Who is Rubin Anderson?

There isn’t much I can tell you about Mr. Anderson . He has never held political office, is running a grassroots campaign relying on volunteers for financial and consulting advise.
That last sentence is important because it tells me he has no political consultant to stack the deck, pour thousands of dollars into a candidate who will vote for any issue important to a developer, gun lobbyist, drug manufacturer, you get the picture. Rubin Anderson will not be bought and paid for.
I had a conversation with him and asked what issues were most important to him. Here is his list.

#1 Keeping children safe in school. #2 Supporting education by demanding significant additional monies promised. #3 Supporting socioeconomic and ethic schools. #4 Clean water. #5 Affordable housing. #6 Health care. #2 issue is very important to Mr. Anderson. He wants the state to put more money into education.
My opinion: Remember when we were asked to vote for the lottery to be used toward schools and education? Billions have been collected and pennies on the dollar are used for education. Florida among the lowest in the country for decent teacher pay. Children not given homework because there is not enough books to go around. Now they want us to vote to allow a tax increase of $1.00 on every $1,000.00 of home value to pay for law enforcement’s presence in every school. Hell no, I wont vote for the tax increase. Why wont Florida Senators and Congressman join forces and have the gun manufactures and gun lobbyist pick up the bill? Don’t wait for that to happen because the politicians refuse to kill their cash cow that pour thousands into their campaigns, then sit back and wait for the return on their donations.

A Democratic Party primary election takes place on August 28, 2018, in Florida to determine which Democrat will earn the right to run in the state’s November 6, 2018, general election. Here are your choices.

Bobby Powell Jr. (I)
Rubin Anderson
Josh Santos (Write-in)
Below are three stories recently published concerning Bobby Powell.

Bobby Powell Sen. Bobby Powell D-West Palm Beach for District 30
(1)Sunshine Scorecard ’18: Grading legislators on open government.. It assigns points for a list of critical government openness bills. Votes against openness lose points. Bobby Powell along with a dozen other Senators received an “F” grade. Read story below:


(2)Florida’s political cockroaches return to wreak havoc in primary elections.
Write-in candidates — Florida’s political cockroaches — have resurfaced to wreak havoc in several of the state’s primary elections. Much like their counterparts in the insect world, write-ins operate almost exclusively in the shadows. They venture into the sunlight just long enough to file paperwork, then disappear completely from view. After filing, most write-ins are never seen again: They don’t campaign, advertise or attend public forums. Read story below:


(3)State attorney requests ethics investigation into write-in candidates
In an election in which only members of one party are running, a primary is open to all voters. But if any other candidate — including a write-in candidate — enters the race, the primary is open only to registered party voters.
“Write-in candidates are almost always put up by a candidate and his or her political consultants,” said Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg, who filed the complaints along with Sherry Plymale, who sits on the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.
If a candidate determines he or she would benefit from only having party members vote, they can convince a write-in candidate to enter the race.
Third-party candidates rarely win election in American campaigns. Third-party candidates can shift national attention to particular issues. Third-party candidates can take votes away from major political party candidates, influencing the outcome of elections.
Read Story below.


What is a party spoiler?
A third political party formed to draw votes away from one of the two major parties, thus spoiling its chance of winning an election. Dirty politics at it’s best.
Change doesn’t just happen. We, by our vote make it happen. Please take the time to let your voice be heard, and registration date ends July 30,2018.