A Commissioner’s Memo On Election Night

This article is belated due to the time It takes to receive public records that I wanted to post with this article.

Congratulations to Mayor Jeri Muoio, Commissioner Keith James and District 2 Candidate elect, Cory Neering for their victories in the March 10th election. Congratulations are also in order to the voters of West Palm Beach, who were able to stay focused and choose the better of the two mayoral candidates and District 4 candidates, to move our city forward without the fear of losing control of our most prized natural resource .. . water!

I did not support Candidate Cory Neering because of his association with Mitchell & Materio, and their clear team efforts. Most residents of this city would rather be served by independent and critical thinkers and  a “team player” mentality is not conducive to  independent thinking.

Both Mayor Muoio and Commissioner Keith James, not only survived a relentless barrage of criticism in commission meetings but both won by landslides. Jeri Muoio won 63% of the vote vs Kimberly Mitchell with only 37%. Commissioner Keith James won a whopping 71% of the vote vs Len Fintzy, with only 29% . The voters spoke loud and clear and was able to weed through all of the disingenuous tactics used at forums, on the street, at meet & greet’s, on campaign flyers and on the elderly by the Mitchell Team.

This mayoral election sent a clear message that nobody’s unbeatable, not even incumbents. Ms. Mitchell didn’t lose by a handful of votes, she lost by a landslide and difficult to recover from. Her frequent campaign visits to African American areas which has been unfamiliar territory to her for the full 12 years she has sat on the dais and the astronomical and overwhelming amount of campaign signs displayed at forums and the downright disrespectful behavior was enough to contribute to her loss at the polls.

Throughout Mitchell’s campaign, Shanon Materio was attached to her side and her participation seems to have been outside of the code of conduct expected of an elected official. She sits on the same board as Ms. Mitchell and not only attended every forum but participated in Mitchell’s street rally’s, holding her campaign signs and visible, up front and center at all forums.

On the evening of the election, Shanon Materio sent a memo, addressed to the City’s Administrator, Jeff Green and City Clerk Hazeline Carson, entitled “Election Irregularities”, acknowledging her travels to various polling locations. What is she doing traveling to various polling locations? Ms. Materio speaks of an “absolute conflict of interest”, in her memo, but see’s no conflict of interest regarding herself being a sitting commissioner, who was obsessively involved with another commissioners election campaign.

Read Commissioner Materio’s Memo Here:  Shanon Materio Letter