Killer To Inherit Part of Estate?

This story will write itself by way of stories published by various newspapers and Public Records Request (PRR) received from various officials. I want readers to have the facts, and when possible provide documentation with my stories in an effort to provide credibility. The stories are in the format where a couple of paragraphs are followed by the following message:

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Due to the fact WPB Watch does not subscribe to the various newspapers we are unable to allow you to “open” and read the entire story, but you have the option of opening the story yourself to read the entire text. We encourage you to do so. Toward the end of this story with a date of Oct.21, 2014 the entire story can be read by simply clicking onto the link. With that said let me start the story with a list of characters and how a story from New Jersey impacts WPB Florida.

  • Michelle Lennon (formally Michelle Fintzy)
  • Brooke Lennon, husband of Michelle Lennon
  • Robert Tomassi, boyfriend of Michelle Lennon
  • Len Fintzy, father of Michelle Lennon
  • Geri Muoio, Mayor of WPB Fl
  • Kimberly Mitchell, WPB Commissioner
  • Shannon Materio, WPB Commissioner

In June 1994 Michelle Lennon and boyfriend Robert Tomassi murdered her husband Brooke Lennon, by hitting him repeatedly on the head with a baseball bat, placed a plastic bag over his head and tied it with a telephone cord, then attempted to hide his body.


In Oct.1994 Ms. Lennon an admitted drug and alcohol addict decided after murdering her husband that she was entitled to inherit his estate which consisted of 2.9 million dollars along with his 2 homes and racehorses. Her attorney filed the necessary paperwork to claim what Mr. Lennon had worked for his entire life.  Read the story here:


May 1995 After pleading guilty to murdering her husband, Judge William Nelson at sentencing angrily told Ms. Lennon “You are some piece of work” because she refused to take responsibility for the death of her husband. Judge Nelson sentenced her to 20 years to life in prison. She became eligible for parole in 2014. Read the story here:


June 1995 Eight months after killing her husband, a judge approved a settlement in her husbands estate, and awarded Ms. Lennon $90,000.00. The attorney that defended her at her murder trial Alvin Spitzer, was to receive $30,000.00, leaving Ms. Lennon with $60,000.00.

Mr. Spitzer made the argument that his client Ms. Lennon would not benefit from the remaining $60,000.00, but it would be turned over to her father Mr. Leonard Fintzy. The newspaper article quotes Mr. Spitzer “None of the proceeds are going to Ms. Lennon and will not be held or used for her benefit,” Spitzer wrote. “She can in no way profit from the commission of the murder of Mr. Lennon.”

KILLER TO INHERIT PART OF ESTATE – The Record (Bergen County, NJ) | HighBeam Research

July 1995 District Attorney Michael E. Bongiorno is attempting to stop Ms. Lennon and her family from receiving funds from her murdered husbands estate, and he won an order from the court to place a hold on the $90,000.00 recently awarded her father Len Fintzy. Read the story here.


Oct.19,1995 Prosecutor Michael Bongiorno insured that Michelle Lennon and her father Leonard Fintzy did not receive the $60,000.00 dollars from the husbands estate by using the “Son of Sam” law which states that criminals cannot profit from their crimes. The $60,000.,, went to the police dept, and district attorneys office to defray the cost prosecution. WPB Watch apologizes for not being able to supply the link for this story. The original story was written October 19,1995 by the Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ

Aug. 2013 Michelle Lennon became eligible for parole in Feb.2014. In an effort to insure her success her father Len Fintzy had no qualms about asking Mayor Geri Muoio, and Commissioners Mitchell and Materio to write letter’s to the Parole Board favoring her parole and relocation to West Palm Beach to live with her parent’s in Riverwalk. Len Fintzy, President of City Watch, which prematurely endorsed Commissioners Mitchell and Materio for re-election to the City Commission may have thought he was entitled to their assistance, and obviously he was correct. I have been writing all along how close he is with these two Commissioners. Read the letters for yourself here, and decide if he is the commissioner you want for district 4, in the upcoming election. Commissioner Mitchell wrote 2 letters, Commissioner Materio wrote 2 letters, but only released one, leading me to believe the missing document was on WPB city stationary. Mayor Muoio wrote one letter.

Feb. 4,2014 Here you will find the redacted minutes from the NYS Department of Corrections, Board of Parole interview with Michelle Lennon. Interesting reading.

Parole Hearing Minutes

Michelle Lennon denied parole; she beat her husband to death with bat in 1994