African American Betrayal On Behalf Of Kimberly Mitchell

Commissioners Mitchell and Materio may have broken the Florida Sunshine Law during this mayoral campaign while at the same time aiding and abetting in the betrayal of Black residents of the Northwest Community in order to privatize our water and move the city water plant for Poseidon Resources and Richard Pinksy, Mitchell’s ex-husband to Riviera Beach.

There has been some recent discussion involving Poseidon Resources Principals, Mitchell, Materio and her hand picked Black community representatives, who are also loyal campaign supporters and who have been assured, the water plant will be moved from It’s current location, at Banyan & Australian Avenue, If Mitchell is elected mayor. The discussions took place sometime after the current city commission voted 3 to 2 to approve a $33.5 million ultraviolet water filtration system the city says is the cheapest and most rapidly-implemented way to meet a 2018 ultimatum from the Florida Department of Health. Mitchell’s Black community representatives were assured that once Ms. Mitchell is elected, this vote of the current commission will be overturned and the water plant will be moved.

These same representatives were told that families, who live in Twin Lakes Estates, a low-income residential community just north of the water plant, will be relocated and we all know what happens to poor people who are said to be, temporarily re-located, only to be introduced to a word called, gentrification.  The Twin Lakes residents will have no choice in the matter because Twin Lakes Estates will be razed, their homes demolished and a new development built If Mitchell & Materio have their way. These Black representatives are evidently OK with that. They are willing to sell out unsuspecting poor people and their souls for the promises of city jobs and appointments from Kimberly Mitchell.

Plans are in the conception stage to connect the west side of Australian Avenue, in the Westward area where Black middle-income homeowners have been living, some for more than 35 years, to the east side. Mitchell stated she wanted sail boat activity on Clearlake and visions for the current water treatment plant property are endless, so says Materio who’s already gotten an appraisal of $33 million for that land. Kimberly’s vocal Black representatives can’t see the forest for the trees and evidently have no objection to such a plan. If by some unforeseen fluke, Kimberly Mitchell is elected as Mayor; do you really think she is going to appoint any of those, getting her into African American homes, churches and access to the elderly, a top position in city hall? Well, It’s delusional for anyone running around town for Kimberly Mitchell to think they’re going to end up anywhere but under the bus, If she wins or lose.  When does moral character reject ill gotten gains and look out for the betterment of individuals and neighborhoods that’s been systematically left behind?

Because Commissioner Materio has accompanied Kimberly Mitchell on all of her forums and debates and given a shout-out at each one, it is no surprise that these two might have been present at back door meetings where this African American betrayal took place. There may also have been a violation of the Florida Sunshine Law that occurred.

Natalie Edwards

West Palm Beach