Seems like Deja vu

In 2006, under the leadership of Mayor Lois Frankel, PBC was recognized as “Corruption County” when County and City Commissioners were removed from office after an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI.  Two City Commissioners, Ray Liberti and Jim Exline were prosecuted and jailed on public corruption charges along with 4 County Commissioners. Mary McCarthy, Warren Newell, Tony Masilotti and Jeff Koons. Why am I writing about this again? One reason. The public has a short memory and if they forget they re-elect the same people who do not have residents’ best interest, but rather bow to developers’ interest namely Related.   Read the FBI involvement below.

When the OBD was first presented 3 Commissioners, Moffett, Materio and Neering voted against it.
This was not acceptable, and money was poured into the campaign to elect Kelly Shoaf and Christine Lambert. If they were elected the developer had Commissioner James in their pocket corner which was enough to give Related what they wanted. Well as you know they were elected, and 4 months after they were sworn in Mayor Muoio put the OBD back on the agenda and of course it passed. Win-Win for Related.

How Lambert won:  Easy just have Cornerstone, Rick Asnani as her political consultant defame Commissioner Materio with false mailers and lies. Materio didn’t roll over.

Materio:  Rick Asnani was sued by former Commissioner Materio for defamation and the lower court ruled she had the right to sue. Asnani appealed the ruling, and back to court where the 4th. District Court of Appeals has denied Asrani’s effort to shoot down a defamation suit. Materio won again and was awarded her attorney fees. Asnani is appealing the ruling once again. Now you understand why the courts are backed up.

March 2020 Election
Lambert has a challenger, Steve Sylvester. I met him and like him and will vote for him. WPB knows Lambert’s voting record and decisions she has made, and I don’t want 2 more years of Lambert and her love affair with Related and Flagler One.

How Shoaf won:  The day Moffett’s re-election papers were due, she dropped out of the race too late for anyone with name recognition interested in running. Martina Tate Walker was also running for Moffatt’s seat. Ms. Walker has no name recognition today except by the people she serves. Ms. Walker also has no political consultant or money from PAC’s, developers or the Chamber of Commerce. In fact she’s broke. You will not see political signs with her name on it or receive political flyers. She will not be endorsed by the Post, any past or present Mayors or commissioner. Know what that tells me?  Means she doesn’t owe anyone her vote. She has not been bought. She is her own woman. You have a choice between Shoaf and Walker in March 2020. What are you gonna do?

Richard Ryles has a challenger namely Christy Fox a woman who worked for Related. Not much to report here as without the election, Fox is the new commission for District 3. How did that happen? Appears Ryles “forgot” to submit his papers for re-election. He forgot; I have a hard time believing that. He will not respond to calls from the media, or the people who trusted him and willing to work for his re-election. How could he not make a public announcement?  Big disappointment, and he has given us a Fox in the hen house.

If Lambert and Shoaf are successful there you have it. Three ladies who have proven they will support the Chamber and Related, what are you going to do?  Suggestion: Know your candidates and vote wisely.

I must leave this story on a good note.
Rep. Matt Willhite has requested Gov. DeSantis assistance in an investigation of James, and the Governor has the authority to remove him from office. If that doesn’t happen, we have another choice.

At the 12/16 meeting resident Alan Levine stood at the podium and gave James a heads up. Mr. Levine who keeps track of city funny business announced he has been asked to lead a recall of James and remove him from office. Mr. Levine has accepted the challenge, and he will need help in moving forward. Here is the process.

Around 1,155 signatures of registered voters are needed to start the process.

30 days to obtain them, once the clock starts, which begins with the date of the first signature obtained, which cannot start until the March date James was elected but I think it could be from the date he was actually sworn in which was in April.  (One more item to verify)

If successful, the process will eventually require one more petition, filed by the Clerk, which needs 15% of all the city’s registered voters, gathered within a 60 day period.

15% of approximately 38,000 registered voters is around 5,700. No doubt harder, but very doable. Just starting the process may be enough.

Once this all happens a new election is decided and most often the person being recalled quits. Let’s assume James won’t. The person that will run the city at that point is the city manager if the Governor decides not to appoint a temporary Mayor.

There is a municipal recall document that can be had on the County supervisor of elections site.

What Goes On Behind The Scenes at City Hall

Wednesday I attended the am DAC Meeting. Thursday it was the am IA Meeting. Thursday pm back to City Hall to meet with the Department of Housing and Community Development. Rode the elevator to the 3rd. floor, walked up to the window with my mouth hanging open not believing what I was seeing. The department looked like a miniature Disney World at Christmas time.

I met 4 amazing women named Luz Rivera, Lucy Joseph, Michelle Tymes and Lisa Kemp. This story is about them and the entire department.

Luz Rivera, 18 years with the city: The dept. has 3 decorated Christmas Trees, with wrapped gifts underneath. One wall was decorated with wrapping paper with more gifts underneath.  The trees were beautifully decorated, and my mind went to the cost of it all. Luz explained everything I was looking at was donated and she walks her neighborhood and said I would be amazed at what her neighbors discarded when the holiday was over. They don’t want it, as luck would have it Luz does. She does all the decorating.

Michelle Tymes, 9 years with the city: I was shown the third tree which is located down a hallway. I glanced into one office pod, stopped, backed up and looked in.  Someone had a home away from home. First thing I noticed was a large tack board and pictures of dogs and 2 Yellow Labs had center stage. Michelle pointed to one and said this was her newest pup and the other pup had a grey muzzle and I knew it was an older dog. She then mentioned how much she loved Samson and was so sad when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I looked over and noticed her eyes filled with tears. Michelle will see Samson again. He’ll wait for her and greet her with all the love and devotion he’d always shown her.

Lucy Joseph, 6 months with the city:  Lucy has a bubbly personality, outgoing personality.  Her hobbies are art and calligraphy. She is responsible for the lettering wishing Merry Christmas next to the tree. She’s the type of employee I would be happy to work with. Double click to enlarge pictures.

Lisa Kemp, 4 years with the city:  Lisa is the Community Resource Manager and oversees the Vickers House working closely with the homeless. She comes from a Non-Profit world and uses her knowledge and experience at times thinking outside the box.

For example the last 3 years Lisa and her crew “adopted” 15 children in the foster care system and each Christmas partnering with Friends of Foster Children. Prior to that, her “crew” sponsored a Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom at Northmore Elementary School to which they showed up with Santa Claus,  Elves and gifts. Her staff pays for the gifs, wraps them and delivers them to the disadvantaged children in our area. The school honored them with an award showing their gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

This holiday season was no different. Under the office Christmas tree, the wrapped gifts had an extra paper attached that read “Foster Angel Wish List.”  These packages actually had gifts in them donated by City Staff. Reading one of the attached papers containing a name and other info and I realized it was for a child and was told all the children were in Foster Care.  These children will receive a visit from Santa. If you open the link you will find not much has change over the ages. A boy age 4 wants a dinosaur, and a girl age 7 wants a doll. After the toys they wished for shoes, and it included their size. Think about that!  A child wishing for shoes. Now count your blessings.

WPB Foster Child Wish List

This year the staff adopted 16 foster children in addition to 4 homeless children. I was simply stunned by their generous giving nature.
I have named 4 people from the department but there are actually 10 employees working in the Department of Housing and Community Development, and every one of them “adopted” a child to fulfil their Christmas wish.  This is what one department started and it’s growing.
Not wanting to be left out of the Christmas giving this year, two ladies from Human Resources Department, Alisha and Theresa, asked to be included and were welcomed aboard. Also Lina and Uyen from the Engineering Department joined in the festivities along with Tywanna from Parks and Recreation. For the first time in a long time I left City Hall with a smile on my face and it’s all due to one department with a loving and giving nature.                                                                   That is what goes on behind the scenes at City Hall.

PSC Security Wants to Kill Cops

You are about to read two different stories with one thing in common– PSC Security.

A few months ago a brawl broke out in CityPlace when a large gang of thugs caused extensive damage to the Burger Fi Restaurant tearing the place up, smashing tables, chairs and the cash register which caused the business to close for repairs.
Employees unable to find PSC Security guards  called 911 and the real police showed up and I’m told the thugs had left the area.  There were no media reports on the incident.

As you are aware Related owns CityPlace and the text between PSC Willie Perez and Keith James may explain why this didn’t warrant a news story, but a cover-up.
Perez writes in part  “All those years of insulating Related from liability”   Obviously protecting Related was Perez concern, not the safety of residents,

Double click to enlarge.









Breaking news 12/10/19

WELLINGTON, Fla. (CBS12) — A mall security guard is accused of threatening to kill police.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old Jason Parkins on a charge of intimidation-written threat to commit bodily injury.
Investigators said Parkins, via Facebook messenger, posted in a public forum a statement that read in part, “stupid f—–g pigs i would literally drive my vehicle into them all killing as much as i could with my sig sauer and then proudly die myself or serve the life sentence.”
You can read the entire story below.

Is the Wellington Mall protecting it’s visitors well enough so they are comfortable  visiting or shopping there? Is this the only PSC employee who dreams of killing cops?

As readers may be aware from news stories the mayor has written Governor DeSantis a three page letter explaining his side of the story as to why Rep. Willhite has asked the Governor to investigate the happenings in WPB.  I received a copy of the letter and sent it to a few readers who in turn asked me what could be done.

Honestly if I could fix it– I would, but I can’t. Below is the mayors letter, and the email address of the Governor.  One question! What are you going to do about it?

Letter from Mayor Keith A James to Governor Ron DeSantis

Mr. Oyer Say’s

Now is the time for action and for your voice to be heard on “One Flagler” the 25 story Related building on Flagler. If you object to the project you must speak up to the DAC Board. Your absence could be seen as acceptance.

The meeting time and place.
Downtown Action Committee  (DAC)
Wednesday, 12/11/19 @ 9:00 AM
Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members.
Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area
Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas (also sits on the DNA Board), Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and Mr. Mac Ross, 1st Alternate.  1 alternate seats vacant.  Michael S. Cuevas also sits of the DNA (Downtown neighborhood Association) Board.

I realize I am not giving much notice, and also believe the City is not helping with holding their meeting’s at 9:00 AM when most people are at work and can’t give their input. It’s called planned strategy and the City does it well.

I attended a presentation and listened to Harvey Oyer spin his tail on what a great project this would be for the city. Mr. Oyer, a registered lobbyist and attorney  “Harvey represents commercial and residential developers, lending institutions, large rural land owners, and governmental agencies in real estate transactions, finance, land use, zoning, agricultural law, and government affairs.”

Mr. Oyer represents Related and it’s his job to insure “One Flagler” is built. The link below tells the story by Forbes  “America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions” and they list Attorney’s at 18% and Lobbyist at 8%. If your curious Nurses are at 82%.

List of “Class A Office Space”

1) Phillips Point, 777 S Flagler Dr.  2)Northbridge Tower 515 N Flagler Dr.  3&4) Flagler Center I, & Flagler Center II  505 S Flagler Dr. 5) Esperante Corporate Center  222 Lakeview Ave;   6) Rosemary Square (Formerly CityPlace Tower)  525 Okeechobee;  7)One Clearlake Centre  250 S Australian

When new “Class A Office Space” is built the tenants relocate to the new building, when their lease is up leaving many vacancies behind. They all want water views. Know what, so don’t the residents of WPB want the water views, not a wall of concrete.

What One Flagler will consist of is smaller offices for Palm Beach residents who drive across the bridge, and the Bristol crowd 1100 South Flagler Drive where a 25 story condo sold for $42.6 million. Coming soon the La Clara 1515 S. Flagler Dr.  another 25 story building is going up where more multi-millionaires will need office space. Know why the Bristol and La Clara didn’t build on Palm Beach but settled for WPB? Palm Beach wouldn’t allow their way of life to be disrupted. Obviously the Mayor listens to residents.

On Flagler we have 4  if you count Flagler Center having 2 buildings, and 3 Class A Office Buildings in other areas, and 2 Class A Condominium buildings on Flagler. That’s a pretty good start to “walling” off the water.

Mr. Oyer said “Traffic wouldn’t be a problem because they will be going in the opposite direction away from traffic.”  The whole city is a log jam. The only way more traffic wouldn’t hurt is if they all flew a helicopter.

Mr. Oyer said:  “Office hours will be staggered to alleviate any traffic issues.”  Why would they stagger office hours if traffic is moving in the opposite direction?

Mr. Oyer said:  “He is going to talk to the Coast Guard and request the  bridge stay closed during peak traffic hours.”  Why?  traffic is moving in the opposite direction, right? 

Mr. Oyer said: ” The County will be asked to do a better job synchronizing traffic lights. Why do we need traffic lights, we have traffic moving in the opposite direction away from traffic.

Mr. Oyer will say what needs to be said to get this project off the ground. He will say nothing negative or mention the lawsuits filed against the City for approving a comp plan change that benefits only Related and this site.

The County, Palm Beach and many others object to this building’s location.
Ms. Sandy says: Wouldn’t it be easier to ask Related to locate their Class A Office Building  to a different location?

The three boards  DDA, DNA and the DAC are all Board Members appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor would not appoint someone who he thought wouldn’t vote the way he expected, although Mayors have been surprised when they accidentally appointed a person with honesty and integrity. Lets hope they are on the board 12/11/19.

Here is a text between James, Green. Read how James reacted when Raphael Clemente, who I am told by many is a real good guy, refused to endorse Chief Frank Adderley as James pick for Chief of Police, and reminds them who appoints the board.

Double click to enlarge.

New Text Messages between James & Green

April 4, 2019 Keith James sworn in as Mayor of WPB Fl.

Aug. 27,2019 Doubles the Fire Fee from $50.00 to $100.00. Millions more added to the city coffers.

Sept. 23,2019  (5 months after being sworn in.) City loan from Sun Trust Bank for $20,000,000.00 to fund capital improvements projects and a few projects listed are:

*Howard Park & Dreher Park Improvements.
4 vehicles  Fire Dept. EMS vehicles replacement.
3 vehicles Fire Dept. Pumpers.

The City plans to pay for the 7 vehicles needed with funds from the 20 million dollar loan, so why double the Fire Fee a month earlier?  What will the city do with the 20 million dollars that taxpayers will be on the hook for?

*Dec. 2, 2019 (9 months after being sworn in) Approving General Obligation Bonds for $30,000,000.00 for the improvement of City Parks.   Now were in debt for $50,000,000.00.

The City states improvements will be started between 1 and 5 years.  “A general obligation bond (GO) is a municipal bond backed by the credit and taxing power of the issuing jurisdiction rather than the revenue from a given project.”  In 6 months much of the public will not remember how much was borrowed or for what reason. Politicians depend on it. I hope the public remembers when they vote in March 2020.

If you speak out against the Fire Fee, which I do every time, it appear I don’t support the WPB Fire Dept. which could not be further from the truth. Every generation seems to have memories of devastation in America, something they recall and remember for the remainder of their lives.
December 7, 1941: Both my parents remember where they were on Sunday morning when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Sept. 11,2001: I was driving to meet friends for breakfast when the radio announced a plane hit the World Trade Center. We turned on the TV in time to witness the second plane hit the second tower. No one ate that day.

“Of those who perished during the initial attacks and the subsequent collapses of the towers, 343 were New York City firefighters, 23 were New York City police officers and 37 were officers at the Port Authority.”

Facts you may not be aware of:
“The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) was created by an Act of Congress, the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act (49 USC 40101), shortly after 9/11 to compensate the victims of the attack (or their families) in exchange for their agreement not to sue the airline corporations involved.”
Congress protected the airlines instead of the men and women who died trying to protect the people in both towers. I imagine they were well compensated with contributions for their re-election campaign.

“After years of legislative gridlock, the Victim Compensation Fund has been extended to ensure permanent funding for rescue workers whose jobs after the terror attacks caused health problems.
In July, the bitter and protracted battle to compensate 9/11 first responders who fell ill in the aftermath of the attacks finally came to an end.
President Trump signed a permanent extension of funding for the Victim Compensation
Fund into law which will authorize $10.2 billion for the 10 years along with additional funding until 2090 which will cover surviving 9/11 first responders for their entire lives.
A grim new statistic highlights just how important it was to pass that legislation.
Officials recently told ABC News that 241 NYPD have now died in the 18 years since the attacks.”

To President Trump, who will never read this message a sincere Thank you sir for accomplishing what Washington could not. Why am I rehashing history? Below are new texts between James and Green, who in my opinion are no better than Congress for using our first responders for their own benefit.


Yes ** WPB There Really is a Santa Clause

  I cannot possibly add to Terry Parker’s story. Ms. Parker, Investigative Reporter for Channel 25 WPBF  Make sure to watch the video, before you read the story.

“Texts from former West Palm Beach City Administrator Jeff Green show inside communication between Green and Professional Security Consultants regional manager Willie Perez before a controversial $8 million, no-bid security contract was awarded to Perez’s company.”


James was the man that said he knew nothing about the contract. Green and Perez worked it out his first few months in office.


One Flagler Justification Statement.

One Flagler Justification Statement, is an attempt to justify “One Flagler” being built where no 25 story building should be built.

“One Flagler” developer is Related, and this is the building the City consistently tells residents it is not “spot zoning” and if you repeat the lie long enough it becomes fact. They will attempt to justify Related’s 25 story building with the help of the DAC (Downtown Action Committee) The statement consist of 13 pages and if you care to read the propaganda e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll forward it to you. Below are excerpts. My remarks in italics.

“The 2.47-acre Site consists of three parcels with a small portion of submerged land to the east bifurcated by Flagler Drive.”

Definition of bifurcation. the point or area at which something divides into two parts

“The Site is currently partially developed with a church that was constructed in 1928, which has been and continues to be used by the First Church of Christ Scientist for the last 91 consecutive years.”

“This DAC application to construct a twenty-five (25) story Class A office building is being submitted concurrently with a Register of Historic Places Nomination application to the City to designate the church building as a historic landmark structure.  These two applications are part of the same project and should be considered together”

“To be clear, the current property owner will not approve historical designation of the church building until the following has occurred:

a) Final and un-appealable Downtown Action Committee Special Review approval of the One Flagler project (DAC Case No. (  TBD  ); and,

b) Closing of the purchase and sale transaction between the First Church of Christ, Scientist, West Palm Beach, Inc. and Related Urban Development, L.P. for the acquisition of the One Flagler project site.”

12/2/2019 City Commission meeting and I draw your attention to item 18 on the agenda.

18. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4886-19 approving the Local Landmark designation of 809 South Flagler Drive, also known as the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places.

Background: “This voluminous one story, Neo-Classical Revival style church structure was constructed between 1927-1929 by F.W. Blandford and designed by the Philadelphia based architectural firm of Horace Trumbauer for the Christian Science community. The building has a prominent east facing portico and pediment. The building’s unique blue tiles were inspired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The structure is known as the Christ Scientist building and recorded under Florida Master Site File number 8PB00681 and has never been historically designated due to the Church’s previous objections.”

What reason could the Church possibly have for refusing to have it historically Registered?

The city is acting to place the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places, meaning “b” above will be taken care of at Monday night meeting.

“a” will be complete on Dec. 11, 2019 @ 9:00 AM when the DAC meets to approve “One Flagler” which it turned down on Nov.16 and James ended the term’s of the board members who voted against the project and replaced them with people he knew he could trust to get the job done. So with a stacked board do you believe it will pass the second time around? The church believes so or they wouldn’t allow the Register of Historic Places to take place.

If at all possible please attend the 12/11/19 meeting and let the board know how you feel. Related’s  people, and invited guests, will attend praising the development. Allow the DAC hear the other side, your side. Who gave the DAC the power that any decisions it makes is un-appealable. I must repeat they are appointed not elected, and suffer no consequences for their vote while ignoring residents concerns and complaints. Below is the description of responsibilities along with the names of DAC board members.

“Downtown Action Committee (DAC) Contact: Ana Maria Aponte

Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members

Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area.

Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas, Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and 2 alternate seats vacant.”


Watching the news I learned vandals caused over $1,000.00 damage to the Sandi Tree on the waterfront, where I understand PSC Security patrols the area 24/7. I vehemently oppose this destruction with supposed security on site, just as Commissioner Shoaf vehemently oppose replacing PSC.

The DDA has a contract with PSC and I have a PRR (Public Records Request) sent to the City of WPB and was told I would have to place my PRR with them. I question if they sent out bids, to what Companies, how many responses they received. Who wants to bet it’s another no-bid contract?