Judge Brunson’s Opinion on the OIG Funding.

A long awaited decision has been reached concerning the funding for the Office of Inspector General.

Circuit Court Judge Catherine Brunson ruled in the case, Town of Gulf Stream vs. Palm Beach County, the costs imposed on cities across Palm Beach County to pay for the Office of the Inspector General are legal.

The lawsuit led by West Palm Beach elected officials and former City Attorney Claudia McKenna hopefully is over and the city will not spend any more tax dollars to appeal the ruling that residents overwhelmingly voted for after three County Commissioners, Mary McCarty, Warren Newell and Tony Masilotti, along with two West Palm Beach City Commissioners Jim Exline and Ray Liberti were sentenced to Federal Prison for betraying the public trust.

In my opinion this lawsuit was never about who should fund the OIG but an attempt to destroy their budget which led to minimal staffing. If the funding isn’t available the investigations aren’t available. Read Judge Brunson’s ruling here which is posted on the City of WPB website.

Judge issues IG Case ruling | City of West Palm Beach

Newly reelected Mayor Muoio has recently stated WPB will join PBC State Attorney Dave Aronberg “Anti-Corruption Taskforce” and has pledged WPB police officer’s will be permanently assigned and will work under the direct supervision of the State Attorney’s office. I applaud Mayor Muoio on her decision to join forces and have more eyes on elected officials. I believe it’s needed, and hopefully this partnership was not put in place to replace the Office of the Inspector General.

The mayor further stated “Transparency and integrity have been top priorities of my administration from day 1”

I would encourage the mayor to allow Judge Brunson’s ruling to stand and not allow the city to waste taxpayer dollars in an attempt to appeal her decision.

Time to stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk, and fund the Office of the Inspector General. It’s long overdue.

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