It’s Official==Ryan’s Running For Mayor

Well–it’s official. Commissioner Ryan resigned as District 3 Commissioner on Fri. 12/14/2018 to run for the Mayoral seat. Another day to live in infamy. We now have 4 candidates running, James, Ryan, Taylor and Weston. Lets concentrate on the candidates we know best, James and Ryan,  the 2 commissioners who never disappoint Mayor Muoio or Related.

I have provided readers with information on James so lets investigate Ryan who has a past history with the city best known for the “Blue Roof Program.”

At the time WPB Mayor Lois Frankel was the city’s Mayor and if you lived here long enough you know under her dictatorship “old” city hall was sold, and our new city hall was moved to Clematis St. along with the public library that used to be housed on the waterfront, and that was the beginning of the end except of course for the lawsuits which followed. The court ruled allow the residents to vote the issue, Frankel sped up construction. This was accomplished in Frankel’s 2nd term as mayor much like Muoio with her Okeechobee Business District (OBD) Flagler Shores along with tearing up Clematis St; and doing all she can do to keep Related happy. Mayor Muoio has endorsed Keith James for mayor, I am assuming to keep her legacy moving forward.

#1 “Ryan, who has accused officials in the city of blaming her for problems in the Blue Roof program to cover themselves.” Read the entire story below:

#2 “I’ve battled with it all my life. I’m 6 feet tall and I’m intimidating,” said Ryan, who has a black belt in tae kwon do. “I’m very independent and I’ve worked my entire life in a man’s profession. As a strong, attractive, tall woman, I come off in different ways to different people.” Read entire story below:

#3 “During Paula Ryan’s stint as the city’s interim housing director in 2006, she oversaw roofing repairs for low-income, hurricane-damaged homes. As Ryan runs for mayor, the question for voters in the March 8 election is whether that Blue Roof program was the success she asserts it was, or the debacle depicted in an internal audit.” It appears to me everyone lies but Ryan. Read the entire story below.

I will remind readers of a recent story concerning Commissioner Ryan. Read below: Who tells stories?