Important Info on Covid-19

I received an email from a friend and believe it important enough too send on.

“Just got this from Cornell:

Information from Vienna’s laboratory studying COVID-19 say vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen/Advil in their system so do not take it!! Those who recovered did not take ibuprofen so if you have symptoms, take Paracetamol only!!! Looks like this virus thrives on ibuprofen so don’t do it and tell everyone you can!!!

Please pass this information on to everyone in each family.  I don’t want to miss anyone so share as much as you can, or copy and paste!

I just spoke with my friend who is a nurse at VGH (Vancouver) and they just learned that Advil makes the virus 10x worse.  Tylenol ONLY for the time being. She said Advil kick-starts the virus into pneumonia.

She also said they are not releasing the correct number of cases on the news and they have patients coming in everyday and some currently on ventilators. Soon they won’t have enough room in the hospitals to treat patients and will have to turn people away. They’ve canceled all surgeries to use the OR for available ventilators, but it still won’t be enough.

She also said she found some people in there 40’s and 50’s who were previously healthy to be on ventilators and having major difficulty breathing because they took Advil.

Also 4 doctors at VGH are now infected and she said she has never seen her doctors so worried before.  So please no Advil and stay safe!!!

There are a few articles online

No Advil

No Advil or any NSAIDS!!”


Excedrin is recommended. Below is taken from their website.

“Excedrin contains a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and a fever reducer. Aspirin is in a group of drugs called salicylates. It works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain, fever, and inflammation. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant.”

Walgreen’s was sold out of Excedrin and I asked the pharmacist when they expected another shipment. She walked me over to the shelf and showed me a bottle of “Walgreen Pain Reliever acetaminophen 500 mg.

She then took the time to explain this was Excedrin in a Walgreen package. I bought it, took it home, and went to a neighbor and she showed me her bottle of Excedrin. Both pills were red, round, and the same size.

People have to buy the name brand and sitting right next to it is the same pill in different packaging, costing half the price.

WPB Will Cheat To Win An Election

March 10, 2020 I posted the story “Government we can do what we want.

Soon after I published I received a phone call and was told a resident contacted City Administrator Faye Johnson to complain. Ms. Johnson had the signs removed with a heads up to Code Enforcement to continue checking the area and remove any political signs placed on the property The complaining resident called me and mentioned “If you want something done Faye Johnson is the person to call at City Hall, the signs have been removed.” I immediately updated the story.

Five days later the Lambert/Shoaf political signs are back in the City Hall Courtyard where early voting at the library was in full swing. The signs visible to all who were there to vote. I assume James is back from another trip to Washington DC and overruled Johnson on the placement of the signs.

Below is a quote taken from the PBC Supervisor of Elections.

No-Solicitation Zone

“Political signs may not be placed within 150 feet of the entrance to any polling place, or polling room where the polling place is also a polling room, or early voting site. Before the opening of the polling place or early voting site, the clerk or supervisor shall designate the no-solicitation zone and mark the boundaries (s. 102.031(4)(a), F.S.).”

I don’t know how close to the library the signs were placed, and I don’t believe the city much cares. The City’s Mayor Keith James is so anxious to get his “girls” re-elected, while bragging he’s a lawyer who graduated from Harvard, and is aware the signs are illegally placed and the city is breaking the law. James does not care. The Harvard attorney thumbs his nose at the residents of WPB.

The last story I published on March 10 concerning political signs was sent to James, Johnson and all 5 City Commissioners. They read the story and knew it was wrong but Lambert and Shoaf placed them anyway.

These are the 2 women asking for our vote, asking us to trust them again when they stand with James also thumbing their noses at us to show contempt, to insult or to disrespect us.

Another picture taken on Sunday shows mostly younger people sitting on Clematis St. partying and sitting on sidewalk tables along with a crowded restaurant appearing not to be aware of the Coronavirus disease that is quickly spreading around the world.

Can the city at least remove them from the sidewalk, or are they afraid the businesses will object?


WPB City Hall Officials: I have a sign for you that is at least honest. Feel free to use it.

Government We can Do What WE Want

While walking into WPB City Hall during the previous election (2 years ago) I saw no less than 12 Lambert political signs. They were placed into the ground wherever possible.

I happened to walk in and immediately saw previous City Administrator Jeff Green. I asked him what was up with the signs, and understood it was illegal to place any political sign on government owned property. Mr. Green’s response was “I have more to worry about than the signs.

Lambert signs were also placed at the Chamber of Commerce on No. Flagler which is owned by the city and taxpayers are exceedingly generous and rent them the building for $1.00 a year.

Well, the city is at it again.

What you are looking at are political signs in WPB City Hall. They were not present when I attended the City Commission meeting on 3/9/2020. Political signs are for the Shoaf and Lambert re-election and of course the Park Bond, which I find hard to believe residents would vote for the Park Bond again after voting for a 20 million bond in 2000 and very little taxpayer money actually went into the parks. Can you believe James is telling us our tax bill will not increase due to the new 30 million bond. 10 million increase and our taxes will be the same.

City Hall can be used for early voting and voters can’t miss the signs when entering.

Unfair advantage to both challengers Stephen Sylvester and Martina Tate Walker.


I have been advised political signs have been removed from city property.

Palm Beach Post Endorsements

The Palm Beach Post endorsements for West Palm Beach.

“But the key word here is “progress.” The city is in the midst of a multi-billion-dollar construction boom.”

Construction boom? Call it what it is. Building homes or commercial developments in excess of demand, creating grid lock throughout the city.

“The tax base is growing at a healthy clip.”

Sure is, doubling Fire Fee, raising sale tax. We have a mayor who never practiced don’t spend money you don’t have.

“But most importantly, there is an effort to make sure all of that newfound largesse is distributed fairly around the city.”

Seriously, when the rest of the city receives the same service as the gated western communities that will be a fair comment.

“The Palm Beach Post supports the proposed bond which is actually a replacement of an expiring $20 million bond issue from 2000 as it will help the city address one of its greatest needs and residents’ greatest wants.”

Please tell us what improvements, at what parks, were made with the first 20 million. Where’s the money?

“We agree. It will be good to see Currie Park, which is slated to receive the biggest block of money from the bond issue, finally get the attention it has so long needed so that it can become the waterfront asset the city’s North End deserves.”

Currie Park was to receive a bigger block from the original 20 million. What happened?

“Plans for the bonds also include $3 million to expand and renovate Gaines Park, $2.5 million for the Howard Park Tennis Center, $2 million for the South Olive Park Tennis Center and $1.3 million to replace Phipps Park concessions, bathrooms and walkways.”

How many dollars are slated for the dog parks or to add more around the city? The new baseball stadium with 160-acre costing over 148 million to build. Why not eliminate one soccer field to allow a dog park for that area of WPB?

“Residents may be feeling a little “tax fatigue” from the last few years of referendums, but West Palm Beach leaders are smart to propose the bond issue now, while rates are low and before the previous bond completely sunsets. Responsibly, the city has promised to follow through on transparency by allowing the advisory commission overseeing the one-cent sales tax revenue to do the same for the bond issue.”

The city promised transparency and the advisory commission hand picked by the mayor. That’s comforting. Residents are not “feeling tax fatigue” residents are exhausted, and the city will tell residents what they believe we want to hear, and if they get the 30 million it will be business as usual as history tells us.

“Two commission seat races are also on the ballot. The Post endorses first-term Commissioners Kelly Shoaf and Christina Lambert to retain seats in District 1 and District 5, respectively. (Commissioner Richard Ryles forfeited his District 3 seat to challenger Christy Fox when Ryles inexplicably did not qualify by the filing deadline.)”

Fox was a former Related girl. Her along with Lambert and Shoaf will be the three votes needed to run the city as James and “staff” see fit.  Residents be damned. Nuff said

“The Post Editorial Board has been critical of Shoaf’s and Lambert’s positions against the State Road 7 extension, and for the Okeechobee Business District. And their glaring absence from a special city commission meeting on a controversial $8 million no-bid contract was embarrassing.”

The Post didn’t mention One Flagler along with the 3 issues mentioned above are among the 4 biggest issues in WPB, and Lambert & Shoaf voted to create the situation, and voted too continue wasting millions more attempting to stop the State Road extension. Oh yes, let’s give them another 30 million dollars.

“But Shoaf, who is once again facing minister and community activist Martina Tate-Walker, has worked hard to bring and keep attention on the oft-neglected North End. She has kept public safety and economic development “for everyone” at the forefront, And Shoaf, 36, is a forceful advocate for much-needed affordable and workforce housing in the city.”

Does Commissioner Shoaf consider $1,200.00/month for 1 bedroom apt. affordable?

“We’ve made some headway,” she told the Post Editorial Board, “but West Palm Beach can certainly do more.”

Agreed, all we need is responsible leadership.

“Lambert, 40, is learning on the job as well ‒ most importantly, with regard to community engagement. Last fall, to the chagrin of her district’s residents, Lambert voted to support a two-lane bikeway on South Flagler Drive.”

She will pay the price in her district. Drive through District 5-yard signs are 10 to 1 in favor of Steven Sylvester.

“To her credit, Lambert admits that she and the city needed to “do a better job of outreach.” She is now one of the commission’s biggest advocates for improving response to residents’ concerns and connecting them more easily with the right city staff.”

The City Commissioners aren’t allowed to connect with city staff with questions per order of 1st Muoio and now James. My opinion, and I offer an example. City Hall Legal and Procurement advised James not to allow a 8 million dollar no bid contract to go forward. James ignored the advice and it was placed on the Consent Agenda and passed. Would the vote have been different if Commissioners were allowed to ask questions of the 2 departments mentioned above? Commissioner Neering has spoken out on the issue and wants to be allowed to speak and ask questions of staff. Both Shoaf and Lambert were silent on the issue. Obviously, they never heard the adage “Strength in Numbers.” They both should have had Neering’s back. Both had the mayors back, as always. 

“We are mindful of Lambert’s limitations in her first term but are hopeful that she will be more responsive to her constituents in a second term.”

You call that an endorsement? The Post is “hopeful,” she will do better if re-elected.  We can’t afford 2 more years of her deciding the outcome for our city, and hopefully after 3/17/2020 residents will take our city back with responsible leadership. It’s a mystery who wrote this editorial as no name is offered. I understand–I wouldn’t want my name associated with the endorsements either. No wonder the media is circling the drain.
Read the Palm Beach Post endorsements below.

Your Vote Counts

The many opportunities Americans have, and in my opinion the right to have our voices heard at the polling booth stands out as one of our best opportunities to let government know if they will continue to have our support or not.

We have another election coming on March 17, 2020, and we have heard “lip service” for months from the mouths of 2 commissioners namely Lambert and Shoaf telling us what they are going to do for us if re-elected. They don’t mention the harm they have done in the last two years with their votes to ensure the political agendas and special interest desires are met. Residents, they depend on the public’s short memory to “forget” what action elected officials have taken to dip further into our pockets, make it more difficult to get from point A to point B with the overbuilding and traffic concerns, city streets in disrepair, not to mention flooded areas.

When voting was over in 2018 a friend and I took a trip to the PBC Supervisor of Election Office, and they couldn’t have been more generous with their time and patience. Here’s what we learned.

My district is 7058 and there are 2,363 registered voters. 154 went to the polls and 90 voted by mail. 2,119 people did not vote.

My friend is district 7130 and there are 2,473 registered voters. 177 went to the polls and 86 voted by mail. 2,210 people did not vote.

I have heard the excuse why bother to vote, nothing changes. Well, nothing will change if we can’t bother to show up at the polls and take our city back. I’ve written before and it bears repeating. People vote in a National Election, to choose who they consider the best pick for the Presidency. They vote in State Elections to choose the Governor but can’t be bothered with City Elections. If you have a pothole or your street is flooded, who are you going to call, the President or Governor?

City officials have always pandered to the western communities going above and beyond to ensure their wishes are granted (no extension of State Road 7) WPB city officials grant their wishes, do everything they request and then wait for their reward, which is the western community vote to insure they spend another 2 years in office.

Enough, time for a change, and I have made my decision. I want new leadership, and I don’t want the city to squander tax money claiming they are going to update city parks, when the same promise was made 20 years ago and 20 million gone. Now they want 30 million with the same promises. How many residents remember voting for the park bond 20 years ago?

I am tired of the western communities, voting to reward them for favors granted which is why I am voting for Steve Sylvester, and Martina Tate Walker, while voting no on the park Bond. If we take the time to vote there are enough of us to take our city back,

Dog Parks- Dogs Beware

When the news media report on child or animal abuse the general public has a tendency to become very upset. Children and animals (pets) depend on us for everything. Ask me, I have been catering to my pets for years. I have always had 2 dogs at a time (twice the work) but they were company for each other when I was away from home. Today I have KC and she’s enough for me and hopefully I am enough for her as long as I’m able to reach her treat jar.

Years ago my 2 dogs and I would visit Village Paws Park on Saratoga Rd. and meet up with our friends. Same people every day, seven days a week usually from 5-7 PM. We would sit on the benches talking and watch our dogs play and chase each other. Good times had by all.

The dog park consisted of 3 sections, one for small dogs, one for large, and the third section was left empty until the city sprayed for flees and ticks, then that section would be padlocked and the 3rd. section would be used. Good system, but never used.


My group meet for 3 years and we never saw the section closed, meaning they never sprayed the area. This became evident when I had ticks crawling up my walls, and needed an exterminator.


The three sections has a wide gate and when they were opened it allowed the lawn mower to travel the 3 sections and cut what the city refers to as grass. My group always met in the “small section” and Bob was a regular along with his small dog Romeo, and they were bonded at the hip. One day Romeo got through the gate opening and a large dog grabbed him by the back of the neck, two shakes and Romeo died right there.


My dog, Bear was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and they  originated in Ireland and used as Herding Dogs. Well my Bear used to run the fence line attempting to herd the large dogs next door, and in a week he wore a rut in the dirt and I would come in with a rake and bags of topsoil and he would start over. Notice the slab against the fence where a dog tried to dig under the fence, and the space between the fence and grass where dogs would run.

A few years ago after much complaining a woman from the city named Leah Rockwell and her associate from Parks & Rec. meet with me at the dog park and I pointed out the problems with the park, especially the fence opening, and the dog that was killed and the section the dogs wore down running the fence line. Her associate was busy taking notes which I considered a positive sign. I asked if it was possible to have the 2-3 foot wide area along the fence line filled in with cement to avoid have rut’s in the ground and replacing sod. I was told the city had money in the parks budget and it would be done. When I met with the group that nigh and told them we were thrilled.

The pictures you are looking at with this story were taken on 3/4/2020. Promises made, but not kept.

So the city wants voters to pass the 30 million dollar Park Bond and making promises like they did in 2000. Promises that were not kept then and wont be kept now. Did you know “The city is not legally allowed to lobby voters to support the bond, so Muoio said her PAC, Vote Yes for WPB Parks, plans to raise money to get the word out.”

This is typical of how the city does business, doing an end run around the issue and get the former Mayor to do the deed. Read the story below, and please don’t be fooled like we were in 2000. Be smarter than we were and vote NO on the Park Bond.