WPB Will Cheat To Win An Election

March 10, 2020 I posted the story “Government we can do what we want.

Soon after I published I received a phone call and was told a resident contacted City Administrator Faye Johnson to complain. Ms. Johnson had the signs removed with a heads up to Code Enforcement to continue checking the area and remove any political signs placed on the property The complaining resident called me and mentioned “If you want something done Faye Johnson is the person to call at City Hall, the signs have been removed.” I immediately updated the story.

Five days later the Lambert/Shoaf political signs are back in the City Hall Courtyard where early voting at the library was in full swing. The signs visible to all who were there to vote. I assume James is back from another trip to Washington DC and overruled Johnson on the placement of the signs.

Below is a quote taken from the PBC Supervisor of Elections.

No-Solicitation Zone

“Political signs may not be placed within 150 feet of the entrance to any polling place, or polling room where the polling place is also a polling room, or early voting site. Before the opening of the polling place or early voting site, the clerk or supervisor shall designate the no-solicitation zone and mark the boundaries (s. 102.031(4)(a), F.S.).”

I don’t know how close to the library the signs were placed, and I don’t believe the city much cares. The City’s Mayor Keith James is so anxious to get his “girls” re-elected, while bragging he’s a lawyer who graduated from Harvard, and is aware the signs are illegally placed and the city is breaking the law. James does not care. The Harvard attorney thumbs his nose at the residents of WPB.

The last story I published on March 10 concerning political signs was sent to James, Johnson and all 5 City Commissioners. They read the story and knew it was wrong but Lambert and Shoaf placed them anyway.

These are the 2 women asking for our vote, asking us to trust them again when they stand with James also thumbing their noses at us to show contempt, to insult or to disrespect us.

Another picture taken on Sunday shows mostly younger people sitting on Clematis St. partying and sitting on sidewalk tables along with a crowded restaurant appearing not to be aware of the Coronavirus disease that is quickly spreading around the world.

Can the city at least remove them from the sidewalk, or are they afraid the businesses will object?


WPB City Hall Officials: I have a sign for you that is at least honest. Feel free to use it.