. It is not for sale”

2:39:46 Bree Kokis, Marine Biologist, with Ocean Consulting. Ends presentation @ 2:48:06 and answered questions from the City Commissioners.

Mr Rice is back @ 2:48:07 until 2:50:21 and asked for questions. Commissioners questions from 2:50:22 until 3:03:58.

City Staff, Alexa Sanglier 3:04:23 includes questions from Commissioners ends 3:17:16

Mr. Rice continues presentation 3:17:31 to 3:18:37

Mr. Michael Weiner presentation (16 minutes) 3:19:11 to 3:35:18

3:35.27 Seymour cross examines Weiner. 3:35:30 James interrupts, asking if Weiner needs to be sworn in.

City Clerk swears Weiner in that the testimony he gives will be the truth. Something not right, but what?

In my opinion, Mr. Seymour was hostile, spoke over Weiner and tried to make him appear incompetent. end 3:45:48

3:45:51 James asks “Does the applicant want to do a rebuttal in addition to the cross-examination?” James asks again “Do you want to do a rebuttal?”

Seymour; “We’ll do a public comment first, so we can address anything that comes up during public comment, sir.” James allows the request.

Public Comment, from 3:51:58 to 4:37:59. Last speaker was Beverly Bernsrein 4:35:58 to 4:37:59. Please take the time to listen to her concerns.

James: “Mr. Weiner you sent up a card but I assume since you had 16 min. you don’t need to speak again” Mr. Weiner did not speak.

James: “Applicant I think you reserved some time for rebuttal. Do you want to tale that time now?” Question directed at Mr. Rice.

Rebuttal by Mr. Rice. 4:38:26 to 4:43:57.

When Mr. Rice was finished,  Mr. Werner stood and asked to be heard.  James responded: “nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, the applicant gets the last say okay. You got 16 minutes you had plenty of time no, no, sir, your not recognized by the chair. OK.”  James did not allow Werner to comment on Rice’s rebuttal.

4:44:25 commissioner questions:   Fox “I was just curious is this building for sale?”
John Rice: “No, I am under oath, the building is not for sale” This is the 2nd. time he said the property at 1525 North Flagler LLC, was not for sale.

It’s light bulb time. During this entire meeting Mr. Weiner was the only one present who was made to raise his hand and swear his testimony was the truth. Why was John Rice, Brian Seymour and Bree Kokis not sworn in ???

Fox: “So why is there a listing in Southeby’s that everybody has mentioned and sent to us?”

John: “I believe that is a listing that is no longer active and it has been inactive for quite a while

Fox: “OK, OK, says dock plans are currently submitted to the city of WPB in the Southeby’s listing.”

John: “No, It’s not for sale, and has not been listed for sale for quite a while.”

Ward questioned the size of the dock.

John: “The dolphin pilings go out to a length of 210 feet, ma’am, and I did speak to Bree about this earlier the dock is designed for a slip of up to 150 foot vessel here and a 60 foot vessel in that slip.”

Fox wants the City to hear from an expert on dock’s. What a concept. James will never allow it. What if a dock expert tells commissioners the down side of the damage that will be done by allowing a dock this size.

1525 North Flagler LLC is the address of a business and has been put up for sale with the asking price of 26 million dollars, and according to the city is allowed a 100 ft. dock, what they are asking for is almost five times the length.

Located at the end of the 282-foot dock, the stern of a mega yacht will be tied up and extend out into the lagoon an additional 212 feet, surrounded by 6 dolphins to tie the yacht to, for a total of 494 feet. Please read that sentence again.

The applicant has not applied to build a 100 foot dock. Instead they have applied to build a structure almost 500 feet out into the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) – almost 300′ for the dock (283 feet) and another 200 feet of moorings, which are used to tie up and protect large boats while parked at the dock.

Why? Money of course. Below are real estates ads declaring 1525 No, Flagler Drive for sale, and mentions Dock Plans have been submitted to the City of WPB,

“Professional Office Building on Flagler Drive facing the Intracoastal Waterway. The property includes 4 parcels including 3 upland parcels and 1 parcel of deeded land (TIIF deeds) in the Intracoastal Waterway. All 4 parcels total over one-half acre. The property is zoned for Commercial, Residential, or Mixed Use. Dock plans are currently submitted to the City of West Palm Beach.” See the link below

Property listed for sale. The link below has a video of the property at 1525 N Flagler Drive. If you care to watch, it has a nice close up of the water the city will give away, with help from the commissioners.

Michael Weiner:

Video of CC meeting held 8/7/2023 link below.

More problems down the road? Another development on the way.

There will be 55 condo apartments, starting price of 3 million dollars. I think it’s safe to assume we have wealthy neighbors coming.

“Developer breaks ground on West Palm Beach waterfront condo, prices start at $3 million

BGI Cos. and Blue Road Group broke ground on Alba Palm Beach, a condo that will rise along the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach. Located on the 1.73-acre site at 4714 N. Flagler Dr., the project will feature 55 condos in 22 stories. Units range from 2,364-square-foot condos to townhouses of 6,091 square feet. Prices start at $3 million.

Alba Palm Beach will have more than 25,000 square feet of amenities, include conference space, a fitness room with a yoga studio, private workspace, a multi-sport simulator room, a theater room, a private dining room with wine storage, and a pool deck. There will also be a private dock.

Are 55 condo owners, many who may own yacht’s going to share a private dock? Read the story below.

I have heard many times how sorry people were for not signing the petition to recall Mayor James. That ship has sailed, regrets no longer matter. What does matter is James can’t move these projects along without the vote of the commissioners. Last story published I told readers Commissioner Lambert had a challenger and now it appears Ward also has a challenger. We can and should break up the Cornerstone 6 the mayor and all 5 commissioners, with the exception of Commissioner Fox who has shown she is listening to residents. The long dock passed on 1st. reading 4 to 1. Fox voted no.

The end

City Considers New Development on Waterfront

WPTV (Channel 5) Ethan Stein has a new story on the city’s plan for the waterfront. Below are excerpts from the story. My comments in italic. Please take the time to read Channel 5 story and see emails between City Attorney and City Administrator and pictures of the great lawn.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — “The city of West Palm Beach is exploring development beyond a new marina on its waterfront.”

“Emails, which WPTV received from a public records request, show Mayor Keith James asked to begin discussions about projects along the waterfront targeting the Banyan Street parking garage and the great lawn on Clematis Street.”

I have no knowledge of the city’s plan for the Banyan St. garage. I do know going to dinner, having a before dinner cocktail, dinner, desert and coffee. Best move the car within 2 hours or receive a $35.00 fine. I attended the City Commission meeting was there for 4 hours and leaving I was charged $12.00 parking fee. It’s important to remember if you attend the meetings bring your ticket with you for validation.

“Diane Papadakos, who is the director of communications for the city of West Palm Beach, said the city is working on a plan to understand people’s perspective on amenities along the waterfront in an email.”

I believe people’s perspective on amenities has been discussed multiple times in calls and emails to city commissioners, visits to city commission meetings where people spoke out with the same message. Leave our waterfront alone.

“[The] mayor is forming a committee to discuss how to activate the waterfront,” she wrote. “They are working on a plan now.”

I wrote asking residents to keep an eye on what would be coming down the pike and tried to warn residents James was not done with his plans for a marina. There was enough of an uproar they had to calm residents down and forget about the marina. It worked, people started celebrating, thinking they have won and went back to their business.

“Papadakos said the only idea she remembered hearing was a children’s playground area. She didn’t comment if plans for those projects were affected after the council ended negotiations with a marina developer in July.”

“She didn’t comment”   was a comment in it’s self.

The great lawn, which is located at 100 Clematis St., is a green space area for the public to use for a wide arrange of activities. It also has become a place where homeless people seek shelter.” 

This is the spot the FNB (Food Not Bombs) uses Saturday between 4:30 and 6:00 PM to give a hot meal to the homeless.

I attend these feedings and I police the area to insure trash is not left behind. The FNB crew also do an excellent job of cleaning up the area before they depart. The city and residents have no complaints about trash being left behind. 

Another issue concerning the homeless is late July during a sever thunder and lighting storm the homeless sought protection under an awning to escape the torrential down pour when a PSC security guard approached a group of homeless  stuck her phone with a picture of a “No trespass” sign in their face and demanded they leave the area.

My understanding is a group left, while one woman stood her ground. The situation escalated, the police were called the woman received a notice to appear in court. If found guilty, she could receive a fine of $500.00 and spend the next 60 days in Jail, or both. This should please Mayor James as he declared war on the homeless soon after being elected.

Read Diana and Freddy Naranjo comment along with Telly Jones comment when interviewed by Channel 5.       Read the entire story below.

The end


Are You Going To Vote ?

July 24, 2023 City Commission meeting was held, and I attended because I was interested in the marina project and wanted the mayor and commissioners to hear my opinion on the matter.

When residents are allowed 3 minutes to make their point I say what I believe to be most relevant but unfortunately I made a statement with no explanation which is exactly what I did at the meeting and offended 2 commissioners, Ward and Peduzzi. Here’s what happened.

I ended my 3 minutes by stating 3 commissioners were up for re-election and they are Ward, Lambert and Fox and I would do everything in my power to find qualified candidates to run against them. I left the meeting.

Ward and Peduzzi were obviously offended because when it was time for comments from the commissioners Ward stating she does not respond to threats. My intention was not to threaten her, but to make a promise that I intend to keep. Lets talk elections.

The next Municipal Election will be held on March 19, 2024 for Commission Districts 1, 3, and 5.

Individuals interested in running for City Commission should contact the City Clerk at 561.822.1210 for information or to schedule an appointment.

The qualifying period will begin at noon on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 and end at noon on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.    We have 3 months to find qualified challengers. Are you one?

district 1      Commissioner Cathleen Ward

district 3     Commissioner Christy Fox     listens to residents and her vote proves the fact. From the marina to the new 300 ft. dock her vote was NO on first reading. If 2 commissioners voted with Fox, the dock would not be an issue. 

district 5     Commissioner Christina Lambert.  Matthew A. Luciano -Intent to Run. We have a challenger for Lambert’s seat.

Commissioners automatically retain their seat due to a lack of challengers. If commissioners are doing their job, I see no reason to remove them. If they are more interested in pleasing the mayor or developers, my opinion, they must be removed.

WPB residents have a dismal voting record. They show up for Presidential and the Governors race. Municipal elections seems they can’t be bothered to vote. If your street has a pothole, or you would like to see more street lighting or a stop sign who are you going to call, the President or Governor? You call local officials.

If your not registered to vote, please register.

If your registered to vote, please take the time to vote your choice.

If you want to receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot for the 2024 elections, you will need to complete a new Vote-by-Mail request. Link below.

The end


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