PSC Security Wants to Kill Cops

You are about to read two different stories with one thing in common– PSC Security.

A few months ago a brawl broke out in CityPlace when a large gang of thugs caused extensive damage to the Burger Fi Restaurant tearing the place up, smashing tables, chairs and the cash register which caused the business to close for repairs.
Employees unable to find PSC Security guards  called 911 and the real police showed up and I’m told the thugs had left the area.  There were no media reports on the incident.

As you are aware Related owns CityPlace and the text between PSC Willie Perez and Keith James may explain why this didn’t warrant a news story, but a cover-up.
Perez writes in part  “All those years of insulating Related from liability”   Obviously protecting Related was Perez concern, not the safety of residents,

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Breaking news 12/10/19

WELLINGTON, Fla. (CBS12) — A mall security guard is accused of threatening to kill police.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old Jason Parkins on a charge of intimidation-written threat to commit bodily injury.
Investigators said Parkins, via Facebook messenger, posted in a public forum a statement that read in part, “stupid f—–g pigs i would literally drive my vehicle into them all killing as much as i could with my sig sauer and then proudly die myself or serve the life sentence.”
You can read the entire story below.

Is the Wellington Mall protecting it’s visitors well enough so they are comfortable  visiting or shopping there? Is this the only PSC employee who dreams of killing cops?


As readers may be aware from news stories the mayor has written Governor DeSantis a three page letter explaining his side of the story as to why Rep. Willhite has asked the Governor to investigate the happenings in WPB.  I received a copy of the letter and sent it to a few readers who in turn asked me what could be done.

Honestly if I could fix it– I would, but I can’t. Below is the mayors letter, and the email address of the Governor.  One question! What are you going to do about it?

Letter from Mayor Keith A James to Governor Ron DeSantis