Mr. Oyer Say’s

Now is the time for action and for your voice to be heard on “One Flagler” the 25 story Related building on Flagler. If you object to the project you must speak up to the DAC Board. Your absence could be seen as acceptance.

The meeting time and place.
Downtown Action Committee  (DAC)
Wednesday, 12/11/19 @ 9:00 AM
Description: Composed of 7 members and 2 alternate members.
Purpose: Reviews all applications for appeals, variances and special use permits in the downtown master plan area and acts as the Zoning Board of Appeals for the downtown master plan area
Members of this Board: Bradley “Brad” McPherson, Brian Cheguis, David Felton, Michael S. Cuevas (also sits on the DNA Board), Nicholas “Nick” Mihelich, Roger P. Janssen, Stephen Graham and Mr. Mac Ross, 1st Alternate.  1 alternate seats vacant.  Michael S. Cuevas also sits of the DNA (Downtown neighborhood Association) Board.

I realize I am not giving much notice, and also believe the City is not helping with holding their meeting’s at 9:00 AM when most people are at work and can’t give their input. It’s called planned strategy and the City does it well.

I attended a presentation and listened to Harvey Oyer spin his tail on what a great project this would be for the city. Mr. Oyer, a registered lobbyist and attorney  “Harvey represents commercial and residential developers, lending institutions, large rural land owners, and governmental agencies in real estate transactions, finance, land use, zoning, agricultural law, and government affairs.”

Mr. Oyer represents Related and it’s his job to insure “One Flagler” is built. The link below tells the story by Forbes  “America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions” and they list Attorney’s at 18% and Lobbyist at 8%. If your curious Nurses are at 82%.


List of “Class A Office Space”

1) Phillips Point, 777 S Flagler Dr.  2)Northbridge Tower 515 N Flagler Dr.  3&4) Flagler Center I, & Flagler Center II  505 S Flagler Dr. 5) Esperante Corporate Center  222 Lakeview Ave;   6) Rosemary Square (Formerly CityPlace Tower)  525 Okeechobee;  7)One Clearlake Centre  250 S Australian

When new “Class A Office Space” is built the tenants relocate to the new building, when their lease is up leaving many vacancies behind. They all want water views. Know what, so don’t the residents of WPB want the water views, not a wall of concrete.

What One Flagler will consist of is smaller offices for Palm Beach residents who drive across the bridge, and the Bristol crowd 1100 South Flagler Drive where a 25 story condo sold for $42.6 million. Coming soon the La Clara 1515 S. Flagler Dr.  another 25 story building is going up where more multi-millionaires will need office space. Know why the Bristol and La Clara didn’t build on Palm Beach but settled for WPB? Palm Beach wouldn’t allow their way of life to be disrupted. Obviously the Mayor listens to residents.

On Flagler we have 4  if you count Flagler Center having 2 buildings, and 3 Class A Office Buildings in other areas, and 2 Class A Condominium buildings on Flagler. That’s a pretty good start to “walling” off the water.

Mr. Oyer said “Traffic wouldn’t be a problem because they will be going in the opposite direction away from traffic.”  The whole city is a log jam. The only way more traffic wouldn’t hurt is if they all flew a helicopter.

Mr. Oyer said:  “Office hours will be staggered to alleviate any traffic issues.”  Why would they stagger office hours if traffic is moving in the opposite direction?

Mr. Oyer said:  “He is going to talk to the Coast Guard and request the  bridge stay closed during peak traffic hours.”  Why?  traffic is moving in the opposite direction, right? 

Mr. Oyer said: ” The County will be asked to do a better job synchronizing traffic lights. Why do we need traffic lights, we have traffic moving in the opposite direction away from traffic.

Mr. Oyer will say what needs to be said to get this project off the ground. He will say nothing negative or mention the lawsuits filed against the City for approving a comp plan change that benefits only Related and this site.

The County, Palm Beach and many others object to this building’s location.
Ms. Sandy says: Wouldn’t it be easier to ask Related to locate their Class A Office Building  to a different location?

The three boards  DDA, DNA and the DAC are all Board Members appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor would not appoint someone who he thought wouldn’t vote the way he expected, although Mayors have been surprised when they accidentally appointed a person with honesty and integrity. Lets hope they are on the board 12/11/19.

Here is a text between James, Green. Read how James reacted when Raphael Clemente, who I am told by many is a real good guy, refused to endorse Chief Frank Adderley as James pick for Chief of Police, and reminds them who appoints the board.

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