Government We can Do What WE Want

While walking into WPB City Hall during the previous election (2 years ago) I saw no less than 12 Lambert political signs. They were placed into the ground wherever possible.

I happened to walk in and immediately saw previous City Administrator Jeff Green. I asked him what was up with the signs, and understood it was illegal to place any political sign on government owned property. Mr. Green’s response was “I have more to worry about than the signs.

Lambert signs were also placed at the Chamber of Commerce on No. Flagler which is owned by the city and taxpayers are exceedingly generous and rent them the building for $1.00 a year.

Well, the city is at it again.

What you are looking at are political signs in WPB City Hall. They were not present when I attended the City Commission meeting on 3/9/2020. Political signs are for the Shoaf and Lambert re-election and of course the Park Bond, which I find hard to believe residents would vote for the Park Bond again after voting for a 20 million bond in 2000 and very little taxpayer money actually went into the parks. Can you believe James is telling us our tax bill will not increase due to the new 30 million bond. 10 million increase and our taxes will be the same.

City Hall can be used for early voting and voters can’t miss the signs when entering.

Unfair advantage to both challengers Stephen Sylvester and Martina Tate Walker.


I have been advised political signs have been removed from city property.