What Cory Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell elected in 2002 has over the past 13 years attempted to establish a WPB Charter School. Former Mayor Frankel, and Commissioner Bill Moss put a stop to it with both officials stating the city should not be in the school business. Commissioner Mitchell continues to revisit the issue and as recently as 2014 it’s back on her agenda. There is an extremely important election coming in March 2015 and the issue has been placed on the back burner, but believe me, it hasn’t gone away. With 3 commission races and a mayoral race it’s too hot a topic for now, but Commissioner Mitchell has never, and will never cease in her attempt to establish the school.

Commissioner Robinson is retiring and that leaves his District 2 seat open. There is a contest between Katherine Waldron and Cory Neering. Ms. Waldron has stated publicly she would never vote for a charter school. Mr. Neering has stated publicly he believes parents should have a choice.

I have stated all along that Mr. Neering has proudly claimed that Commissioners Mitchell and Materio will back him in his run for City Commission. If you look long enough and dig deep enough you can find the answer as to why the support. Here is what was found.

The My Choice Inc. / Academy Charter School Applicant Interview which can be read in it’s entirety below consists of 52 pages, Please feel free to read the entire document yourself, and for those who have busy lives I will refer to page 23 where it lists Cory Neering as an officer on the Founding Board.

Here you will find theArticle of Incorporation for “My Choice Inc.” Charter School. Please read Article VII where it lists Mr. Neering as an officer on the Board of Directors.
You may also recognize the founding president of the Board of My Choice — Gerald Adams. Mr. Adams is a former Republican City Councilman in Riviera Beach, who ran unsuccessfully against Congresswoman Lois Frankel for the Florida House of Representatives, District 83 in 1986. He was also the subject of a recall campaign over alleged corruption while on the City Council.

Here you will find 6 pages consisting of 264 Charter Schools that have failed and subsequently closed it’s doors in Florida. Please note listed under Palm Beach County #194. It shows My Choice Inc. being closed on Aug. 20,2013.

There is an excellent, and fairly long story written by the Sun Sentinel titled Charter School’s Unsupervised and part of the story which can be found under “Missing Money” states My Choice Academy has not returned $56,000 to the Palm Beach County school district. That money, along with millions more, was removed from public schools and handed to charter schools. Who suffers? The taxpayer, but more importantly the children who attend public schools. They have been deprived of books and classroom supplies, and most important the loss of dedicated teachers who drive and motivate the leaders of tomorrow.

If Mr. Cory is elected to the City Commission does anyone believe he will not vote along with Commissioner Materio and give Commissioner Mitchell, now hoping to be Mayor, a second vote on Charter Schools? Now both commissioners are backing Len Fintzy against sitting commissioner Keith James. Mr. Fintzy refers to Commissioner Mitchell as like his daughter. There is Mitchell’s third vote.
Mr. Neering announced his intention to seek the District 2 commission seat in July 2014, and in 6 months saw no reason to disclose his involvement in My Choice Charter School.
Ask Mr Neering why, and then ask yourself the same question.

And this will be the outcome if Mitchell win’s the Mayor seat. Now picture her sitting in the center chair, and she wants a Charter School. Commissioner Materio will make the motion, Fintzy will second it, the mayor will call for a vote and you will have 3 aye’s. Materio, Fintzy, and Neering. As simple as that, and there will be a WPB Charter School.

And as unbelievable as it sounds, Mitchell wants to outsource our city water. Can she do it? Please re-read the above paragraph, as it will be the same situation, the same outcome. The only difference between the two is Mitchell wants Poseidon to run the city water. Reminder: Richard Pinsky, Commissioner Mitchell’s ex husband, is the lobbyist for Poseidon. It appears to me that Commissioner Mitchell, as a city commissioner, spends time on the dais pushing Mr. Pinsky’s projects through to completion. Just imagine what they can accomplish if she is the next mayor of WPB. The thought scares me to death. See where this is going? You OK with that?.

If you need more proof please be aware that all three candidates, Kimberly Mitchell, Cory Neering and Len Fintzy are all using the same political consultant Beth Kennedy. They are all on the same page, and it’s not your page.

So if you want a WPB Charter School, and you want outsourcing of city water, here’s what you do.
Vote Mitchell in as mayor, and Fintzy and Neering, and you won’t recognize your city in a year.

If you are not in favor of a WPB Charter School, and you don’t want to outsource your city water, you have a decision to make. I have made mine, and it’s to retain Mayor Muoio, City Commissioner Keith James, and I trust Katherine Waldron to keep her word to residents that she would never vote for either.