Who is Elliot Cohen?

Elliott Cohen is the Director of Communications for the City of WPB. He oversees the city TV channel (18) and the city’s website. He reports to the Mayor. If you don’t follow city politics you don’t know who Mr. Cohen is or what function he serves. The majority of residents know the name Mayor Muoio which is why she will take the hit for this story and others that are sure to follow.

I’m damn angry, and have to wonder why good people who try and make a difference in the city are constantly shocked by what happens behind the scenes at city hall.

Mayor Muoio invited residents to a Peace March and we showed up and marched black and white together, side by side. My objective was to let residents know I cared about what was happening in a very small section of our city.

I just finished posting a story “Police & Northend Neighborhoods” where I asked residents to find the courage to step forward and help the police with the rash of black on black murders happening in the Northend of the city.

Now all the marches, forums held by Commissioner James and Neering, police dept. reaching out to residents, new programs the city initiated trying to build trust between residents and police may be in jeopardy. Why? Read the story for yourself.

City spokesman exposes sensitive police records, informants | The Insider

WPB Watch previously wrote about concerns receiving public records report and copies of meetings held. Mr Cohen made the decision to switch from CD to thumb drives and the cost to residents went from free (CD) to $7.00 (thumb drive). Read the story below.

DVD vs Thumb Drive : WPB Gov Watch

Mr. Cohen’s actions have damaged the city and it will be extremely difficult to reach out to residents, who admit to being afraid, and once again ask for their trust.

A good start would be a new City Spokesman. One the city, press and residents can trust.