WPB vs. Office of Inspector General Continues

The recent election in 2015 held in WPB for Mayor and Commissioners was vital for the welfare of our city. The mayors race was particularly important and much attention was placed on it with an excellent outcome when Mayor Muoio was overwhelming re-elected.

What went completely under the radar, not raised as an issue was the City’s lawsuit against the Office of the Inspector General. (OIG)

To refresh memories the OIG was overwhelming voted on by residents who took the time to vote after 3 County Commissioners, (McCarthy, Masilotti and Newell) and 2 City Commissioners (Liberti & Exline) were sentenced to prison for various wrong doing.

It didn’t take long for the mayor and City Attorney Claudia McKenna to file the original lawsuit in an attempt to undermine the budget of the OIG. It worked! The OIG was unable to hire people needed to investigate cities under their jurisdiction. A loss for residents.

WPB Watch wrote a story on October 3, 2013 concerning the investigation of the city reimbursing former City Commissioner Kim Mitchell $7,325.00. I invite you to read it below and direct your attention to City Attorney Claudia McKenna’s answers to questions asked. WPB Watch wrote their opinion of her statements to the OIG.

“City Attorney Claudia McKenna appeared disingenuously repetitive, and vague. Ms. McKenna answered no questions, and repeatedly questioned the OIG jurisdiction over her and others, and used the word “Jurisdiction” no less that 40 times. When asked a question her response was with the words Fraud, Waste, Mismanagement, Misconduct, and Abuse 22 times. My question to Ms. McKenna would be if you believe, as stated, the OIG “has no jurisdiction over me” why did you feel compelled to accept their invitation to meet for an interview, why not decline?” Her Interview time was 42 min. where she repeated the same statements until the investigator ended the interview.

WPB Officials Disrespects OIG : WPB Gov Watch

Too add insult to injury Ms. McKenna retired from the city in April 2014 and was kept on retainer for $4,800.00 a month. In 15 months she has collected $72,000.00 from taxpayers.You good with that? How many hundred’s of thousands has the city spent to continue the lawsuit?

A new story written by the Palm Beach Post can be read below.

Cities owe $3.7 million for Palm Beach County Inspector General

In March 2015 lower court Judge Catherine Brunson issued her 11 page ruling that the Town of Gulf Stream vs. PBC the costs imposed on cities to pay for the office of Inspector General are legal. Of course Judge Brunson’s ruling will be appealed which will be an added expense for the taxpayers. You good with that?

There may be new hope on the horizon with an upcoming election of 3 city commissioners Moffett, Materio and Ryan in 2016. This issue will not slide under the radar this time around, and if these 3 commissioners will not commit to ending the financing for the lawsuit, they don’t deserve to represent the citizens of WPB.  Time will tell.