Democratic Women’s Club of PBC

Let’s start with a little background.

City Watch is made up of neighborhood presidents from various WPB western communities and candidates seek their endorsement when running for office or reelection.

The City Watch Board of Directors at their Sept. 29,2014 meeting, voted unanimously to endorse the candidacy of City Watch President Len Fintzy, for the office of City Commissioner, District 4.
Also endorsed for reelection to the position of Mayor is Jeri Muoio.

So in essence Len Fintzy, as president, endorsed himself. Nice work if you can get it. I am still of the opinion that Mr. Fintzy is running to help the woman he describes as being like a second daughter to him. That would be Commissioner Kim Mitchell. Now, lets jump ahead.

Jan. 3,2015 the Democratic Women’s Club of PBC held a forum with Candidates from Lake Worth, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach. With no disrespect to Lake Worth and Riviera Beach, I will direct my comments and view to West Palm Beach. In attendance along with 50-60 residents were: Commissioner Keith James, challenged by Len Fintzy (Dist. 4) Cory Neering and Katherine Waldron (Dist. 2) along with Paula Ryan who is running for Commissioner Mitchell’s seat in Dist. 3 and so far unchallenged. Mayor Muoio was in attendance. Commissioner Mitchell was not present, as stated previously this was a Democratic Club, and Commissioner Mitchell is a Republican.

Each candidate gave a presentation and it is the answers to the questions I would like to bring to your attention. So here goes.

A resident asked Len Fintzy who he supported for mayor of WPB and Mr. Fintzy stated he is supporting Kimberly Mitchell (his other daughter). Really? What about the City Watch endorsement of Jeri Muoio on Sept. 29? What did Jeri do to offend the City Watch group?

Actually she did nothing wrong but Kim M. is running for mayor now, and desperately needs City Watch and Len Fintzy. After Mr Fintzy announced support for Kim M. there was a sudden intake of air and a few boo’s from the audience. Mr. Fintzy responded with the question “What, I can’t have Republican friends?” Sure you can, as you obviously switch friends along with endorsements in a New York minute you must have a few around. Asked why he was running he stated City Hall had a “virus” on the dais and he wanted to clean it up. 1/2 the “virus” hopefully will be eliminated with Mayor Muoio winning a second term.

Commissioner James along with candidate Katherine Waldron came out strongly against the privatization of city water of which Commissioner Mitchell and Materio are in strong favor. Can you imagine letting an outside business (Poseidon) manage our water? You think your city bill is high now? Wait and see how high it can go if Commissioners Mitchell and Materio have their way. Reminder: Richard Pinsky, Commissioner Mitchell’s Ex husband is the lobbyist for Poseidon. Millions to be made here. What benefit to residents?

Please look at the picture accompanying this story. If you don’t know their names let me help. From left to right Katherine Waldron, Commissioner Keith James, Len Fintzy, and Cory Neering. See the distance (space) between Len and Cory? (they both look like team players) They want Kim Mitchell in that spot. Along with Commissioner Materio the dais will be a slam dunk for whatever they want, which will include what Mitchell and Materio want. Outsourcing city water, and a brand new City of WPB Charter School, where the Republican governor cut over a billion dollars on public school funding which leads to teacher’s job loss and over crowed classrooms which led to public school failings. When the damage was done the Republican legislator’s said let’s try Charter Schools. You good with that?

Please think then vote.