A Commissioner’s Memo On Election Night

This article is belated due to the time It takes to receive public records that I wanted to post with this article.

Congratulations to Mayor Jeri Muoio, Commissioner Keith James and District 2 Candidate elect, Cory Neering for their victories in the March 10th election. Congratulations are also in order to the voters of West Palm Beach, who were able to stay focused and choose the better of the two mayoral candidates and District 4 candidates, to move our city forward without the fear of losing control of our most prized natural resource .. . water!

I did not support Candidate Cory Neering because of his association with Mitchell & Materio, and their clear team efforts. Most residents of this city would rather be served by independent and critical thinkers and  a “team player” mentality is not conducive to  independent thinking.

Both Mayor Muoio and Commissioner Keith James, not only survived a relentless barrage of criticism in commission meetings but both won by landslides. Jeri Muoio won 63% of the vote vs Kimberly Mitchell with only 37%. Commissioner Keith James won a whopping 71% of the vote vs Len Fintzy, with only 29% . The voters spoke loud and clear and was able to weed through all of the disingenuous tactics used at forums, on the street, at meet & greet’s, on campaign flyers and on the elderly by the Mitchell Team.

This mayoral election sent a clear message that nobody’s unbeatable, not even incumbents. Ms. Mitchell didn’t lose by a handful of votes, she lost by a landslide and difficult to recover from. Her frequent campaign visits to African American areas which has been unfamiliar territory to her for the full 12 years she has sat on the dais and the astronomical and overwhelming amount of campaign signs displayed at forums and the downright disrespectful behavior was enough to contribute to her loss at the polls.

Throughout Mitchell’s campaign, Shanon Materio was attached to her side and her participation seems to have been outside of the code of conduct expected of an elected official. She sits on the same board as Ms. Mitchell and not only attended every forum but participated in Mitchell’s street rally’s, holding her campaign signs and visible, up front and center at all forums.

On the evening of the election, Shanon Materio sent a memo, addressed to the City’s Administrator, Jeff Green and City Clerk Hazeline Carson, entitled “Election Irregularities”, acknowledging her travels to various polling locations. What is she doing traveling to various polling locations? Ms. Materio speaks of an “absolute conflict of interest”, in her memo, but see’s no conflict of interest regarding herself being a sitting commissioner, who was obsessively involved with another commissioners election campaign.

Read Commissioner Materio’s Memo Here:  Shanon Materio Letter

Judge Brunson’s Opinion on the OIG Funding.

A long awaited decision has been reached concerning the funding for the Office of Inspector General.

Circuit Court Judge Catherine Brunson ruled in the case, Town of Gulf Stream vs. Palm Beach County, the costs imposed on cities across Palm Beach County to pay for the Office of the Inspector General are legal.

The lawsuit led by West Palm Beach elected officials and former City Attorney Claudia McKenna hopefully is over and the city will not spend any more tax dollars to appeal the ruling that residents overwhelmingly voted for after three County Commissioners, Mary McCarty, Warren Newell and Tony Masilotti, along with two West Palm Beach City Commissioners Jim Exline and Ray Liberti were sentenced to Federal Prison for betraying the public trust.

In my opinion this lawsuit was never about who should fund the OIG but an attempt to destroy their budget which led to minimal staffing. If the funding isn’t available the investigations aren’t available. Read Judge Brunson’s ruling here which is posted on the City of WPB website.

Judge issues IG Case ruling | City of West Palm Beach

Newly reelected Mayor Muoio has recently stated WPB will join PBC State Attorney Dave Aronberg “Anti-Corruption Taskforce” and has pledged WPB police officer’s will be permanently assigned and will work under the direct supervision of the State Attorney’s office. I applaud Mayor Muoio on her decision to join forces and have more eyes on elected officials. I believe it’s needed, and hopefully this partnership was not put in place to replace the Office of the Inspector General.

The mayor further stated “Transparency and integrity have been top priorities of my administration from day 1”

I would encourage the mayor to allow Judge Brunson’s ruling to stand and not allow the city to waste taxpayer dollars in an attempt to appeal her decision.

Time to stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk, and fund the Office of the Inspector General. It’s long overdue.

Stories written on the OIG can be read here.

The Inspector General Lawsuit – Myths and Reality : WPB Gov Watch


Inspector General: West Palm Beach Ethics Probe : WPB Gov Watch


African American Betrayal On Behalf Of Kimberly Mitchell

Commissioners Mitchell and Materio may have broken the Florida Sunshine Law during this mayoral campaign while at the same time aiding and abetting in the betrayal of Black residents of the Northwest Community in order to privatize our water and move the city water plant for Poseidon Resources and Richard Pinksy, Mitchell’s ex-husband to Riviera Beach.

There has been some recent discussion involving Poseidon Resources Principals, Mitchell, Materio and her hand picked Black community representatives, who are also loyal campaign supporters and who have been assured, the water plant will be moved from It’s current location, at Banyan & Australian Avenue, If Mitchell is elected mayor. The discussions took place sometime after the current city commission voted 3 to 2 to approve a $33.5 million ultraviolet water filtration system the city says is the cheapest and most rapidly-implemented way to meet a 2018 ultimatum from the Florida Department of Health. Mitchell’s Black community representatives were assured that once Ms. Mitchell is elected, this vote of the current commission will be overturned and the water plant will be moved.

These same representatives were told that families, who live in Twin Lakes Estates, a low-income residential community just north of the water plant, will be relocated and we all know what happens to poor people who are said to be, temporarily re-located, only to be introduced to a word called, gentrification.  The Twin Lakes residents will have no choice in the matter because Twin Lakes Estates will be razed, their homes demolished and a new development built If Mitchell & Materio have their way. These Black representatives are evidently OK with that. They are willing to sell out unsuspecting poor people and their souls for the promises of city jobs and appointments from Kimberly Mitchell.

Plans are in the conception stage to connect the west side of Australian Avenue, in the Westward area where Black middle-income homeowners have been living, some for more than 35 years, to the east side. Mitchell stated she wanted sail boat activity on Clearlake and visions for the current water treatment plant property are endless, so says Materio who’s already gotten an appraisal of $33 million for that land. Kimberly’s vocal Black representatives can’t see the forest for the trees and evidently have no objection to such a plan. If by some unforeseen fluke, Kimberly Mitchell is elected as Mayor; do you really think she is going to appoint any of those, getting her into African American homes, churches and access to the elderly, a top position in city hall? Well, It’s delusional for anyone running around town for Kimberly Mitchell to think they’re going to end up anywhere but under the bus, If she wins or lose.  When does moral character reject ill gotten gains and look out for the betterment of individuals and neighborhoods that’s been systematically left behind?

Because Commissioner Materio has accompanied Kimberly Mitchell on all of her forums and debates and given a shout-out at each one, it is no surprise that these two might have been present at back door meetings where this African American betrayal took place. There may also have been a violation of the Florida Sunshine Law that occurred.

Natalie Edwards

West Palm Beach


At a recent debate Commissioner Mitchell told listeners she was not concerned with the amount of endorsements that Mayor Muoio had received. It was of no consequence to her.

She was happy to report she had received the two PAC endorsements that were most important to her: City Watch and the newly formed SEPAC (South End Political Action Coalition). SEPAC was formed with the help of her BFF Commissioner Materio for the benefit of Commissioner Mitchell, Len Fintzy, and Cory Neering in the upcoming election.

In my opinion SEPAC is being marketed as a grassroots efforts borne from residents when nothing could be further from the truth. As I stated in my earlier story, “How to Steal an Election”, City Watch’s endorsements were bought and SEPAC was founded a few days before Commissioner Mitchell filed. Neither are true grassroots efforts.

I believe these are the only two endorsements Commissioner Mitchell received.

Unfortunately there was a problem with SEPAC and the “Thumb’s Up” the candidates received from them.

In able for you to fully understand the story I must mention the names of two people involved, and this is right out of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”

Taylor Materio is the daughter of Commissioner Materio.

Taylor McLeod is the future Daughter in Law of Katherine Waldron, candidate for City Commission, District 2.

Both Taylor’s do, or have done, business with Mad Dog Mail.

Taylor McLeod received an e-mail, intended for Taylor Materio, from Mad Dog Mail asking her to approve a campaign mailer and pay the invoice for $5,929.65. Here is the e-mail received. Please read e-mail dated 3/3/15 @1:37 PM from Matt Martz, then 3/3/15 @ 7:15 PM from McLeod to Katherine. Told you it was right out of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” Ms.McLeod, & Katherine Waldron requested their e-mail address be blocked, and I blocked all e-mail addresses from publication.

From: Taylor McLeod <xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 7:15 PM
Subject: Fwd: Second piece and invoice
To: Katherine Waldron <xxxxxxxxxxx

This was just enailed to me. Im super confused.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Matt Martz” <xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mar 3, 2015 1:37 PM
Subject: Second piece and invoice
To: “Taylor McLeod” <xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: “Beth Kennedy” <xxxxxxxxxxxxx, “Richard Pinsky” <xxxxxxxxxxxx


heres the second piece and the invoice for it. If Dodger hasn’t already fedexed the first check if he could add a check for this piece to, that would help on our end

payment and approval need to be quick just like on the last piece


PAC’s are not legally allowed to coordinate mailings with candidates or candidate staff. The e-mail clearly shows that SEPAC coordinated with Beth Kennedy, campaign manager for Mitchell, Fintzy and Neering, and please notice Richard Pinsky, lobbyist and ex husband of Commissioner Mitchell, was also copied.

As a result, an ethics compliant has been filed. So stay tuned…

Please see Mailer here.

Please see Invoice here.

Please read PB Post story below.

Residents Question Commissioner Mitchell’s Commitment to their Neighborhood.

Dear Neighbor,

There has been a Coalition of Neighborhoods, Businesses and Cultural Institutions hard at work to improve our neighborhood for the last 11 months. We have been advocating for the creation of a detailed urban design plan for the Dixie Corridor. Several of us in the neighborhood have been hard at work identifying private dollars which, in conjunction with a unique opportunity for the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization to utilize special planning dollars, will help realize that plan and make the corridor eligible for federal highway enhancement funds. Through Mayor Muoio’s efforts the City Planning staff was engaged to provide technical assistance. In addition, the Mayor provided funds to help fill the gap to cover the cost of the study. Although the dollar amount was small, it was the catalyst needed for moving forward. During the entire process, Mayor Muoio engaged with the community stakeholders to make sure the efforts of the South Dixie Corridor Planning Study team and the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance team would not be in vain. Dixie Highway has been neglected for years. Fortunately for us, Mayor Muoio has become the champion for much needed change.

Along with others in the community, we have tried to dialogue with our District Commissioner, Kimberly Mitchell. But she refused to meet with any of the Stakeholders. Fortunately, the steps we have taken to implement the study did not require approval from the City Commission, as it was initiated and paid for by the community. When Commissioner Mitchell realized that our efforts had resulted in a contract with The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council to begin this work, she criticized the project saying there were other neighborhoods which needed more attention than ours. She went so far as to say that the money raised from the Metropolitan Planning Organization to supplement the funds we raised privately, should go to area south of Forest Hill Boulevard. She did nothing to support the members of her District and, when given the opportunity, she criticized the plan and said she was not aware of the project. Watch the video below. Kimberly Mitchell has been our District Commissioner for 13 years and has never lifted a finger on our behalf. We did this ourselves, and now she wants to take it away. If Kim Mitchell was truly looking out for the City she would have done more to help bring about the much needed change we have all been advocating for. The neighborhoods and businesses along the Dixie Corridor have been the economic engine for our City for almost 100 years. To ignore our needs she jeopardizes our future.

Commissioner Mitchell said she didn’t know about the project. Maybe if she had attended our meetings or answered our phone calls she would have known. The bottom line is this is our neighborhood and we deserve to have elected officials who show up to do their job and not try to stall our own neighborhood improvement projects.



Kim Mitchell plays favorites. She chooses to reward her friends – many of whom are lobbyists – instead of helping our neighborhood. Kimberly Mitchell may have grown up in West Palm Beach, but she ignores the needs of our City, fails to show up for meetings, but is quick to criticize and complain that she wasn’t aware of what was going on in her own back yard. If Kimberly Mitchell becomes our next Mayor, she will work to prevent our project to improve Dixie Highway from going forward despite the fact that this is what our community wants and is willing to pay for.

That’s not what we need in a Mayor. What we need is what Jeri Muoio will provide: honest, effective leadership that will support the work that this community has begun.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and view the video. We hope you find this information as important as we do.

Gregg Weiss                                                 Andy Halper
Flamingo Park Resident                         El Cid Resident

The Last Hurrah!

I attended the last mayoral candidates forum, Friday night at 6pm, at The Bridge Church, located at 515 Palm Street, in the Grandview Park Neighborhood. I wasn’t familiar with the area so I researched  It on Google. It is in the vicinity of The Norton Art Museum, a couple blocks west of Dixie Highway. As I drove south on Dixie, past Okeechobee Blvd, Kimberly Mitchell took all of the guess work out of anyone trying to find the place. After passing Woodlawn Cemetery, I saw a barrage of “Kimberly Mitchell” campaign signs, every 2 feet. All along Dixie Hwy before even arriving at Palm St and turning right onto Palm was a sea of roughly 60 signs, leading 2 blocks up to the church. I saw two “Muoio” and two “James” signs.

I arrived early and was able to see the camaraderie. District 2 Candidate, Cory Neering, District 4 Candidate Len Fintzy, Commissioner Keith James and Commissioner Materio were all there. Prior to starting, Mayor Muoio walked the full length of the room, introducing herself and shaking hands and as guest entered, the mayor made It over to them, thanking them for coming and introducing herself. Mitchell had the two front rows of friends and supporters sitting on the left side of the room, directly in front of her seat on stage and that comfort zone of supporters is where Mitchell remained. Her cheerleaders appear to be a fix for Mitchell at every forum as she paces the floor, giving little quick waves and blinks while gazing all over the room.

The moderator explained ground rules for the audience, forbidding remarks and candidates addressing each other. Mayor Muoio was called first and she stood, introduced herself as our mayor, touched on happenings in the city and her vision moving forward. Mitchell started out looking over the audience, calling out friends she see’s in the audience and saying she sees those who like her and she sees some who might not like her and by the time she started her spiel, the time keeper called time! Mitchell stood there stunned as If an opportunity to speak was taken from her. Mic still in her hand, with a stunned look and said something, off record, to the host. That was nothing new because Mitchell has done the same thing at all forums I’ve attended, looking over the audience, calling out names of friends as opposed to introducing herself and her vision.  Like at all other forums, Materio’s name takes center stage out of Mitchell’s mouth, which has nothing to do with her record and her vision as mayor. No other candidates call out names in the audience, other than introducing a spouse that was present.

One question was the 83 meetings Mitchell missed and I’m sure the data was checked. Mitchell got up, questioned 83 meetings? and said, “I attend a lot of meetings and some are very important meetings out of state, that is a benefit to the city”. She went on to defend her absence in Agenda Review Meetings saying she protested the meetings because the public is not allowed to speak. She said she feels the public should have input and meetings are only 15 minutes and not televised.  She claimed to be sitting right in her office when the meetings are going on. Kimberly Mitchell’s answers were not only dishonest but intoxicating. Not even Smirnoff Gin can deliver a high to compare to those lies. As most of us know, agenda review meetings are very important for our elected officials to attend. The meeting is conducted by the mayor, for officials to go over the agenda items and ask questions of staff, to be prepared for upcoming commission meetings and is open to the public.

Mitchell said she doesn’t know of any public who attends agenda review meetings but how would she know when she doesn’t attend? If she becomes Mayor, will she protest the meetings she’s expected to lead? The fact is, she made up an excuse for not attending agenda review when she should have acknowledged her failure and taken responsibility for It and that is something she hasn’t been willing to do. The few agenda meetings she has attended, was she not in protest at that time?  “Here’s the thing” . . as she often says  . . .  she uses commission meetings as both agenda review and commission, grossly delaying commission meetings as she’s being brought up to speed. An abuse of the mayor, her colleagues and city staff who are subjected to her lashings in commission meetings.

The moderator had flash questions requiring quick answers and the first question was, “look in this room and find someone from “this” neighborhood you recognize and a restaurant you’ve attended in this area” Mitchell was first and out of her mouth came, “Commissioner Materio” and said, Vinnie would be upset If I she didn’t mention Ambrosia.  The neighborhood is Grandview Park, which is  roughly 5 miles from Commissioner Materio’s home. Mitchell is so fixated on Materio until she didn’t even listen to the question, based on her answer.  The mayor picked Greg Weiss who lives in the neighborhood and Table 26 as her choice of restaurant.

Mitchell talked about the condition of Howard Park being unacceptable to her and she want to see upgrades immediately. She mentioned South Olive needing repair on tennis courts and not once did she mention Westward Park where there are real dangers facing elementary school children who have to pass over or around a canal with no railings to get to and from school. “The Real Black Leaders” who Mitchell referred to, in the North End Forum, at Grace Episcopal Church, needs to take a break from promoting Mitchell and challenge the unconcern she has for children in her district and in their neighborhoods. Mitchell said she and Materio voted against The Chapel By The Lake, when both were part of a unanimous commission vote, approving the project In March 3rd Commission Meeting.

In the mayor’s closing remarks, she reiterated current events, her vision moving forward and named most of her endorsements, with one being the Palm Beach Post.  Mitchell took the mic and said,    “well, The Post got It wrong!” and talked about her $50 million dollar plan for infrastructure and roads, using Clear Lake as a great resource for sail boats, recreation and races and planning for WPB becoming a metropolitan city.

In my humble opinion, Kimberly Mitchell is not fit to be the CEO of anything. She displays an unprofessional demeanor, giddy, habitual tardiness and punctuality is the soul of business, she has a demeaning & bully behavior in public meetings toward colleagues & staff and demeaning subordinates is never ok. Kimberly Mitchell will be bad for the progressive movement and she has been the captain of a few ships and every one of them have hit the rocks because she refuse to listen to the rudder. The city of WPB is a huge ship and we need a captain who can, at least steer a ship. Mayor Muoio have not been everything most of us wanted but by far, she is the better candidate to run this city.

Cory vs. Katherine

Here are the differences between the two candidates running for District 2.

Charter School:

Katherine:  Has stated publicly she would not vote for a WPB Charter School.

Cory:  Has recently stated he would not vote for a WPB Charter School.
What he neglected to tell residents was he was a Founding Father and sat on the Board of Directors of a failed Charter School named My Choice Academy. A story was previously written on 1/12/15. For more information please refer to the story below to view documentation.
Reminder: Commissioners Mitchell and Materio have pushed for WPB Charter School.

What Cory Doesn’t Want You To Know! : WPB Gov Watch


Outsourcing City Water & Sewage Plant:

Katherine: Has stated publicly she would never outsource city water or the sewage plant., and believes the plan is not in the best interest of the city or its residents.

Cory: Has stated publicly he would not outsource city water or the sewage plant.
Reminder: He is running on the Mitchell ticket, and Commissioners Mitchell & Materio have been pushing for the city to do just that. I personally believe he will vote yes on the issue. You decide for yourself. Read the story below published 12/21/14


Tent Site:

Katherine: Is in step with Mayor Muoio and want’s the land put out to bid.

Cory: I have no knowledge of Cory’s opinion on how he would vote.
Reminder: Commissioner Mitchell and Materio both want the land sold to Michael McCloskey (no bidding) along with a sweetheart deal consisting of his buying the land (appraised at 16 million) for 13 million, and then Mr. McCloskey wants the city to return 8 million to him for creating jobs. What jobs?He’s a developer?

There may be a bright side to the problem. If the newly elected officials vote not to accept the Michael McCloskey proposal, the process would be restarted and hopefully put out to bid, which I believe would be a win-win for the city and taxpayers.

Business Experience:

Katherine: Retired as VP of Sprint where she ran a nationwide sales force that grew from 40 million per year in sales revenue to 400 million a year.
She has co-founded Gamxing Inc. a software development company located in WPB and has three patents pending. A proven business woman.

Cory: Since graduating college Mr Neering has worked for non profit Planned Parenthood for 16 years and advanced to VP of Education. Mr. Neering has no business experience, although his wife has a small business located in Palm Beach Gardens.

Residents are not the problem, but the solution. Please take the time to vote on Tuesday 3/10/15.






Muoio vs. Mitchell

Here are the basic differences between Jeri Muoio and Kimberly Mitchell.

Charter Schools:

Jeri: Has listened to the public, and has committed to helping public school system.

Kimberly: Has attempted to bring a WPB privately run Charter School to the city since 2002.

Outsourcing Water & Sewage Plant:

Jeri: Not on her watch—-ever. Backed by Keith James,Sylvia Moffett, Ike Robinson.

Kimberly: Has directed staff to look into the possibility of moving the water plant, and insist the mayor and city commissioners look to Poseidon for privatization. Commissioners Mitchell and Materio, unknown to the commissioners or mayor, met privately with the ECR board with a request for privatization. Poseidon Lobbyist, Richard Pinsky, her ex. Commissioner Materio is her strongest supporter for outsourcing.
Please view Channel 5  “To the Point” interview below.



Jeri: The city has successfully negotiated with police dept. give and take on both sides.
Police fully staffed. Police have been issued body cameras. City is in the process of ordering 19 new cruisers. Painting of the police building, and other repairs. All cost are budgeted, 70 million in the annual budget and approved by the commission.
The Police Benevolent Association has endorsed Jeri for 4 more years.

Kimberly: Said in the interview this was all news to her, never heard about new police cruisers being ordered. She has heard about the body camera’s. Did she read the budget, and approve it?

Tent Site:       Health & Wellness Campus to be built on the land.

Jeri: Is in favor of sending the property out to bid. The highest bidder win’s the property. She is very outspoken concerning the sweetheart deal that Kimberly is pushing for.

Kimberly: This deal must be OK with her, because she has not denied otherwise.
Wants the land sold to Michael McCloskey , a strong supporter of Kimberly’s, who is by her side at all forums and debates, while his daughter works on her campaign.
This is Kimberly’s deal. A piece of land that has been appraised for 16 million, she wants sold to him for 13 million, and, are you ready?, she wants the city to give back to McClusky 8 million dollars for creating jobs, leaving the city with 5 million. Can you imagine giving the developer 8 million dollars for creating job’s. The developer does not, repeat, does not create jobs. Business creates jobs, and if incentives are given it goes to business, and not, repeat, not, 8 million dollars.

I attended the Mayors debate 3/2/15 sponsored by the Economic Forum and the moderator was none other than retired PB Post editor Randy Schultz. One of the questions was concerning the tent site.

Here is what Kimberly Mitchell said. The City Commission has already passed the Health and Wellness Center. Mayor Muoio, appearing stunned, said Commissioner it has not been passed by the commission, Kimberly arguing back said it was.

Randy asked if there were any City Commissioners sitting in the audience, and Commissioners James and Moffett stood, and was asked if it was passed. Both replied it had not. Commissioner Mitchell’s reply. “I wish I had “my” commissioners here.

Here is what the commissioners, acting as the CRA board passed. 90 day’s for negotiations with Mr. McCloskey to come up with a proposal. No other developer invited.
Now is the time to mention Richard Pinsky, lobbyist, and ex husband of Ms. Mitchell.


Jeri: Budget proposal has not raised the Millage in 3 years, and she has pledged it will not be raised in 2015.

Kimberly: Also pledged not to raise taxes, while failing to mention in 2013 she voted to increase Millage 15%, and voting to raise the non-ad valorem assessment for the WPB Fire Protection 240%. That is not a typo, it’s 240%.

Writing Letters:
Jeri: Wrote 1 letter to the parole board stating the many programs that would be available to Michelle Lennon (convicted of murder) should she be granted parole, and relocate to WPB Fl.

Kimberly: Wrote 2 letters on behalf of Michelle Lennon, 1 letter on behalf of former City Commissioner Jim Exline who pled guilty to cheating the IRS, and 1 letter for Mr. Vigliotti, who pled guilty to helping mastermind $8.5 million mortgage scam. Also reported to have mob ties. Kimberly used her influence as a commissioner to appear before the judge on behalf of Mr. Vigliotti with a request to not revoke his bond. Mr. Vigliotti was arrested 2 weeks later at the Miami airport, with a one way ticket out of the country. Read the story, and the judge’s remarks to Kimberly. Read the story below.

Mitchell court letters latest salvo in bitter mayor’s race | www.mypalmbeachpost.com

The above 6 issue’s are a part of why I am supporting Jeri Muoio for re-election, along with Keith James, and Katherine Waldron.

If Commissioner Mitchell is chosen as WPB Mayor, along with her sure votes namely Len Fintzy and Cory Neering, and let’s not forget Commissioner Shanon Materio, who always votes with her BFF Mitchell, say hello to WPB Charter Schools, Outsourcing of city water, the Tent Site and Michael McCloskey deal, along with higher taxes.

Please take the time to vote, this election is to important to ignore. City government shapes the city and your pocketbook.


Just arrived home from the Northend Coalition of Neighborhoods Debate. Commissioner Mitchell, in her final remark made a comment “No body died on my watch” referring to Mr. Herminio Padilla, who died when a grate he stood on gave way and he fell to his death. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Ms. Mitchell used Mr. Padilla’s death from a tragic accident for political gain, and that’s just plain wrong. Shame on her.

A Political Hustle!

In the Northwood Hills area, there are Kimberly Mitchell Campaign signs that look a slight bit different than her other signs so I took a closer look. There were a row of the signs, in front of distressed properties on Greenwood Avenue, between 35th & 36th Street that read, “Don’t Worry Jeri, Kimberly Will Fix This, Vote City First, March 10th

Ms. Mitchell, is entering into her 13th year as the District 3 City Commissioner and after 12 years, I would be very comfortable in saying, Kimberly has not set foot in the north end areas where her campaign signs are plopped any and everywhere. She has employed, indirectly or directly, a team of salesmen, running around African American neighborhoods, churches and homes, selling Kimberly Mitchell, who will be a detriment to, not only them but progressive movements in WPB.

Ms. Mitchell has done absolutely nothing for distressed areas in her own district and one example would be, Westward Park, that poses a danger every day because that city park has a canal and is located next door to Westward Elementary School. The conditions of that park was brought before Commissioner Mitchell in January 2012 and here It is, more than 3 years later, and parts are finally on order after a District 2 commission candidate, Katherine Waldron, noticed the park and immediately contacted the city.

For the past 3 years, in any commission meeting, workshop or work session, there has been no concern voiced by Commissioner Mitchell, regarding small children being subjected to dangerous conditions, which means, she doesn’t care”. If she was responsible or cared, she would have addressed the issue and insisted on immediate action. She could have placed Westward Park as an agenda item and pushed for dangerous conditions to be addressed in her district or anywhere in the city. She is very outspoken but spoke not, in defense of defenseless children around Westward Park. She never even attended their Roosevelt Estates South Neighborhood Association Meetings to hear from residents. She doesn’t care because of who the children are and where the problem is. If she argues that she does care then why haven’t she addressed the issue that’s in her District 3?

Let’s think back 3 years to recall what Ms. Mitchell’s agenda was that took priority over the safety of small school aged children. Digital Domain, FSU Motion Picture Academy in downtown and the WPB Charter School were her priorities and all were financial failures for tax payers. Small children with little back packs are still crossing and walking by a dangerous canal with no railings, to get to and from school and Mitchell’s campaign slogan is “City First”? Isn’t Roosevelt Estates South and the City’s Westward Park, part of the city?

It is a fact that Kimberly Mitchell “rarely” attends meetings or events outside of downtown and the western gated communities, she has missed an overwhelming amount of city commission meetings and Agenda Review Meetings, she often rushes into meetings late and was even late for the mayoral debate at Presidential Estates, She is constantly looking over her shoulder, watching the clock in work sessions and work shops, she texts throughout public meetings and these are all habits that are engrained in her and will not change with a title of Mayor.

Kimberly Mitchell is a commissioner who disingenuously sympathizes with the underdog but votes to the contrary, she is an outsourcing commissioner who pushed to outsource the city’s Sanitation Department, ECR Plant, Internal Audit Department and recently attempted to privatize the city’s water, along with Commissioner Materio, under the guise of a Public Private Partnership where Poseidon Resources Inc proposed to build a WPB water plant in the City of Riviera Beach, run 5 miles of under ground pipes from Clear Lake to Riviera Beach and place two 50 foot holding tanks at 23rd and Tamarind  and Poseidon would then “sell” water to West Palm Beach!  The seller would be in control of the price of their product. The majority of the commission rejected Mitchell & Materio’s insistence on a presentation by Poseidon Resources and voted January 12th, to build a new plant on it’s current site at Banyan & Australian, by the 2018 Health Dept. deadline. I might mention, Ms. Mitchell’s ex- husband, Richard Pinsky, was a representative of Poseidon Resources

There is an aggressive hustle now to become mayor and If Kimberly Mitchell becomes Mayor, could she re-visit that project and give control of our water to this private company, Poseidon Resources Inc, with the right commission in place?

It is not in the best interest of our city to be run by the Trifecta of Kimberly Mitchell, Richard Pinsky and Anita Mitchell.