One Flagler Justification Statement.

One Flagler Justification Statement, is an attempt to justify “One Flagler” being built where no 25 story building should be built.

“One Flagler” developer is Related, and this is the building the City consistently tells residents it is not “spot zoning” and if you repeat the lie long enough it becomes fact. They will attempt to justify Related’s 25 story building with the help of the DAC (Downtown Action Committee) The statement consist of 13 pages and if you care to read the propaganda e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll forward it to you. Below are excerpts. My remarks in italics.

“The 2.47-acre Site consists of three parcels with a small portion of submerged land to the east bifurcated by Flagler Drive.”

Definition of bifurcation. the point or area at which something divides into two parts

“The Site is currently partially developed with a church that was constructed in 1928, which has been and continues to be used by the First Church of Christ Scientist for the last 91 consecutive years.”

“This DAC application to construct a twenty-five (25) story Class A office building is being submitted concurrently with a Register of Historic Places Nomination application to the City to designate the church building as a historic landmark structure.  These two applications are part of the same project and should be considered together”

“To be clear, the current property owner will not approve historical designation of the church building until the following has occurred:

a) Final and un-appealable Downtown Action Committee Special Review approval of the One Flagler project (DAC Case No. (  TBD  ); and,

b) Closing of the purchase and sale transaction between the First Church of Christ, Scientist, West Palm Beach, Inc. and Related Urban Development, L.P. for the acquisition of the One Flagler project site.”

12/2/2019 City Commission meeting and I draw your attention to item 18 on the agenda.

18. Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 4886-19 approving the Local Landmark designation of 809 South Flagler Drive, also known as the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places.

Background: “This voluminous one story, Neo-Classical Revival style church structure was constructed between 1927-1929 by F.W. Blandford and designed by the Philadelphia based architectural firm of Horace Trumbauer for the Christian Science community. The building has a prominent east facing portico and pediment. The building’s unique blue tiles were inspired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The structure is known as the Christ Scientist building and recorded under Florida Master Site File number 8PB00681 and has never been historically designated due to the Church’s previous objections.”

What reason could the Church possibly have for refusing to have it historically Registered?

The city is acting to place the First Church of Christ Scientist, on the West Palm Beach Local Register of Historic Places, meaning “b” above will be taken care of at Monday night meeting.

“a” will be complete on Dec. 11, 2019 @ 9:00 AM when the DAC meets to approve “One Flagler” which it turned down on Nov.16 and James ended the term’s of the board members who voted against the project and replaced them with people he knew he could trust to get the job done. So with a stacked board do you believe it will pass the second time around? The church believes so or they wouldn’t allow the Register of Historic Places to take place.

If at all possible please attend the 12/11/19 meeting and let the board know how you feel. Related’s  people, and invited guests, will attend praising the development. Allow the DAC hear the other side, your side. Who gave the DAC the power that any decisions it makes is un-appealable. I must repeat they are appointed not elected, and suffer no consequences for their vote while ignoring residents concerns and complaints. Below is the description of responsibilities along with the names of DAC board members.

“Downtown Action Committee (DAC) Contact: Ana Maria Aponte

Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members

Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area.

Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas, Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and 2 alternate seats vacant.”


Watching the news I learned vandals caused over $1,000.00 damage to the Sandi Tree on the waterfront, where I understand PSC Security patrols the area 24/7. I vehemently oppose this destruction with supposed security on site, just as Commissioner Shoaf vehemently oppose replacing PSC.

The DDA has a contract with PSC and I have a PRR (Public Records Request) sent to the City of WPB and was told I would have to place my PRR with them. I question if they sent out bids, to what Companies, how many responses they received. Who wants to bet it’s another no-bid contract?