Presidential Election is over–Lets move on.

The day after my eighteen birthday my dad accompanied me to the Election Office where I was registered as a Democrat. The first time I ever voted was for John Fitzgerald Kennedy for President.

I have voted in every election since, always voting straight democratic. If Adolph Hitler came to America and ran for POTUS on the democratic ticket he would have my vote. If Jesus Christ ran as a republican, doubtful. I don’t write this with any pride, just wouldn’t cross the line.

Then came 2008 and a contest between Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I voted to nominated Hillary Clinton for president. She lost, he won, and the country was forever changed.

We had Obama Care forced on us which turned into a complete disaster, and everything he said would not happen did indeed happen. I lost my doctor, my out of pocket expenses and hospital stay doubled. Are you aware you can spend a week in a hospital without a doctor admitting you, and Medicare wont pay a dime toward your care. Prescription drugs–forget it, when the drug company’s are allowed to raise prices a thousand fold for life saving medication. Seniors are still faced with prescription medication or food/rent. The only time I ever protested was over Obama care where I proudly waved a sign “Eleven million ILLEGAL aliens are not uninsured Americans”.

Congress passes Obama care in 2010 when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comment was, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” The next day I changed my voting status from Democratic to Independent.

President Obama’s decision to send 1.7 Billion to Iran, a terrorist country that has sworn to destroy America. Now they have the money to do it.

President Barack Obama has directed officials to prepare to accommodate 10,000 Syrian refugees. Syria, along with Iran are on the Terrorist Watch List. The 10,000 have arrived. How well were they vetted? Think a terrorist or two slipped in?

Now this is my opinion:
To insure Ms. Clinton wouldn’t challenge Obama for his run in 2012 he appointed her Secretary of State. He may have done Americans a favor if they only paid attention.

Mark (Oz) Geist was one of five security contractors stationed in Benghazi, who co-authored the book 13 Hours– The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, Libya. I read the book written by a man who lived through the horror, and the four men, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods four American heroes who did not survive the 13 hours at the hands of terrorists.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. at a Senate committee hearing held in Jan. 2013 asked Ms. Clinton, (who as Secretary of State was responsible for the security of the embassy) “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans” Ms. Clinton’s reply “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Do you think it made a difference to the families of the four men mentioned above? If she had won the election she would never have been recognized by Iran, Syria or other terrorist nations because of their disrespect for all women.

I understand the stories about the Clinton Foundation, her e-mail scandal, her lying and patronizing the American People, but Benghazi is the one that causes me pain to this day, and if she couldn’t protect these four men, what makes you think she could protect the United States?

FBI Director James Comey investigating her e-mails,and Clinton Foundation, and he reports to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The investigation was nearly squashed after a meeting between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton when their planes were parked next to each other on a tarmac? Both parties denied discussing Hillary’s investigation, but spent an hour discussing their grandchildren. Bless the reporter who noticed and reported the incident.

Tonight I turn on the news and learn of demonstration’s in downtown WPB, Miami and Orlando and other parts of the country where thousands of residents are protesting and waving signs stating that “Trump is not my President” I understand their frustration, for the last six years I didn’t feel President Obama had America’s best interest at heart. A good question to ask yourself is who is financing these demonstrations?

I believe before he leaves office President Obama will grant Hillary Clinton a pardon, so all investigations will come to a close. You don’t pardon innocent people, and justice will be denied once again.

Reasons I voted for Trump: He wants to keep ILLEGAL aliens out of America–me too. He wants to appeal Obama Care and fix whats broken about it–me too. He wants to bring our jobs back home–me too. He wants to tax the super rich–me too. He wants to repeal NAFTA called “Worse Trade Deal in History”–me too. Law Enforcement’s across the country have endorsed him because they believe he will protect them from the war on cops–me too.

Mr. Trump won the election, Hillary Clinton lost and people should accept that and move on. Remember this is America, you can live where ever you choose.