Another Weekend 3 More Shot in W.P.B.

The “Peace March” recently held in the northend of the city, did it help or not? I believe no harm came of it, and at least may have shown residents living in the area that residents care about this section of their city. It was a good effort but unfortunately it has been undone by the release of confidential information by the city, and once again the rash of shootings.

Another weekend and Sunday night shots rang out and 3 men were shot, where else but the northend on 14th. St, and later on 10th.St. where black on black shootings have taken place over the summer. Names, ages, and conditions of the victims are unknown at this time.

The Police report “The preliminary investigation indicates that this was not a random act of violence as the victims appear to have been targeted.”

Is it possible the 3 men that may have been targeted, and may have been CI’s (Confidential Informers) for city police?
Is it possible gang members found their names on the city website where Elliot Cohen, City Spokesman, released them to the public?
If the answer is found to be true both Elliot Cohen and Mayor Jeri Muoio who refuses to fire Mr. Cohen over this grievous error in judgement have blood on their hands.

Half the problem is admitting you have one. No mayor wants to admit their city has a “gang” related problem, but the City of West Palm Beach has done exactly that, and the residents living in the city are very much aware of it. Denial should no longer be accepted by residents.

These thugs have to be rounded up and jailed, not pushed to another section of the city to reign hell down on other neighborhoods. The police have their work cut out for them and I question if they can count on northend residents for assistance.

Mayor Muoio has traveled to Denmark for a week of walking and bicycle riding. I’m betting she’s safer than the residents in the northend who live in fear of walking to the grocery store or sending their children to wait for the arrival of the school bus.

Below are listed the Mayor, City Administrator, and City Commissioners  e-mail addresses. If you’ve had enough please take the time to tell them.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Closing on a positive note: Palm Beach Gardens who joined the W.P.B. lawsuit against the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) met and voted to include in their budget the funds to pay their fair share of the cost of running the OIG office.  Good for them, hope more cities follow their example.


Who is Elliot Cohen?

Elliott Cohen is the Director of Communications for the City of WPB. He oversees the city TV channel (18) and the city’s website. He reports to the Mayor. If you don’t follow city politics you don’t know who Mr. Cohen is or what function he serves. The majority of residents know the name Mayor Muoio which is why she will take the hit for this story and others that are sure to follow.

I’m damn angry, and have to wonder why good people who try and make a difference in the city are constantly shocked by what happens behind the scenes at city hall.

Mayor Muoio invited residents to a Peace March and we showed up and marched black and white together, side by side. My objective was to let residents know I cared about what was happening in a very small section of our city.

I just finished posting a story “Police & Northend Neighborhoods” where I asked residents to find the courage to step forward and help the police with the rash of black on black murders happening in the Northend of the city.

Now all the marches, forums held by Commissioner James and Neering, police dept. reaching out to residents, new programs the city initiated trying to build trust between residents and police may be in jeopardy. Why? Read the story for yourself.

City spokesman exposes sensitive police records, informants | The Insider

WPB Watch previously wrote about concerns receiving public records report and copies of meetings held. Mr Cohen made the decision to switch from CD to thumb drives and the cost to residents went from free (CD) to $7.00 (thumb drive). Read the story below.

DVD vs Thumb Drive : WPB Gov Watch

Mr. Cohen’s actions have damaged the city and it will be extremely difficult to reach out to residents, who admit to being afraid, and once again ask for their trust.

A good start would be a new City Spokesman. One the city, press and residents can trust.

Police & Northend Neighborhoods

All over the country there are law enforcement officers who make major mistakes and use bad judgement. Some should never wear the uniform because they bring shame and disgrace to the multitude of officers who serve and protect with honor and integrity.

With that said WPB has been plagued with as many as nine straight weekends of violent shootings with loss of life. Many perpetrators being children as young as 10 or 12 years of age.These shootings cover a 21/2 square mile area in the Northend section of the city, and is black on black crime.

Commissioners James and Neering joined forces and held a summit on youth violence with the kid’s in the Northend. The PB Post wrote an editorial on 8/23/15 when they interviewed Commissioner James who said the city along with the Police, Schools, private sector, government, nonprofit’s, churches, synagogues…All of us must get involved with finding solutions to this crisis.” At no time did anyone question the responsibility of the parents.
Why are these young people out all hours of the day and night and their parents don’t know where they are or who they are with. When did the parents responsibility end?

In August Mayor Muoio asked residents to join her and city officials in the city’s first Peace March in a section of the city where shootings occurred. The residents responded and the march was considered a success. The residents came on crutches, and on walkers, and the elderly lady in the picture walked as far as she was able and with the police officer help she finished the march. Young people jumped off their porches and joined in. Please join us and show your support for the residents and police and take our city back from those who believe they can terrorize a neighborhood, and murder innocent teens. For example:

Johnny Davis was a nineteen year old man, described by his family and friends as a young man who mentored other teens and tried to make a difference in his neighborhood. On Aug. 26 Mr. Davis was walking with 3 friends when a car drove by and opened fire killing him and another young man and injuring 2 others. No mother should bury her children or ask residents to speak up if they know something.

On 9/8/15 I attended the Mayor/Commission Work Session where there were 3 items on the agenda.

#1 S. Dixie Presentation. (Dana Little of TCRPC)

#2 RMA Presentation: South End Real Estate Redevelopment Strategy of Municipal Golf
Course & Vacant Land at 8111 S. Dixie Hwy. (Materio)

#3 Status report On Police Efforts To Combat Recent Spate Of Youth Violence in our
City. (James, Captain Bernhardt)

Normally the meeting is held in a smaller room, but due to a large residents turnout the meeting was held in the Commission Chambers, with TV Camera’s present.
Immediately after Item 2 was discussed there was a mass exit for the door.
I find it hard to comprehend residents are more concerned about a golf course and empty lot on Dixie Hwy. than the youth violence going on in their city.
If you missed the meeting below is an excerpt on item #3 and I encourage you to please take the time to listen to Captain Bernhardt, Mayor Muoio, and your commissioners.

[vimeo 138894496]

Also there is a plan being implemented called Mayors Village Initiative Overview.
Please take the time to read the overview and see what steps the city is taking to
combat crime in the Northend.

See “Mayors Village Initiative Overview”

On 9/6/15 the Post ran a story and interviewed a resident who stated “I teach my kids and grand kids not to walk up or talk to police because I’ve seen the way police are treating these young people.” There is one generation teaching two more generations not to trust police.

In the Northend residents are fearful. I can’t imagine going to bed afraid and waking up afraid. I can’t imagine not wanting your children to play in their own front yard for fear of them being murdered by a drive-by shooting.

As Commissioner James recently stated Northend neighborhood’s are in crisis.

Residents can’t do it alone. Police can’t do it alone. You need each other.

Please, if you know something speak to the police, don’t wait until you become the parents
of another Johnny Davis pleading for someone to help catch the people who murdered your child.