Do you need Smart Water?


The alarm clock goes off in the morning, you hit the snooze button, thinking I only need 10 more minutes. Ten minutes later your reminded it’s time to get up. You do, still tired, but you have to get to work because you have responsibilities such as the mortage, car payments, utilities–you get the idea. You work when your tired, maybe not feeling your best but you do your job and go to work because you need that paycheck.

Monday night your husband is watching Monday Night Football on the big screen TV you both saved months to buy.Your son is playing Nintendo while your daughter’s on the computer, and you plan as a family to watch a new movie tonight on your DVD player.

Tuesday morning and everyone’s up. Kids leave for school, you and your mate leave for work. The driveways empty and that’s when they come out riding up and down streets looking for empty driveways, homes where there appear to be no activity. There is no activity at your house because your where your supposed to be–your working. Some are not, their casing your house because they want what you work for. They want your “stuff” and come hell or high water they’ll do their job which is to steal what they can from you.

You come home from work and learn you are a victim of someone breaking into your home and the TV, Nintendo, Computer and DVD player are gone along with your son’s games, and they even took your movies, the ring your mother left you along with the watch your husbands father left him. The thieves don’t care about the sentimental value of the watch and ring. They don’t care you spent $1,000.00 for your TV; if they can sell/pawn it for $150.00, they had a good day. It doesn’t always happen to someone else, you may very well be that someone else.

What can you do to protect what’s yours. One idea thats catching on in Police Departments across our state is “Smart Water”

I attended the first presentation led by Officer Seth Buxton and learned the WPB Police Dept. invested in the product “Smart Water” and presented it to residents Tuesday night and they are making another presentation on 9/29/18 (Sat) @ 9:30 AM at 3510 Spruce Ave, WPB Fl. and it is worth your time to attend and have the product explained to you. Residents asked many questions and Officer Buxton went into detail on the product.

Here’s the short version:

You will be asked to fill out a form with your name, address, phone no. and e-mail address. A small dot of Smart Water on your possessions and it leaves a code which is registered to you. One bottle will mark approximately  75 of your possessions, and will remain active for 5 years. You also receive 3 stickers to place on your window/door stating; THIEVES BEWARE Smartwater Forensic System In Use. Many neighborhoods have “Neighborhood Watch” signs and now you can replace them with signs warning thieves your neighborhood is Smart Water protected.

Pawn Shops have rules and regulations they must follow. Most do, some don’t, and this is where most thieves pawn your TV and items listed above for pennies on the dollar. I learned if you pawn an item you must show identification and police don’t need a search warrent to inspect pawn shops for possible stolen items. The police have a flashligh that is similar to a black light and if a TV shows the Smart Water code, and it’s registered in your name, guess what?  You get it back.

If you have the time Saturday morning it’s an hour well spent to learn about this new product. The Police Dept. is making this available to residents at no cost. Help them, help you.


Commissioner Ryan Busted

At the City Commission meeting held on 8/13/2018 Commissioner Ryan commented she had received 8,000 pieces of correspondences concerning the OBD, stating the majority of the correspondences was in favor of the OBD, and invited anyone wanting to view the documentation was welcome too. I want to review the documents, all 8,000 and sent a PRR to the City Clerk.

BREAK IN PROCEDURE: For the first time I did not receive a direct response from the City Clerk but dealt directly with Ms. Brooks, Executive Assistant to the Commission.

Ms. Brooks wrote in part ” In response to your inquiry, Commissioner Ryan has asked me to follow up with you. Commissioner Ryan will be out of town the remainder of the week and would like to schedule a time next week for you to come into the office and review her files. I will contact you upon her return to coordinate a mutually convenient time.”

I did not request a meeting or conversation with Ryan, as any dialog with her was unnecessary. Her vote in favor of the OBD was all the conversation I needed.

The appointment was set for 8/31/18, and what I did not find was 8,000 e-mails supporting the OBD. I did find e-mails and petitions sent to Ryan and the vast majority were against the OBD.

*Support in favor (petition) 650

**Against (2 separate petition’s) 4,655

Individual e-mails for 22

Individual e-mails against 253

** City Commission held 9/25/17 a member of the “Preserve WPB Citizens Coalition” presented the city with over 4,200 petitions against the OBD. These petitions were not presented to me in my PRR (Public Records Request) and if not for a concerned citizen I would not have known about them and neither would you. I watched that meeting on the city website to verify what I was told, and you can check it for yourself if in doubt.

*The large binder I was presented with petitions (650) in favor was discouraging because I didn’t want to count hundreds of pages which contained 1 signed petitioner per page. After thinking about it, I went back the next day and set reams of paper(500 sheets per ream) next to the petitions and decided 650 was in the ball park.




Clearview  is a Polling and Research Co. that contacted the city with results from a poll and dated 7/21/17. Not sure I was meant to see this document. Read their letter below.


Correspondence from Ken Himmel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Related to Commissioner Ryan dated 7/23/17. Read the e-mail below.

Ryan and Related

Commissioner Ryan was far from truthful when she stated she received 8,000 petitions in favor of the OBD and if you listen to the meeting, she spoke on and on like she was trying to justify her vote. News Flash: No one bought it.

And I would like to make a prediction here as far as her announcement she is running for mayor of WPB 2019. Not going to happen, and here is why I believe it wont.

1st. She would have to resign as City Commission to run. She won’t give up the power.

2nd. She would want Rick Asnani, President of Cornerstone Solutions to run her campaign, and they are already committed to Commissioner James, also running for mayor, and voted in favor of OBD.

in my opinion Cornerstone Solutions would say and do whatever is necessary to elect their candidate, and are under investigation for their handling of the Materio/ Lambert campaign.  So why did Ryan announce her intention to run?

Around town it’s called “Pulling A Moffett” Announce your running for office and the day qualifing ends, pull out of the race, so anyone who wanted to run–to late–to bad.

It worked once, please don’t let it work twice. If you believe you would make a good mayoral candidate, would listen to residents and have common sense please consider stepping up. We are represented by college educated teacher’s, attorney’s, and business folks, who listen to what “staff” recommends. News Flash: We didn’t elect “staff” to run our city.  I prefer one with common sense, how about you?

One of my favorite pictures presented again for your viewing pleasure, along with the names.

Lobbyist Lawyer for Related Companies Harvey Oyer (middle), Christina Lambert (bottom) Rick Asnani (left) political consultant for Christina Lambert and Related Companies community outreach, Gopal Rajegowda, (bottom right) Vice President of The Related Companies.