Feeding The Homeless in WPB Can Be Dangerous Part 1

Channel 5 WPTV Briana Nespral    Posted May 28, 2023

“Food Not Bombs to fight new West Palm Beach ordinance requiring permit”

“For the past 16 years, Food Not Bombs has been serving food, including lasagna, to the homeless every Saturday in downtown West Palm Beach.

Food Not Bombs is a worldwide organization that shares food with the hungry in more than 1,000 cities in 654 countries in protest to war, poverty and destruction of the environment.

But a recent ordinance approved by the City Council requires a permit for large group feeding events. If the permit is violated, the group said individual members face the possibility of a $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail.

Spokeswoman Carl Prinzio said her group will reject this permit requirement, calling it a blatant attack on their freedom of expression.

“It’s definitely just straight up awful,” she said. “It’s ridiculous. You are criminalizing people for sharing food with the hungry, really? Of all the different issues you could be tackling in the city of west palm beach, this is what your spending your resources on?

“Why not address the issues of food insecurity, affordable housing. Those are what causes the problems that we have so they are just out of their mind coming after us for sharing food. It makes no sense for any of us.”  Read the entire story below.


5/30/2023 City Commission meeting lasted 2:34:45 and was an emotional one and Channel 5 attended with cameras rolling. The entire city meeting link is posted below and I ask readers to scroll to the end of the meeting and listen to “Public Comment.” There were 4 residents who made comments all focused on feeding the homeless.

One of the speakers was a woman named Canta Chestnut who is president of “We Care About People Inc” who have prepared healthy meals and distributed them from the back of her car for years. On April 27, 2023 she received a written warning from police to stop or she would receive a $500.00 fine or 60 days in jail, or both. She spoke passionately to the elected officials. I was to be one of the speakers making public comment on feeding the homeless and this was the first time I heard the name Canta Chestnut and it wont be the last.
Randall is a member of Brighten the Corner org and is also a “Street Chaplain” who also made a passionate comment. I met Randall 5/20/2023 at the FNB feed the hungry event and he was with 2 licensed hair stylist who were kind enough to donate their time to give homeless people a haircut. Please take the time to check out his website.



Comments from the public start @ 1:53:00 end @ 2:05:52 Sandy 1st. speaker, 2nd.Sterling, 3rd. Canta and 4th.Randall

Comments from commissioners
Warren 2:06:03 to 2:08:26

Ward 2:8:30 to 2:12:27 Commissioner Ward claims residents in her district complain “kids can’t walk to their own school, out of fear, can’t ride their bike” Am I supposed to believe her statement? She’s a politician so I will question it. Onto Google with a question. how many teachers accused of molesting students in Florida?    Published Oct 4,2022

“Nearly 270 public educators were arrested on child sex-related crimes in the U.S. in the first nine months of this year, ranging from grooming to raping underage students.

An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital found that from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, at least 269 educators were arrested, which works out to roughly one arrest a day.

The 269 educators included four principals, two assistant principals, 226 teachers, 20 teacher’s aides and 17 substitute teachers.”


In my opinion children are safer with the homeless population than they are in the classrooms.

I have a friend for many years who with her husband have a very successful business, and were blessed with two children. Every holiday their friends and family gather at their home for the holiday meal and conversation.

One Thanksgiving she and her two young children went to a “soup kitchen” and volunteered to feed the homeless. When someone asked why? She explained she never wanted her children to take for granted what they had and people less fortunate didn’t even have a meal for the holiday. She wanted to teach her kids empathy. Know what? It took! Both her kids have learned a lesson many years ago, the apple don’t fall from the tree. To me that is the other side of the coin.

Fox 2:12:29 to 2:17:59

Lambert 2:18:03 2:22:21

Peduzzi 2:22:23 end 2:25:12

James start 2:25:16 to 2:34:18 James is proud of the work he’s doing with the homeless.

Please pay attention to what Ward & James have to say about feeding the homeless.


There will be a follow up story on feeding the homeless.

In closing if the city leaders can’t find empathy and understanding concerning the homeless, can the city’s leaders not punish the people who do?

The end.



1400 Henrietta Avenue & Dreher Park Discussion

Update: 11:15 AM

A reader responded to the story informing me there was a Boys and Girls Club
in Gaines Park, which is true. Here is why I still believe the club should be placed
on Henrietta Ave. A bus will take children to the Boys and Girls Club in Gaines Park
and getting home is their responsibility. Remember the reason for Henrietta Farm
was due to many residents who didn’t have transportation to shop at Publix, 2 miles away.

1400 Henrietta Av. to Gaines Park 1501 N Australian Ave. Walking distance

18 min. (0.9 mi) via 15th St. N. Australian Ave.

20 min. (1.0 mi) via 14th St. Windsor Ave. 15th.St. N. Australian Ave.

24 min. (1.2 mi) via 14th. St. Palm Beach Lakes Blvd N. Australian Ave.

I wouldn’t want my child walking home with the traffic on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. and N Australian Ave; or want them walking on 14th.15th. or Windsor Ave. due to crime.

These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route.

City Commission meeting held 5/1/2023.

9.1 “Resolution No. 72-23 finding that City property located at 1400 Henrietta Avenue is not needed for City purposes, declaring the property as surplus, and authorizing the disposition of the property through negotiation of conveyance to the West Palm Beach Housing Authority.”

Background Information:

“On July 17, 2006, the City of West Palm Beach accepted the conveyance from Palm Beach County, without charge, of property at 1400 Henrietta Avenue. By deed restrictions, use of the Property was initially limited to the development of affordable or workforce housing.

In 2011, Palm Beach County agreed to amend the deed restrictions to allow for the utilization of the property to suit other neighborhood needs such as use as an urban market garden, a community center, a recreation center, cultural facility, or park.

From September 2013 to October 2021, the parcel was leased to a third party in attempts to establish an urban market garden for the purpose of providing sustainable farming education, job training, and employment opportunities.

However, as addressing affordable housing in the West Palm Beach continues to be a high priority need, City staff is of the opinion that it is in the best interest of the City to develop the site under the original conditions of the conveyance by the County.

At the December 9, 2022 Mayor/Commission Work Session, the City Commission expressed support of a partnership with the West Palm Beach Housing Authority (WPBHA) for the redevelopment of the 1.5 acres site as an affordable rental housing development for families. The presentation is provided in the agenda item.”

The third party was named Stewart Bosley who developed Henrietta Farms.

10/16/2021 Bosley’s lease was due to expire when he received notice his lease will not be renewed by the city. (James)

9/24/2021 Mr. Bosley had a crew of volunteers to work on the farm that weekend, and when they arrived they found their locks were cut off and replaced with new city locks with 3 weeks remaining on the lease.

I needed an update from Mr. Bosley on what was lost by closing the farm. I asked, he responded.

“To answer your question about the lost planting seasons. This is what was supposed to happen at Henrietta Bridge Farm:

2021 September 1st planting-1500-2000 units

2022 January 2nd planting-1000 units
June 3rd planting-Summer Hemp…cut down, added to compost for soil remediation.
September 1st planting-1500-2000 units

2023 January 2nd planting-1500 units

Seedlings are started in greenhouse: Collards, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, green peppers, squash, beans, melons.

Not included in the above were the plants in the flower garden to attract bees, a variety of herbs & a large banana patch.

There were over 50 fruit trees planted at the north end of the farm, many of which are dying because no one is attending to them.

Lastly, the distribution site of food to the community via Farm Share and PBC Food Bank has been discontinued by the Farm closing.

As of May 1, 2023, the property is still vacant and nothing beneficial to the black community has taken place. If the Henrietta Bridge Farm was still in active operation, many hundreds of low income families would have access to fresh produce & fruits…All within walking distance of their homes.”

By now WPB residents are aware Mayor Keith James is responsible for Permits and Leases. If you displease him, you’re in trouble. If you’re able to bend a knee, you have hope.

All that could be told about Henrietta Farms has been told, so why another piece on the farm? Not wanting to offend anyone, but I believe if it doesn’t affect our area, the public has a short memory, and it’s leading up to another item on the 5/1/2023 agenda.

9.2 “Resolution No. 103-23 finds by the City Commission and declares property within Dreher Park as surplus and no longer needed for City purposes and authorizes City staff to negotiate lease terms with the Boys and Girls Club.”

Background Information:

“Over the past three years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County has been evaluating the needs for services throughout the region and West Palm Beach. They identified the southern end of the City, specifically in District 5, where the vast majority of the youth from Belvedere Elementary, Palmetto Elementary, Conniston Middle, and Forest Hill High Schools are economically disadvantaged and are not testing to grade level in either reading or math proficiencies.”

“The Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County started investing in the youth at Conniston Middle School and Forest Hill High School offering programs after school on the schools campuses.

“To serve students in District 5, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County desires to open a club in Dreher Park. They have been meeting with the community, neighborhood associations, and City staff to determine the best location for a new club to be built.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the community have shown support for the request from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County for approximately 1.6 acres, more or less, in the Northwest area of Dreher Park.”

“The Mayor recommended the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County continue to reach out to the community for feedback and to continue to coordinate with the Cox Science and Palm Beach Zoo Center.”  Both are located in Dreher Park.

Dreher Park: Amenities: Information from the WPB website found below.

“Bathrooms, Benches/Seating, Decorative Fountain, Disc Golf Course, Dog Park, Fishing Pier, Multi-Purpose Fields, Picnic Pavilions, Picnic Tables, Playground, Public Art, Walking/Biking Trails”
What are the residents living in the area willing to give up in order to build a Boys and Girls Club?


I have reached out to people concerning the Boys and Girls Club and all had favorable comments, and praise was abundant. The problem was the location in Dreher Park.
As you read above, “the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County has been evaluating the needs for services throughout the region and West Palm Beach.

They identified the southern end of the City, specifically in District 5, where the vast majority of the youth from Belvedere Elementary, Palmetto Elementary, Conniston Middle, and Forest Hill High Schools are “economically disadvantaged and are not testing to grade level in either reading or math proficiencies.”

Thousands of students are not testing to their level all over PBC, made worse by Carona Virus which caused schools to close down temporarily.

According to the city website. “The Historic Northwest district is perfectly positioned for rebirth. Located just north of downtown, the neighborhood boundaries extend from Banyan to Palm Beach Lakes, west to Tamarind Avenue and east to Rosemary Avenue.”

The most violent sections of the city. My opinion, a Boys and Girls club is needed in this area to help children who also are not “testing to grade level” and as faith would have it the city declared the property located at 1400 Henrietta Avenue is not needed for City purposes.

Could it be intended for a Boys and Girls Club, instead of affordable or workforce housing which the city plans to do.

Henrietta Farm 1.5 acres. Boys and Girls Club in Dreher Park 1.6 acres.

Is rent expensive in West Palm Beach?

Average Apartment Cost in West Palm Beach, FL

The average rent for apartments in West Palm Beach, FL, is between $2,250 and $3,495 in 2023. For a studio apartment in West Palm Beach, FL, the average rent is $2,250. When it comes to 1-bedroom apartments, the average rent in West Palm Beach, FL, is $2,715.

These apartments were meant to be affordable housing, and a friend in real estate verified the figures were correct.

Mayor James, by closing Henrietta Farms took food from children’s bellies, now would he deny them a Boys and Girls Club, a safe place for them to go instead of the dangerous streets?

City Commissioners, please ask yourself that question.
The end!

Is WPB Destroying Records

PRR ( Public Records Request)

“The Florida Public Records Law states that any person can inspect and copy public records. An individual does not need to state a purpose or special interest to obtain access to a record and does not need to present identification.”

City Commission meeting held 12/12/2022. This meeting had an interruption when an alarm sounded and we were directed to leave the building. About 15-20 min. later the meeting resumed.

The city records meetings, and there are 2 separate recordings, and I have included the second recording that includes “comments from the public” which is always held at the end of meetings. This story also includes emails between the city, the FLCGA (Florida Center for Government Accountability) and myself.

The meeting ended and it was time for comments from the public, and the video can be found at the end of the story. Time frames are important and I made the time so readers wouldn’t have to listen to the entire meeting, but feel free too. The city was still accepting comments through the “portal” meaning it wasn’t necessary to attend the meeting in person, and you could send your comments to the city and they would be read out loud into the record. Mayor Keith James closed the portal, and now you must attend the meeting in person to comment.

Here are the times I ask for your attention.

1:53:30 Starts comments from the public. James calls 3 names to come forward.

1:53:46 James can be seen holding a comment card and he states “Now by the way I got a card from something called Palm Beach Free Press. We take comments from individuals and not entities so I don’t know who Palm Beach Free Press is but I’m not reading the card”

Well, damn, I want to know what the Palm Beach Free Press had to say, so I placed a PRR with the City Clerk, Jackie Mobley. The office of the City Clerk functions as the official record custodian. Below is the date and time of my request.

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2023 at 07:58:00 AM
From: Sandy Matkivich <sandymac36@aol.com>
To: “jhmobley@wpb.org” <jhmobley@wpb.org>
Subject: PRR PB Free Press

Good morning Ms. Mobley,
City Commission meeting held 12/12/2022 James had a card come through the portal from the Palm Beach Free Press and would not read the card into the record. I am requesting a copy of the entire document sent by the Palm Beach Free Press.Thank you in advance for your help.
Sandy Matkivich

Sent: Tue, Jan 24 at 9:25 AM
From: Sandy Matkivich <sandymac36@aol.com>
To: “jhmobley@wpb.org” <jhmobley@wpb.org>
Subject: PRR PB Free Press 2nd. request
Good morning,
I’m still waiting for the PB Free Press comment sent to the city. Will you please send it to me.

Sent: Tue, Jan 24 at 10:33 AM
From: Jacqueline H. Mobley <jhmobley@wpb.org>
To: Sandy Matkivich
Cc: Faye Johnson
Good morning,I do not recall receiving a comment from PB Free Press.
Thank You,

Why did Ms. Mobley find it necessary to CC City Administrator Faye Johnson?

Sent: Mar 10, 2023, at 9:28 AM
From: Sandy Matkivich <sandymac36@aol.com>
To: www.flcga.org

To whom it may concern,
The City Commission meeting held on 12/12/2022 was televised and Mayor James is seen holding a comment card and refuses to read it into the record or provide me with a copy after requesting a Public Record Request. The televised meeting is enclosed below and the time frame in question starts at 1:53:46 when the mayor makes the statement. Please read from the bottom up to understand my PRR and the City’s response. Please acknowledge this email received.
Sandy Matkivich

Sent: Mar 30 at 3:20 PM
From: www.flcga.org
To: Sandy Matkivich

My apologies for the long delay in responding, Sandy. It’s been a hellacious month and I’m only now able to catch up with the mountain of corresponded that’s accumulated. It’s quite clear that the mayor has the card in his hand and actually reads from it and frankly, the response from Ms. Mobley is she doesn’t “recall” receiving a comment card doesn’t mean she did a search of city records as is required under the public records law. I’ll make a request and see how she responds.

Sent: Wed, Apr 26 at 4:48 PM
From: www.flcga.org
To: Sandy Matkivich

The City of West Palm Beach finally complied with my public record request, Sandy. Here’s the comment card you had been asking for.

Barbara A. Petersen
Executive Director
850/212-8665   www.flcga.org

When readers open the comment card I call your attention to the top right where “General Comment” is checked off. Middle of the card “I do mot wish to speak, but please read my comment as follows:”  There is nothing written in this section.
My opinion: The comment was not flattering to the city (James) and the card was destroyed. That’s how Mayor Keith James and City Administrator Faye Johnson do business.

CC meeting 12/12/2022 part 2 of 2


Comment Card 12-12-2022 CC Meeting

PB Free Press If your out there, please come forward.  Inquiring minds want to know what message you sent to the city of WPB.

The end?




They Can Never Change History

On September 9, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted a new name for what had been called the “United Colonies.” The moniker United States of America has remained since then as a symbol of freedom and independence.

Civil War Apr 12, 1861 – Apr 9, 1865 The Union ( the North) and The Confederacy (the South) fought over slavery. Brother against brother.

“Dissolution of the Confederate States, U.S. territorial integrity preserved, Slavery abolished, Beginning of the Reconstruction era, Passage and ratification of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution of the United States.”

13th. amendment The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

14th amendment  No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

15th amendment  The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

19th amendment  Granted women the right to vote.

How long did the 19th Amendment take? “First proposed in Congress in 1878, the amendment did not pass the House and Senate until 1919. It takes another fifteen months before it is ratified by three-fourths of the states (thirty-six in total at the time) and finally becomes law in 1920.”  42 year battle before women were allowed to vote.

Who fought for women’s right to vote? “Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Woman Suffrage Association. The primary goal of the organization is to achieve voting rights for women by means of a Congressional amendment to the Constitution.”  More women than men vote in an election which tells me the tougher the battle (42years) women feel it’s their civic duty to vote.


When Gov. DeSantis was first elected I thought he walked on water when he gave . teachers a raise that brought Florida teachers from one the worst paid in the country to being able to earn a decent wage. He should have stopped there but he didn’t.

Florida schools are banning books in their libraries. Communist countries like Russia, Germany, China and Hong Kong to name a few, ban and burn books. I don’t want to live in a Communist country, and I don’t care how many laws are written, they can never change history.

Governor DeSantis announces legislative proposal to stop W.O.K.E. activism and critical race theory in schools and corporations.


“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his administration’s decision to block a course on African American studies from the state’s public schools. He said teaching Black history is required in Florida schools, but the Advanced Placement course amounted to ‘indoctrination.’ The fight is just the latest in the ongoing identity and culture war in Florida that has become a hallmark of DeSantis’ agenda.”


The darkest part of American history is when one human being was owned by another. That was known as slavery and that was one of America’s darkest hours. Slavery was a part of American history, and I always believed a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you agree.
The end

Mayor Keith James Cancels Pride Fest!

I was born and raised in America and believed we were the strongest country in the world. We were invincible. We were the country others depended on in a crises.

Our country has done incredible things. Our country has done shameful things, and now my country is starting to return to the past. I guess the old adage “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Below is a statement from Rodney Mayo telling how the mayor of WPB, Keith James, refused to grant a permit for the third annual Pride Fest.

The LGBTQ is once again under attack, and shamefully it’s coming from elected officials like WPB Mayor Keith James.

Mayor Keith James Cancels Pride Fest!

“Last week the Pride on the Block organizers asked me if they should be worried about Mayor Keith James canceling the 3rd annual Pride Fest in Downtown West Palm Beach. I reassured them although Mayor James would most likely do anything, he could to hurt me and my businesses, he won’t dare cancel the Pride Fest organized by and to benefit Transpire Help, a not-for-profit created to provide support for the LGBTQ+ community in recovery.

I was dead wrong! Mayor Keith James surprised and shocked us all and denied the permit for the Pride Fest with no reason given.

“Plague! We are in the middle of a plague!” Larry Kramer shouts through the noise of people arguing at a meeting of Aids activists.

Some of us are old enough to remember the beginning of the Aids epidemic and the refusal of our government to address the crisis. Then, finally, a group named Act Up, headed by a charismatic rageful Larry Kramer, did just that, Act Up, and they made all the difference in turning the minds of most Americans and, in turn, our elected officials to not just stand by but commit vast resources to combat the Aids epidemic.

Larry Kramer’s words, unfortunately, ring true today as they did in the 1980s. There is a Plague today: not deadly biological virus but a Plague of the mind: of intolerance and stupidity. From the reversal of Roe V Wade, word assassination, banning gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom, and making it illegal for Drag Queens to perform, our society has genuinely regressed half a century in just a few years. All the struggles of Larry Kramer and Act Up, Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, were all for naught.

I have been losing faith in our City over the years as we live under a veiled dictatorship called the strong Mayor system. I’m sure the citizens who in 1991 voted to create a strong Mayor and elect Nancy Graham may have never envisioned the possible abuse of power this system allows and possibly encourages.

A strong Mayor may be beneficial when we are lucky enough to have an honest, dignified righteous Mayor with only the interest of its citizenry at heart. Still, when the opposite of those values is elected, we are in trouble.
And that is where we are now! We are in trouble.

The Plague is here, in Tallahassee, in far too many states, and in our City. This is no time for complacency. Serious consequences are at our doorstep if we do not act up.

Pride Fest was attended by over 2,000 citizens of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County last year. It was a great success and well received. As a result, the organizers this year decided to expand the event to 2 days, Friday and Saturday, June 2nd and 3rd, and add Rosemary Square as an additional location with events running simultaneously.

A full lineup of national performers and speakers was booked, and tickets purchased; expected attendance this year was over 3,000 people, all celebrating diversity and tolerance.

That has all vanished with one simple signature by our strong Mayor Keith James.

All of us involved in this event have reached out to our commissioners, congresswomen, City officials and community leaders to try and instill some reason into Mayor James and have him change his mind. All were sympathetic and supportive, but we repeatedly heard the same thing. Mayor Keith James holds power solely, and only he can grant the permit for Pride Fest on the Block.

We will continue the fight. We are not giving up. We can’t.

Join us tonight, Friday, on the 500 Block for the final Drag Show performance (as Mayor James also revoked the 500 Block weekend permits) and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and our entire City and County.

Celebrate our diversity!


Please fill out the petition to send to Mayor Keith James telling him to approve Pride on the Block 2023


“The dynamism of any diverse community depends not only on the diversity itself but on promoting a sense of belonging among those who formerly would have been considered and felt themselves outsiders.”
— Sonia Sotomayor”

We will not go backwards!
The end

PSC Security Replacing Police Again

Channel 12 news reports on PSC Security. Below are excerpts, and the entire story can be read below. My comments in italic

“Drugs, prostitution and violence have been ongoing issues in West Palm Beach’s north end of the city. Officials have been working on it for years and agree something needs to change.
The City of West Palm Beach recently hired Professional Security Consultants (PSC) as part of a pilot program to tackle street crime in the Northwood area and the Broadway business corridor, near the Intracoastal.   It’s led by PSC Regional Director Willie Perez.

According to PSC, they will call the police if it requires their enforcement level.

“I can tell you where I want them to go is anywhere but in Broadway and in the city of West Palm,” said Perez. “They can figure out where they have to go. That’s their opinion, but I can tell you it’s not going to be in Broadway that’s for sure.” What does that mean, sentence doesn’t make sense

West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderley said this security shows the strength of their ongoing partnership to serve and protect the community.” Chief Adderley why aren’t you pushing James & Johnson to hire the police officers needed to keep residents safe? Last number I heard is the department was short 23 officers, but I counted 10 police officers at

the last City Commission meeting when residents were expected to speak up about King Mayor James refusing a permit to close 500 block of Clematis.While on the subject please remind your cops not to park their vehicles at metered parking spots in front of city hall. Older residents need the spots and there aren’t many left.

“We needed more of a solid presence to push away some of the negative and bad behaviors we’ve seen in this area for a long time,” said WPB City Commissioner Cathleen Ward for District 1. “It takes a group of people to work together. What we noticed is if we can’t get the cops like we want on a consistent basis here, focused on these types of issues, then we needed to pull from elsewhere.” Commissioner Ward, before your time on the commission there was a city hall scandal,involving James, Perez, former City Administrator Jeff Green, and Sharagay Esposito among others. Please join Chief Adderley for more real police officers on the job.


Commissioner Ward, a little history on PSC & Willie Perez. Below are excerpts from the PB Post written 10/15/2019 and I have included the entire story below.

“West Palm mayor orders do-over of $8 million no-bid security guard contract”

“Mayor Keith James on Tuesday said the city would cancel a multimillion-dollar security guard contract and put it out to bid, a month after the city commission followed his urging to award it to one of his friends’ companies on a no-bid basis.”

“James and the city commissioners took heavy criticism from the public after The Palm Beach Post reported that the board unanimously approved the contract Sept. 9 for Professional Security Consultants.

PSC regional director, Willie Perez, is known to have socialized over a period of years with James, former Administrator Green, Police Chief Frank Adderley, Deputy Chief Rick Morris and City Commissioner Joe Peduzzi”

“At least 10 firms this year submitted proposals for all or part of the citywide security guard work had been told that James had ended that process two weeks after he became mayor in April. The firms were told they would be advised when the competitive process resumed. But the city never resumed that process and meanwhile James’ staff prepared to recommend a commission vote in favor of PSC.”


Channel 25 (WPBF)  “Graphic text photo linked to manager of company awarded $8 million no-bid security contract”

The city of West Palm Beach released a four-page investigative report late Wednesday revealing the person allegedly behind a graphic text photo that led to the forced resignation of the city administrator last month.”

Jennifer Ferriol wrote that Esposito said she had a personal relationship with then-administrator Jeff Green and would expose him. Ferriol said Esposito scrolled through the Perez texts and “revealed a picture of someone’s penis and stated, ‘This has Jeff’s name written all over it. Ferriol said Esposito said she had “support” from a city commissioner and the assistant police chief, that she had nothing to lose and that she was going to expose details and “get her job back.”

“The report includes a letter written to Perez’s company president in California from City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg informing him Perez was allegedly implicated in the graphic photo. The letter said while the conduct occurred before the city made its contract with PSC, “should similar behavior occur during the contract term, such behavior will not be tolerated.”
“The investigative report said Perez denied the allegations and was advised of the standards and expectations of professional behavior required of city contractors. The investigation was closed.”

“Perez’s company won a controversial, no-bid, $8 million contract to provide security throughout the city shortly after Mayor Keith James was elected.” Entire story can be read below and includes pictures of the drinking buddies at the Blue Martini in City Place.


PB Post “Related Cos., owner of the Rosemary Square retail venue, on Wednesday dropped its security guard contractor, Professional Security Consultants, a firm embroiled in controversy over a $7.9 million, no-bid contract it won from the city in September, and over a smutty photo its regional director allegedly sent to a city employee.”


Channel 25 (WPBF) West Palm Beach pays $220,000 to fired employee over sex scandal allegations


WPB Watch Did The Diversion Work? originally published 11/19/2019

So was this another contract handed to PSC Willie Perez from his buddy the mayor with no bidding required? Got away with it once, what the hell, let’s try again. James and Perez at Blue Martini.

The End.

Willie Perez Did the Diversion Work?

Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post wasted no time writing the story on the City Commission meeting held on 11/18/19 with the City residents filling most of the seats. The news stations were also all over the story with channel 5, 12 & 25 reporting the story.

“West Palm Beach City Commissioners were unanimous in wanting more information, including hearing former City Administrator Jeff Green’s side of the story.”

“City commissioners Monday night unanimously rejected settling an ex-employee’s case over allegations that former City Administrator Jeff Green sexually assaulted her.”

“The five commissioners expressed severe reservations about settling without the city having consulted Green to judge whether the employee’s allegations had merit.”

Along with their vote, I hope they realize the authority they have in controlling the city purse strings, and they don’t have to approve everything the mayor and staff request. Good for them, and I hope they continue to listen to residents when the TV cameras aren’t rolling, and they aren’t up for re-election in 4 months.

“Several called for a full investigation of the allegations before they would consider settling based on the accuser’s word alone.”

If events unfolded as reported a full investigation is indeed warranted, and a suggestion was made that FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) do the investigation, and I agree. Police Chief Adderley was seen socializing with James and Green and an investigation should be made by independent law enforcement.

I have been told on good authority, when employees enter City Hall with an entry card after normal working hours the lights automatically come on, and the camera’s start recording. It should be easy enough to confirm if both Green and Esposito entered together, and left separately, and how they both appeared.

“Mayor Keith James, sharply criticizing Green’s alleged behavior, had urged the board to approve the $180,000 settlement, saying the city could end up paying much more if the matter ended up in court.”

“But the five commissioners all said they needed more information, despite strong statements by the city attorney and interim city manager that texts and other information provided in mediation convinced them Green committed heinous, unethical acts that left the city open to a much more expensive settlement.”

In my opinion if the commissioners approved the settlement, they would have contributed to a major cover up and what the mayor and staff don’t want residents too be aware of. This story is far from over and hopefully the press will keep digging until all is exposed.

“The lawyer for fired city employee Sharagay Esposito has alleged that Green sexually assaulted Esposito in a City Hall conference room in June.”

There are 2 people who know what happened that night, Green and Esposito. The truth will win out, go back and check the cameras, unless they weren’t working that particular night, or accidently erased, or termites ate through the wires.

“But Green on Sunday denied the allegations to The Palm Beach Post and said he never had sex with Esposito. He said the city has never asked for his side of the story.”

Green is the first one the city should have had a discussion with over the allegation. Why didn’t they?

“He added that Esposito told Green’s wife, Barbara, with whom she was best friends, that she would be going to the press with made-up allegations because she wanted her job back.”

Once again 2 sides of a story. One is lying and one is being truthful. Which one?

“The allegations of assault were disclosed in a letter Friday from Esposito attorney Isidro Garcia to West Palm City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg.”

Well, there went the confidently agreement.

“Rothenburg conceded she never called Green to get his side of the story. Neither she nor Johnson detailed the allegations at Monday’s meeting because of confidentiality requirements governing the mediation.”

What “confidentiality requirements governing the mediation?” Esposito’s attorney, Sid Garcia, reported to the city the rape allegation, possible whistleblowers complaint, problems with Garcia’s manager. What else is in the “confidentiality” report they didn’t want commissioners, or the public made aware of?

“Green said the Esposito lawyer’s letter, forwarded to him by The Post for comment, was the first he’d heard of any sexual assault allegations against him and that the city never called to confirm the allegations. I haven’t heard of any of this before,” he said, adding that he never had sex with Esposito. Green’s attorney, Denise Bleau, called the allegations “absolutely and categorically false.”

That tells me if the PB Post hadn’t sent the letter to Green he would not have known of the allegations against him. Shame on the mayor and staff. They even attempted to keep Green in the dark along with residents.

The majority of residents who showed up, and spoke out, asked the commissioners not to approve the settlement. This was the hot story of the day and probably into the rest of the week.

The story last week concerned Ms. Esposito’s involvement with Willis Perez, a friend of James, and the winner of the almost 9 million dollar-no bid security contracts.

As most know a picture of Willie Perez penis was text to Ms. Esposito, and every time James mentioned the “graphic” picture it was followed by Green’s name and many people I spoke too assumed the text picture was sent by Green.  A picture of James and Perez.   Drinking buddies.

I have known for weeks what the picture contained and the name of the sender but actually questioned myself, proving if you tell the lie or make misleading statements enough it becomes fact and believable.

I am willing to give James the benefit of the doubt and assume he believed the picture was sent by Green. Would love to know his reaction when he discovered it was actually his friend Willie, who he along with Green and City Attorney Rothenberg pushed the contract through the system.

An attorney representing PSC and Perez asked the commissioners not to cancel the security contract due to the fact PSC had already spent 200 thousand dollars on new equipment. If that’s true, they get the money they spent and WPB get’s the equipment along with the sales invoices/slips. No re-imbursement for equipment used in other cities where former Mayor Lois Frankel also has secured security contracts for Perez.

We heard from PSC security guards who praised Perez and what a wonderful guy he is and doing a great job for the city.

We know what kind of guy Willie is, and they can’t pull on my heart strings.

Leah Gaines a woman who appeared knowledgeable to me (please google her) informed the City Commissioners according to the City Charter they had the right to cancel the contract with PSC, and they should investigate if that is indeed a fact. If true, please follow through and cancel the contract.
Please don’t wait for James to do it, he lied over a month ago when he said he was cancelling it. Why hasn’t he? Willie has known James for years as a commissioner and now mayor. Does he know things and is James afraid Willie will “spill the beans” if he does cancel the contract?

Also on the agenda was item 13 which the commission was asked to approve many millions of dollars on improving the design of Banyan Boulevard.
A staff member in planning for the County spoke and asked the commission to consider the work being done on the weekend and nights so traffic wouldn’t be impacted as heavily. He explained the County sent a letter to the City with their concerns. So far so good.

At the meeting Commissioner Neering asked Interim City Administrator Johnson if the commissioners were sent a copy of the letter, and he simply overlooked it? She replied she did not send the letter to them. Appears it was sent to her and the mayor. Important information was held back from the commissioners, and I hope they file it away for future reference, and I thank Neering for having the common sense to ask the question. It passed 4-1.  Four commissioners knew they weren’t given all the information they needed to make an informed decision again, so why didn’t they postpone the item?

While were on the topic of City Commissioners not receiving the information needed to make informed decisions. On the no-bid contract Commissioners were not told that Procurement and Law were against the contract. What changed their opinions? My guess, James.


Artist Alley, 500 Block Clematis & Subculture Coffee Building

City Commission meeting held 4/17/2023. The first thing I noticed when arriving was the presence of 5 police officers in the city courtyard. Inside the building 5 more officers. There are always 2 officers at the City Commission meeting and my first thought was what’s going on when I realized residents were going to attend the meeting over the closure of the 500 block of Clematis St. Was Mayor James expecting civil disobedience therefore more police officers in attendance. Happy to tell readers nothing happened except residents gave their opinion on James not renewing the permit. Statements in bold are to draw your attention. My opinion will be in italic.

Three local TV stations 5,12 and 25 were present and each told a story, and between the 3 it pretty much explains the situation, and I encourage readers to read their stories.

Channel 5 “At the beginning of the City Commission meeting Monday night, the mayor stated he was not renewing the permit.”  Appears to me the mayor has his mind made up before hearing the approximate 40 people who were there to comment.

“The failure to renew a road closure for the 500 block, that is what has happened,” James said. “The permit runs out at the end of this month. An application was made to renew that permit for another six months, a road closure permit which falls within the mayor’s jurisdiction to approve or deny, and I have denied that motion.”   Read the story below.


Channel 12 “The notice comes from the Parks and Recreation Department, citing unreasonable danger to those in attendance, as well as noise complaints”.

“CBS12 News called several employees with the Parks and Recreation Department for clarity on their claims for this area, but they have yet to call us back. We also spoke to Mayor Keith James’ team, but they referred us back to the Parks and Recreation Department“. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “passing the buck” and “throwing someone under the bus” you have an understanding of both terms.


Channel 25 “I have not been able to meet with anyone. I keep getting transferred. The heads of all the departments are just saying Our hands are tied. One of them said, ‘You made your bed, now you gotta lie in it.’ So they all know what’s going on,” Mayo said.

WPBF 25 News tried to speak Mayor James after the meeting to see if what he had heard changed his mind in any way. A spokesperson for the city said the mayor did not want to comment“. What could he possibly say to justify his actions?

“He also said the city has now decided not to renew his lease for the Subculture Coffee building on Clematis Street in September this year”. This has come as a complete surprise to me as I always assumed Rodney Mayo owned the building. He does not, he leases it from the city and James will not renew his lease, so Mayo has to shut down operations. So let’s look at the facts. Rodney Mayo challenged Keith James for the mayoral seat. Judge decided Mayo doesn’t live within city limits and disqualified him. First time in the history of WPB Mayoral election cancelled, and James has another 4 year term. As I stated in the City Commission meeting the only thing worse than a sore loser, was a sore winner, and that’s Keith James. Since then James has hurt Mayo, along with other businesses and residents by closing Artist Alley, refuses to allow further permits for the 500 block of Clematis and now James will not renew his license for Subculture Coffee building. I would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see retaliation from Mayor Keith James.


Below you will find a video of the City Commission meeting which ran 2:10:29. (2H 10M 29S)

39:07 Public Comment began with a statement from Keith James stating it was his decision not to renew the permit for 500 block of Clematis St.

41:27 1st. public speaker began, and we heard comments from 10 residents.

1:01:36 James asks the City Clerk “any more cards, we turn to comments from the Commission.”

1:01: 46 The City Clerk tried to tell James she had more cards, twice, when he didn’t acknowledge her, I believe it was Commissioner Ward who said Mr. Mayor, when he finally turned and the clerk told him she had 27 more cards, where members of the public do not wish to speak,but want their comments to be part of the record.

1:02.08 People in the audience said that was not true they wanted to address the commission.

1:02:36 James said pass the cards down, he read more names and each had 3 minutes to make their point. Their little ploy didn’t work.

1:45:54    Time for City Commissioners to make their statement. Here is my opinion.
Commissioner Warren, Nominated as President of the City Commission. When James is absent, Commissioner Warren assumes the responsibility of the mayor. Supports the residents.

Commissioner Fox, supports the residents and received a hardy applause.

Commissioner Ward, supports the residents, made other heartfelt comments, and once again the residents gave hardy applause.

Commissioner Lambert, I believed walked the middle of the road.

Commissioner Peduzzi, reminded the audience this was the mayor’s decision, and he supported the LGBTQ community, but didn’t commit either way to the 500 block.

Commissioners the residents are aware who’s decision it was to stop the permits for Artist Alley and the 500 block of Clematis St. and now not renewing the license for Subculture Coffee building. The mayor makes policy, and unfortunately he abuses the privilege.
Do you have any idea what you think and verbally express is very important to the residents? It was a pleasure to watch you break from the establishment and speak out. Thank you!



The end.





Mayor Keith James once again seeks revenge

Deep down in our hearts we knew Mayor Keith James would seek revenge for Rodney Mayo’s challenging him for the Mayoral seat, and helping with the recall of James.

Judge Curly ruled Mayo did not reside in the city of WPB and wasn’t eligible to run for mayor. A win for James.

The recall was not successful due to the fear of residents, many who said they wanted him removed, but not enough to put their signature on the petition. A win for James.

For any reasonable man/woman that would be enough, but not enough for Keith James. He wanted revenge, and he has already put his plan into action.

Artist Alley.    A major disgrace initiated by Keith James.

The piece below was written by Rodney Mayo who knows the history of Artist Alley and explained it well.

“Goodbye, Einstein and The Artist Alley!”

“In the infinite wisdom of the City and Mayor Keith James, Subculture Coffees’ license to use the Alley to the west of the shop was revoked last week by Mayor James and the City. We were given five days to remove everything from the Alley. The five days will be today, Monday, April 3rd, under threat; the City will send trucks to remove everything and bill us if we don’t.

Subculture Coffee had partnered with the City, The CRA, and the DDA for seven years when the idea and project were initially proposed. It was to turn a dirt eyesore of an alleyway that was a haven for the homeless and led to many assaults and petty crimes in an amazing public space. The project’s first phase was to create a mural on the wall, now the iconic Einstein Mural seen and shared by thousands. Unfortunately, as the wheels of government-run ever so slowly, it took six years for the City to install the gates on either side of the alleyway. This occurred last October. After the Alley was secured at night with the gates, Subculture Coffee installed landscaping, planters, lounge furniture, tables, and chairs.

To our complete surprise, the city attorney personally hand-delivered an eviction letter last week with five days to remove everything and restore the Alley to what it once was, an abandoned, unused haven for the homeless and crime.

The Artist Alley has always been open to the public. Subculture Coffee agreed eight years ago to be a partner and activate it. We have held countless art shows for local artists who rarely get a chance to show their work in this City. We have held poetry and philosophy groups and numerous live music events. Many charities use the space for functions. Subculture Coffee has also policed the Alley and installed security lights and cameras. In the past six months, crime and homeless issues have virtually disappeared.

The Artist Alley has been the definition of an activated community space for all.

So why the surprise rash decision to end it all? There are no negatives, only positives. We even went so far as to offer to give all the improvements totaling $35,000 to the City. However, they still refused. We contacted every department, the DDA, the CRA, Housing & Community Development (you would think this would interest them significantly), and our commissioner. All said the same. We sympathize, but our hands are tied, and we cannot talk to you about it.

Unfortunately, the only explanation is what I feared would happen and what many warned me about. If I ran against this Mayor, there would be repercussions. Unfortunately, these are the tactics this Mayor and the City are using. They will continue to scare any potential political candidates from running against them. I spoke about this many times when I was a candidate for Mayor.

We are in this painful period of canceled elections where qualified candidates are fearful of entering any race because of intimidation. The intimidation results from the enormous sums of money thrown at the “regime” candidates (i.e., Cornerstone-backed candidates). Also, the pressure of revenge for what they can and are willing to do to someone, especially a business owner in the City.

I did expect it. It starts with Mayor James kicking us out of the Alley. I am sure it will not end there. I expect more retribution. Unfortunately, I am sad that the ultimate damage will be to our City and its community. But we will not be swayed. We will deal with whatever they want to throw at us.

Don’t forget pop-up dog park (on private property, the City denied us several times) is this Saturday, April 8th, from 3 pm to 8 pm. Adopt a needy pup, save some dogs, and have fun with our furry friends (unless Mayor James finds a way to shut us down…I’m sure he is already conniving about how)
Power to the People

Read the eviction letter here:   Termination of License(1)

Below is the picture of Artist Alley  If the colors represent Gay Pride, James has now insulted the gay community.

Click to enlarge.






500 block of Clematis St.   Updated 4/4/2023 @ 4:15 PM

For the past 3 years Rodney Mayo paid the city $950/ weekly to secure a permit to close the 500 block of Clematis St. from Friday @ 5:00 PM to Sunday @ 10:00 PM.  so residents could safely walk and visit stores and coffee shops without the challenge of automobiles traffic.
The current permit ends April 30, 2023 and that will be the final block closure, as the city (James) will not renew the permit.

There you have it, James doing what he does best, enacting revenge.

WPB has a “strong mayor” form of government along with to much power if you aren’t capable of handling it, and in my opinion James has never been able to handle power. To me the meaning of “strong mayor” is when someone is on the ground, you reach down and help him up. It doesn’t mean you have the power to knock someone to the ground.

The end


Food Not Bombs West Palm Beach Press Release

As the saying goes “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”. We have 2 weak link’s in WPB. The first is Mayor Keith James, the second is the homeless population.

Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the first weak link because Mayor Keith James will serve another 4 years as mayor of WPB when he is sworn in on April 6, 2023 @ 5:00 PM.

As for the homeless there is hope because of the many people stepping up to help. One such organization is “Food not Bombs”, and below is a press release issued by them.

                                    Food Not Bombs West Palm Beach Press Release

                                    March 31, 2023 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

New WPB Ordinance will not deter FNB from weekly Saturday meal share.


Daniel Tarrant (FNBWPB member) 561-427-4773; dktarrant@gmail.com

Jeff Weinberger (October 22nd Alliance to End Homelessness) 954-839-5376; browardhomeless@gmail.com

What: Weekly Saturday meal distribution

Where: Nancy Graham Centennial Square, 150 N. Clematis St, downtown West Palm Beach

When: April 1, 2023 at 4:30pm rain or shine

Like dozens of Food Not Bombs chapters before it, West Palm Beach FNB members will not obey a new food sharing restriction and will conduct their weekly meal sharing event this Saturday, April 1, at Nancy Graham Centennial Square in downtown West Palm Beach. This week’s event, planned prior to the new law’s passage, has been playfully dubbed April Foods Day. The group recently celebrated its 16th anniversary of conducting meal sharing events at the aforementioned and occasionally at another downtown park.

The new law, approved by the West Palm Beach City Commission on March 20, mandates that food sharing groups engaged in ‘public expression activity’ must obtain a permit when sharing food with groups of 25 or more. Groups other than those sharing food and engaging in ‘public expression activity’ are required to obtain a permit only if their number reaches 50. The vast majority of individuals served at FNB’s events are people experiencing homelessness, but the meals are available to all comers.

The law also limits the number of permits to two per year per location, so adherence would effectively terminate FNB’s weekly demonstrations of sharing food in the context of opposing war and militarism, the political principle on which the now international group was founded over 40 years ago in Cambridge, MA. Since its founding, chapters in various cities have repeatedly faced political and police repression, including arrests numbering in the thousands. At this writing, FNB in Houston, TX, is the latest chapter whose members have faced arrests in recent weeks.

While the ordinance doesn’t clearly define what the city means by ‘public expression activity,’ only two years ago Food Not Bombs in Fort Lauderdale won a precedent setting federal lawsuit against that city just an hour’s drive to the south, which hinged on a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit that defined Fort Lauderdale FNB’s activity as “expressive conduct” protected by the First Amendment.

[Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs] “does not serve food as a charity, but rather to communicate its message that food is a human right, not a privilege, which society has a responsibility to provide for all, ” wrote Judge Adalberto Jordan in the federal appellate court opinion. “Providing food in a visible public space, and partaking in meals that are shared with others, is an act of political solidarity meant to convey the organization’s message.”

While the city acknowledged the historic ruling in its preamble to the amended ordinance (attached with press release), it must at least be considered questionable as to whether they understood its implications when it came to approving the new measure.

Whether the West Palm Beach FNB group will follow a similar course of litigating against what may be yet another unconstitutional ordinance approved by the city commission in just over two years remains to be seen. In late 2020 the commission, led by the same mayor, Keith James, under advice by still current City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg, approved an ill-conceived ban on panhandling which was successfully challenged in federal court and repealed less than a year later. The city was forced to pay damages to three plaintiffs as well as attorneys fees.”

In closing it’s obvious to me Mayor Keith James is continuing to persecute the homeless and now persecuting the people who reach out to help the poorest of the poor.

Two stories on FNB lawsuit against the city of Fort Lauderdale



Williams v. City of West Palm Beach.


Another take on feeding the homeless.


City Commissioners:

Please, please, please understand what you are doing when you pass these laws. I am aware you are giving only the information the mayor and city administrator want you to have. I am aware you are not allowed to contact city staff with questions, but must present your questions to the city administrator who in turn will contact the dept. head to insure you are giving the info. they want you to have. Think for yourself, and ask the right questions.

You have been elected to represent the residents of WPB which includes the homeless people who reside in our city, if you don’t want to help, please, please, please don’t hinder the people who step up to help the poorest of the poor..

You will all return to your air conditioned homes tonight, enjoy dinner with your family, and wash the dishes, maybe watch a little TV, and get a good night’s sleep in your bed. Don’t take it for granted!

I attended FNB event on April 1, 2023 and I saw no police involvement with FNB feeding the homeless. The picture is the nine FNB volunteers who were feeding the homeless, not knowing if they would be harassed or possibly arrested. Double click to see the 9 heroes.

The end

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