Abuse of Power

I received an angry phone call from a woman who identified herself as Joanne. I don’t know her and questioned how she came to have my phone no. Said a friend gave it to her. She was upset that I claimed Commissioner Mitchell was attempting to outsource the city water plant, and I should retract the statement, as it simply wasn’t true. She heard it from the “horses mouth.” I couldn’t convince her differently, so after some research, I offer a two minute excerpt from a WPB Work Session held On Nov 3, 2014 where the topic was the Water Treatment Plant. The entire meeting can be seen and heard on the city web site, if you choose to watch. CLICK HERE for video.

Assistant City Administrator Scott Kelly gave a presentation and he mentions he received a request from a commissioner to evaluate off site options for the Water Treatment Plant. In other words move the plant.

Commissioner James questioned when as a commission did we decide to look at off site options? Mr. Scott stated that Commissioner Mitchell requested he look into it.

Commissioner James asked if the commissioners had voted on the issue, and Mr. Scott responded with a solid “no” and James wondered aloud if he had missed a meeting and questioned why at the request of a single commission they were now looking at off site locations. City meeting excerpt time 16:00-18:00.

If you refer back to the Organizational Chart you will see that the Water treatment Plant falls under the jurisdiction of the mayor and city administration, not the city commission. The city commissioners oversee the Internal Auditor Dept. I have attended the meetings of the Audit Dept; for over two years, and I have never witnessed either Commissioner Mitchell or Materio at a single meeting. This is their business, and they can’t be bothered to attend.

The WPB Charter Sec.2.04 (Prohibition of Interference by city commission with appointments and removals) reads in part “Except for the purpose of an inquiry, the city commissioners collectively and individually shall deal with administrative matters solely through the mayor or mayor’s designee, and shall not, collectively or individually give orders to any subordinates of the mayor either publicly or privately.”

It further reads: “Any violation of this section by a city commissioner shall constitute misconduct punishable by the city commission and grounds for removal as provided in section 2.07″ Read Charter 2.4 here.

I hope Joanne reads this post and understands why no retraction from WPB Watch is necessary.

Stooping To The Lowest Of Low

There is a comprehensive story, on this website entitled, “Killer To Inherit Part of Estate” and I am reporting on Dad’s city pal’s coming to the rescue with letters of support and intended influence as payback for the same personal, political gain The Fintzy’s accuses Commissioner James of engaging in.  The knowledge of three of our WPB Elected Officials, using city letterhead to write personal letters to the NY Parole Board, to influence release of an inmate who committed a horrific murder and is the daughter of Len & Rita Fintzy, has been known to a group of citizens for about a year. After unsuccessful attempts to get confirmation of the stupid and irresponsible act, the information was taken to the media, roughly six months ago. Quite contrary to the blame being placed solely on Commissioner Keith James, because a member of his campaign staff, placed a public records request to the city, for e-mails, letters, memo’s, etc., having to do with Mr. Fintzy on December 17, 2014.

Commissioner  James was one of three elected officials who wrote letters to the NY Parole Board in support of the release of Mr. Fintzy’s daughter, Michelle Lennon but he did not compose his letter on city letterhead and wisely, used his own stationary. The Fintzy Family issued a statement, for immediate release on January 16, 2015, in response to what they referred to as Keith James negative campaigning. The statement from Len & Rita Fintzy stated: “We are shocked and deeply hurt that Commissioner Keith James has chosen to stoop to the lowest of low by authorizing his campaign staff to politicize our family’s personal tragedy, for his personal political gain”.

What is really the lowest of low? Commissioner James campaign staff member, Jonathan Cooper, utilizing public records, is hardly the lowest of the low.  The act and manner in which Mr. Fintzy’s daughter violated another human being that resulted in a death, would certainly qualify as the lowest of low.  Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell using city letterhead and her title as a Commissioner, to compose two personal letters to the NY Parole Board, as influence to assist Mr. Fintzy’s daughter, Michelle Lennon, to be granted release from prison would be low on a scale of ethics and conduct unbecoming of an elected official.

Prior to entering the District 4 Commission race, Mr. Fintzy headed the Political Action Committee, Citywatch and he has been helping Ms. Mitchell remain in office since shortly after she won her first election in 2002. Ms. Mitchell has worn a physical and verbal path, back and forth through the years, to and from Mr. Fintzy in Riverwalk, to get Citywatch’s endorsements to keep herself in office. She also uses that resource to get her cherry picked recruits in office or get ones who crosses her, out of office but this carousel might be coasting to a final stop. Commissioner Shanon Materio was also reeled in by the man who delivers the votes. She wrote a letter addressed to two superintendents, dated January 9, 2014, stating in that letter, she had written a previous letter. She proudly boast, “as an elected WPB City Commissioner”, to the NY agency. Her second letter seems to be a mystery so far. Both Commissioners Mitchell and Materio used nothing but the highest level of praise for Len and Rita Fintzy, as their supporting statements for the release of the Fintzy’s daughter, whom they have not even met. Mitchell admits she does not know the incarcerated Michelle Lennon personally but yet she speaks of the progress the woman has made over the years.

Commissioner Mitchell, stressed, in her letter, “we – the collective we – are ready to embrace Michelle”. She goes on to assure that Michelle will thrive with “our” collective guidance and it would be nice to know who is  “the collective we”? Our city letterhead represents the citizens of this city and city resources should only be used for a public purpose and for the public good and our elected officials soliciting for the release of a woman who committed a heinous murder and who none of our elected officials even know, is not for a public purpose or a public good. Apparently, It wasn’t enough that Commissioner Mitchell got away with the previous misuse of her position and city services in November 2011, when she used city resources and personnel, to gain an advantage that was not available to the general public by allowing our emergency operator, to take care of a personal problem she had with her home Comcast Cable Service.

The concern was taken to the five PBC Ethics Commissioners and three found no probable cause to move forward with the investigation and It just happened to be the three acquaintances of Ms. Mitchell. After crossing that hurdle, Ms. Mitchell requested reimbursement of the $7,325 she said were her expense for her lawyer. Her colleagues, on the city commission, unanimously voted to issue the refund, in spite of admitting they knew of no facts surrounding the case but asking no questions either. I think It’s fair to say, this act qualifies as stooping to the lowest of low.

In a televised city budget meeting on September 25, 2013,  Mr. Fintzy, stepped up to the mic, not to talk about the budget but to prematurely endorse both Kimberly Mitchell and Shanon Materio for their upcoming March 2014 elections saying, “these young ladies have shown an indefatigable sense of responsibility and in-depth analysis of issues facing the city combined with an awesome devotion to the needs of the many communities in our city”  Mr. Fintzy evidently has not taken a walk through Kimberly’s District 3, Westward Park to see the dangerous conditions lingering for more than three years.  That premature endorsement is the kind of disgusting back scratching that has been going on for a decade and the letters were a favor to someone who they can count on for endorsements and votes. Mayor Muoio also strongly recommended the troubled woman be released from jail and allowed to come to WPB. Kimberly Mitchell promises a job will be waiting for Ms. Lennon . . . . compliments of  her long time friend, Rodney Mayo, who Ms. Mitchell pushed, in the August 19, 2013 commission meeting, to get him 3 months free rent for his new 509 Clematis Street business location.

Despite the glowing letters, the NY Parole Board wasn’t impressed at all with the official titles or the fanfare and denied parole until 2016.

Killer To Inherit Part of Estate?

This story will write itself by way of stories published by various newspapers and Public Records Request (PRR) received from various officials. I want readers to have the facts, and when possible provide documentation with my stories in an effort to provide credibility. The stories are in the format where a couple of paragraphs are followed by the following message:

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Due to the fact WPB Watch does not subscribe to the various newspapers we are unable to allow you to “open” and read the entire story, but you have the option of opening the story yourself to read the entire text. We encourage you to do so. Toward the end of this story with a date of Oct.21, 2014 the entire story can be read by simply clicking onto the link. With that said let me start the story with a list of characters and how a story from New Jersey impacts WPB Florida.

  • Michelle Lennon (formally Michelle Fintzy)
  • Brooke Lennon, husband of Michelle Lennon
  • Robert Tomassi, boyfriend of Michelle Lennon
  • Len Fintzy, father of Michelle Lennon
  • Geri Muoio, Mayor of WPB Fl
  • Kimberly Mitchell, WPB Commissioner
  • Shannon Materio, WPB Commissioner

In June 1994 Michelle Lennon and boyfriend Robert Tomassi murdered her husband Brooke Lennon, by hitting him repeatedly on the head with a baseball bat, placed a plastic bag over his head and tied it with a telephone cord, then attempted to hide his body.


In Oct.1994 Ms. Lennon an admitted drug and alcohol addict decided after murdering her husband that she was entitled to inherit his estate which consisted of 2.9 million dollars along with his 2 homes and racehorses. Her attorney filed the necessary paperwork to claim what Mr. Lennon had worked for his entire life.  Read the story here:


May 1995 After pleading guilty to murdering her husband, Judge William Nelson at sentencing angrily told Ms. Lennon “You are some piece of work” because she refused to take responsibility for the death of her husband. Judge Nelson sentenced her to 20 years to life in prison. She became eligible for parole in 2014. Read the story here:


June 1995 Eight months after killing her husband, a judge approved a settlement in her husbands estate, and awarded Ms. Lennon $90,000.00. The attorney that defended her at her murder trial Alvin Spitzer, was to receive $30,000.00, leaving Ms. Lennon with $60,000.00.

Mr. Spitzer made the argument that his client Ms. Lennon would not benefit from the remaining $60,000.00, but it would be turned over to her father Mr. Leonard Fintzy. The newspaper article quotes Mr. Spitzer “None of the proceeds are going to Ms. Lennon and will not be held or used for her benefit,” Spitzer wrote. “She can in no way profit from the commission of the murder of Mr. Lennon.”

KILLER TO INHERIT PART OF ESTATE – The Record (Bergen County, NJ) | HighBeam Research

July 1995 District Attorney Michael E. Bongiorno is attempting to stop Ms. Lennon and her family from receiving funds from her murdered husbands estate, and he won an order from the court to place a hold on the $90,000.00 recently awarded her father Len Fintzy. Read the story here.


Oct.19,1995 Prosecutor Michael Bongiorno insured that Michelle Lennon and her father Leonard Fintzy did not receive the $60,000.00 dollars from the husbands estate by using the “Son of Sam” law which states that criminals cannot profit from their crimes. The $60,000.,, went to the police dept, and district attorneys office to defray the cost prosecution. WPB Watch apologizes for not being able to supply the link for this story. The original story was written October 19,1995 by the Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ

Aug. 2013 Michelle Lennon became eligible for parole in Feb.2014. In an effort to insure her success her father Len Fintzy had no qualms about asking Mayor Geri Muoio, and Commissioners Mitchell and Materio to write letter’s to the Parole Board favoring her parole and relocation to West Palm Beach to live with her parent’s in Riverwalk. Len Fintzy, President of City Watch, which prematurely endorsed Commissioners Mitchell and Materio for re-election to the City Commission may have thought he was entitled to their assistance, and obviously he was correct. I have been writing all along how close he is with these two Commissioners. Read the letters for yourself here, and decide if he is the commissioner you want for district 4, in the upcoming election. Commissioner Mitchell wrote 2 letters, Commissioner Materio wrote 2 letters, but only released one, leading me to believe the missing document was on WPB city stationary. Mayor Muoio wrote one letter.

Feb. 4,2014 Here you will find the redacted minutes from the NYS Department of Corrections, Board of Parole interview with Michelle Lennon. Interesting reading.

Parole Hearing Minutes

Michelle Lennon denied parole; she beat her husband to death with bat in 1994


A Private Meeting Of The Minds

I received an e-mail on Monday, January 12th, from a neighborhood contact person who often shares informative information about city business, with many in the north end. The message in the e-mail was addressed to north end leaders, inviting them to meet commission candidates, Len Fintzy and Cory Neering, on Wednesday, January 14th, 7pm,  at 3510 Spruce Avenue. Len Fintzy is a City Commission District 4 Candidate and Cory Neering, is a City Commission District 2 Candidate.

The invite stated, there will be a candidates platform and you may ask questions. It also stated, City Commission, District 2 Candidate, Katherine Waldron, was invited to “stop by” at 7:45pm. City Commission District 3 Candidate, Paula Ryan was currently unopposed so an offer to hold the event again If that changes, was extended to her. The event was held at a location referred to as “The 3510 House”, in Old Northwood. The announcement asked that attendees please make every effort to come and find out what the candidates stand for and have your questions answered. The e-mail was signed by Bob.

City Commission District 4 Incumbent Candidate, Keith James was not mentioned in the e-mail and I thought that was odd for north end leaders, who were invited to find out what the candidates stand for, to better school others on their opinions of the candidates, to not have access to all commission candidates. What was the purpose of the meeting? An inclusive invitation would have given all candidates an opportunity to be interviewed by their potential employers . . . the public . . .  as opposed to District 4 Commission Candidate Len Fintzy getting a foot up on uninvited Commissioner James in that meeting.

It’s rather concerning why Commission Candidate, Katherine Waldron was given a time certain of 7:45 to appear, as opposed to arriving at 7pm, along with Cory Neering , since the both of them are running for the District 2 Commission Seat? Or better yet, why couldn’t all three candidates appear together, at 7pm?

I planned to attend the gathering but was not familiar with “The 3510 House” so I e-mailed Bob to find out where the home was located.  Bob Beaulieu replied . . .  “it is not a forum . . it is for a small group of people . . . don’t know how this got out . . . please let those who gave it to you know, too”. I apologized, I didn’t know It was private.  Another recipient of the same e-mail requested information from Bob and shared his reply so that I may avoid a wasted trip. The answer she received was: “All . . . this is not a candidate forum . . and it is for a small group of people to meet some of the candidates . . . do not know how this got out . .  if you did not get the original e-mail . . . you are not invited . . . the north end is currently putting together a candidate forum for all candidates in February”

I decided to take a look at the Historic 3510 House on meeting night but respected the request for all who were not invited, to remain on the outside . . . looking in. There were a couple of folks arriving, who I wasn’t familiar with and a few minutes later, Bob Beaulieu arrived. Mr. Neering wasn’t far behind and rushing in was Mr. Fintzy. Carl Flick arrived as well as Betty Starkey and Denise Smith Barnes. There were roughly 15 people in attendance. A well adorned Christmas Tree glistened in the night and the entrance to the lovely facility had soft lighting and the attendees chatted as the ceiling fan twirled. It all reminded me of a smoked filled back room with a portrait of Kimberly Mitchell on the wall.

Who are the north end leaders who were invited and attended? I live in the north end and I would like to meet and know the leaders that I didn’t recognize. The president of my north end association (North Shore) is Ron Dixon and he wasn’t invited. I can think of, at least, five other north end leaders who were not invited either. Will there be a venue for attendees to share the information gathered from the meeting? It’s almost 24 hours later and I haven’t heard a word or received one e-mail from any leaders who attended the affair, to help me familiarize myself with the candidates and city issues discussed. I’d like to make an informed decision when I vote in March so I could really use the information gathered at the meeting.

Commissioner and Candidate Keith James was not invited to the private event so what If I had questions about his position on certain issues? Did someone decide there needn’t be information offered to the north end residents on that particular candidate? So, no info on Keith James but Len Fintzy can be spoon fed to whomever is unaware and unsuspecting? These factors and the corrupt nature of too many politicians is a recipe that produces apathetic citizens towards voting and any involvement with politicians.

The Property Appraisers Office has the 3510 Spruce Avenue address listed as charitable and Old Northwood Neighborhood Association, Inc., listed as owner of the property. The Historic House plays a part in Old Northwoods  Candlelight Home Tours event, as a reception area for the food. It is also referred to as Old Northwood’s official meeting house and the neighborhoods community center.

If the historical address serves as a public facility for Old Northwood, I would question a clandestine meeting there, hosting choice candidates for public city positions, with restrictions on public access. If the historic building is indeed privately owned, It would be the owners right to have held a private meeting there.  Many see’s the event as Divisive and suspicious to not include all candidates in each district race and a time certain for one and not others. I believe the north end of the city will fair a lot better when there is a show of solidarity and for all of us who reside here, to see the north end as a whole and not east or west of the CSX or FEC or east or west of Broadway being more or less worthy of recognition. We should be one.


What Cory Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell elected in 2002 has over the past 13 years attempted to establish a WPB Charter School. Former Mayor Frankel, and Commissioner Bill Moss put a stop to it with both officials stating the city should not be in the school business. Commissioner Mitchell continues to revisit the issue and as recently as 2014 it’s back on her agenda. There is an extremely important election coming in March 2015 and the issue has been placed on the back burner, but believe me, it hasn’t gone away. With 3 commission races and a mayoral race it’s too hot a topic for now, but Commissioner Mitchell has never, and will never cease in her attempt to establish the school.

Commissioner Robinson is retiring and that leaves his District 2 seat open. There is a contest between Katherine Waldron and Cory Neering. Ms. Waldron has stated publicly she would never vote for a charter school. Mr. Neering has stated publicly he believes parents should have a choice.

I have stated all along that Mr. Neering has proudly claimed that Commissioners Mitchell and Materio will back him in his run for City Commission. If you look long enough and dig deep enough you can find the answer as to why the support. Here is what was found.

The My Choice Inc. / Academy Charter School Applicant Interview which can be read in it’s entirety below consists of 52 pages, Please feel free to read the entire document yourself, and for those who have busy lives I will refer to page 23 where it lists Cory Neering as an officer on the Founding Board.

Here you will find theArticle of Incorporation for “My Choice Inc.” Charter School. Please read Article VII where it lists Mr. Neering as an officer on the Board of Directors.
You may also recognize the founding president of the Board of My Choice — Gerald Adams. Mr. Adams is a former Republican City Councilman in Riviera Beach, who ran unsuccessfully against Congresswoman Lois Frankel for the Florida House of Representatives, District 83 in 1986. He was also the subject of a recall campaign over alleged corruption while on the City Council.

Here you will find 6 pages consisting of 264 Charter Schools that have failed and subsequently closed it’s doors in Florida. Please note listed under Palm Beach County #194. It shows My Choice Inc. being closed on Aug. 20,2013.

There is an excellent, and fairly long story written by the Sun Sentinel titled Charter School’s Unsupervised and part of the story which can be found under “Missing Money” states My Choice Academy has not returned $56,000 to the Palm Beach County school district. That money, along with millions more, was removed from public schools and handed to charter schools. Who suffers? The taxpayer, but more importantly the children who attend public schools. They have been deprived of books and classroom supplies, and most important the loss of dedicated teachers who drive and motivate the leaders of tomorrow.

If Mr. Cory is elected to the City Commission does anyone believe he will not vote along with Commissioner Materio and give Commissioner Mitchell, now hoping to be Mayor, a second vote on Charter Schools? Now both commissioners are backing Len Fintzy against sitting commissioner Keith James. Mr. Fintzy refers to Commissioner Mitchell as like his daughter. There is Mitchell’s third vote.
Mr. Neering announced his intention to seek the District 2 commission seat in July 2014, and in 6 months saw no reason to disclose his involvement in My Choice Charter School.
Ask Mr Neering why, and then ask yourself the same question.

And this will be the outcome if Mitchell win’s the Mayor seat. Now picture her sitting in the center chair, and she wants a Charter School. Commissioner Materio will make the motion, Fintzy will second it, the mayor will call for a vote and you will have 3 aye’s. Materio, Fintzy, and Neering. As simple as that, and there will be a WPB Charter School.

And as unbelievable as it sounds, Mitchell wants to outsource our city water. Can she do it? Please re-read the above paragraph, as it will be the same situation, the same outcome. The only difference between the two is Mitchell wants Poseidon to run the city water. Reminder: Richard Pinsky, Commissioner Mitchell’s ex husband, is the lobbyist for Poseidon. It appears to me that Commissioner Mitchell, as a city commissioner, spends time on the dais pushing Mr. Pinsky’s projects through to completion. Just imagine what they can accomplish if she is the next mayor of WPB. The thought scares me to death. See where this is going? You OK with that?.

If you need more proof please be aware that all three candidates, Kimberly Mitchell, Cory Neering and Len Fintzy are all using the same political consultant Beth Kennedy. They are all on the same page, and it’s not your page.

So if you want a WPB Charter School, and you want outsourcing of city water, here’s what you do.
Vote Mitchell in as mayor, and Fintzy and Neering, and you won’t recognize your city in a year.

If you are not in favor of a WPB Charter School, and you don’t want to outsource your city water, you have a decision to make. I have made mine, and it’s to retain Mayor Muoio, City Commissioner Keith James, and I trust Katherine Waldron to keep her word to residents that she would never vote for either.

Privatize/Public Private Partnership/Splitting Hairs

Whether West Palm Beach Elected Officials agree to enter into a contractual partnership with a private sector company, to provide water service to the residents of this city or to hand over ownership or control of our water to private enterprise, will earn It’s rightful place among the construction of an excessive city hall and FSU Digital Domain, as some of the most egregious, costly and stupid moves any municipality can make.

A private firm, Poseidon Resources, is a New England based firm, who wants to be the water provider for WPB, building a new plant to replace the city’s 110 to 120 year old complex. Poseidon says they will design, finance, build, operate and maintain the new facility and would then sell the water to WPB. Poseidon Resources is the company that both Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell and Shanon Materio are pushing hard for a presentation before the commission. Neither one of the two commissioners wanted a special city commission meeting scheduled prior to the water presentation, on January 12th. Votes can be taken in a special city commission meeting and the opportunity for the commission to vote, prior to the presentation is what the two commissioners appear to be adamantly against. Maybe the tag team are afraid the majority commission might vote Poseidon out prior to the much anticipated presentation from Poseidon.

In the Jan 5th Commission Meeting, during commission comments, Commissioner Mitchell seemed puzzled regarding talk of her wanting to privatize the city’s water. She suggested it might be a political move and she’s not sure where the accusations are coming from.  As a matter of fact, Mitchell said, “I want to talk about water for a second, and just so It’s clear to everybody here and everybody who’s watching. I have never said I would like to privatize our water . . ever. In fact, , nobody’s ever asked me . . . would you like to privatize your water?. So I’m not sure how that started but just in case there’s any confusion, I’m not supportive of privatizing our water.” Ms. Mitchell goes on to say, “I am part of a voice on the commission that is not promoting one version or another” So maybe . . . just maybe, the loop hole for her spiel, assuring the public that she is not in favor of privatizing our water is the word “Privatize”? Does PPP (Public Private Partnership) sound a little better? Now this is beginning to smell like politics indeed.

Ms. Mitchell also stated in her comments that she sometimes don’t get It right but when you don’t get It right Ms. Mitchell, the responsible and honest thing to do is acknowledge failure and atone. Digital Domain was a publicly funded train wreck that Kimberly Mitchell was largely responsible for and instead of her stepping up to the plate like city leaders in Port St. Lucie did, the moment they realize they had been duped, Ms. Mitchell say’s she would do It a million times over. If Digital Domain were a private investment of hers, I doubt her response would have been the same. Heck, It’s just tax payers monopoly money . . . there’s more where that came from. In the meantime, some of our residents are struggling to keep their water running.

Instead of responsible leadership and being good stewards of tax payers dollars, In an effort to make ends meet, our city leaders are choosing to allow developers to have their way. From violating their own master plans and allowing over development to contemplating handing over control of public services to private corporations, under the premise that private corporations are often able to run operations more efficiently than governments. Why is the city strapped for cash and pimping itself? A contributing factor would be the unbudgeted purchase of the 8111 S. Dixie property that commissioners agreed to pull $2.9 million dollars out of reserves to pay for It and have been sitting on It since October 2012.

Commissioner Mitchell is no stranger to talks of outsourcing city services, like our Sanitation Department and our Internal Audit Dept to the Inspector General’s authority. Commissioner Mitchell  seems to think different opinions is an indication of a lack of understanding on another’s part. It Couldn’t be her who misunderstands or get’s It wrong, It just has to be somebody else.

Ms. Mitchell states she doesn’t want to be a part of $700 light bulbs and I am sure, the public would much rather pay for $700 light bulbs than the millions we had to pay for Digital Domain or the $7,325 fleeced out of the public to resolve her home cable service.  No Punch Line, No Spreading of Fear and No Politics Here!

Democratic Women’s Club of PBC

Let’s start with a little background.

City Watch is made up of neighborhood presidents from various WPB western communities and candidates seek their endorsement when running for office or reelection.

The City Watch Board of Directors at their Sept. 29,2014 meeting, voted unanimously to endorse the candidacy of City Watch President Len Fintzy, for the office of City Commissioner, District 4.
Also endorsed for reelection to the position of Mayor is Jeri Muoio.

So in essence Len Fintzy, as president, endorsed himself. Nice work if you can get it. I am still of the opinion that Mr. Fintzy is running to help the woman he describes as being like a second daughter to him. That would be Commissioner Kim Mitchell. Now, lets jump ahead.

Jan. 3,2015 the Democratic Women’s Club of PBC held a forum with Candidates from Lake Worth, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach. With no disrespect to Lake Worth and Riviera Beach, I will direct my comments and view to West Palm Beach. In attendance along with 50-60 residents were: Commissioner Keith James, challenged by Len Fintzy (Dist. 4) Cory Neering and Katherine Waldron (Dist. 2) along with Paula Ryan who is running for Commissioner Mitchell’s seat in Dist. 3 and so far unchallenged. Mayor Muoio was in attendance. Commissioner Mitchell was not present, as stated previously this was a Democratic Club, and Commissioner Mitchell is a Republican.

Each candidate gave a presentation and it is the answers to the questions I would like to bring to your attention. So here goes.

A resident asked Len Fintzy who he supported for mayor of WPB and Mr. Fintzy stated he is supporting Kimberly Mitchell (his other daughter). Really? What about the City Watch endorsement of Jeri Muoio on Sept. 29? What did Jeri do to offend the City Watch group?

Actually she did nothing wrong but Kim M. is running for mayor now, and desperately needs City Watch and Len Fintzy. After Mr Fintzy announced support for Kim M. there was a sudden intake of air and a few boo’s from the audience. Mr. Fintzy responded with the question “What, I can’t have Republican friends?” Sure you can, as you obviously switch friends along with endorsements in a New York minute you must have a few around. Asked why he was running he stated City Hall had a “virus” on the dais and he wanted to clean it up. 1/2 the “virus” hopefully will be eliminated with Mayor Muoio winning a second term.

Commissioner James along with candidate Katherine Waldron came out strongly against the privatization of city water of which Commissioner Mitchell and Materio are in strong favor. Can you imagine letting an outside business (Poseidon) manage our water? You think your city bill is high now? Wait and see how high it can go if Commissioners Mitchell and Materio have their way. Reminder: Richard Pinsky, Commissioner Mitchell’s Ex husband is the lobbyist for Poseidon. Millions to be made here. What benefit to residents?

Please look at the picture accompanying this story. If you don’t know their names let me help. From left to right Katherine Waldron, Commissioner Keith James, Len Fintzy, and Cory Neering. See the distance (space) between Len and Cory? (they both look like team players) They want Kim Mitchell in that spot. Along with Commissioner Materio the dais will be a slam dunk for whatever they want, which will include what Mitchell and Materio want. Outsourcing city water, and a brand new City of WPB Charter School, where the Republican governor cut over a billion dollars on public school funding which leads to teacher’s job loss and over crowed classrooms which led to public school failings. When the damage was done the Republican legislator’s said let’s try Charter Schools. You good with that?

Please think then vote.