A Political Hustle!

In the Northwood Hills area, there are Kimberly Mitchell Campaign signs that look a slight bit different than her other signs so I took a closer look. There were a row of the signs, in front of distressed properties on Greenwood Avenue, between 35th & 36th Street that read, “Don’t Worry Jeri, Kimberly Will Fix This, Vote City First, March 10th

Ms. Mitchell, is entering into her 13th year as the District 3 City Commissioner and after 12 years, I would be very comfortable in saying, Kimberly has not set foot in the north end areas where her campaign signs are plopped any and everywhere. She has employed, indirectly or directly, a team of salesmen, running around African American neighborhoods, churches and homes, selling Kimberly Mitchell, who will be a detriment to, not only them but progressive movements in WPB.

Ms. Mitchell has done absolutely nothing for distressed areas in her own district and one example would be, Westward Park, that poses a danger every day because that city park has a canal and is located next door to Westward Elementary School. The conditions of that park was brought before Commissioner Mitchell in January 2012 and here It is, more than 3 years later, and parts are finally on order after a District 2 commission candidate, Katherine Waldron, noticed the park and immediately contacted the city.

For the past 3 years, in any commission meeting, workshop or work session, there has been no concern voiced by Commissioner Mitchell, regarding small children being subjected to dangerous conditions, which means, she doesn’t care”. If she was responsible or cared, she would have addressed the issue and insisted on immediate action. She could have placed Westward Park as an agenda item and pushed for dangerous conditions to be addressed in her district or anywhere in the city. She is very outspoken but spoke not, in defense of defenseless children around Westward Park. She never even attended their Roosevelt Estates South Neighborhood Association Meetings to hear from residents. She doesn’t care because of who the children are and where the problem is. If she argues that she does care then why haven’t she addressed the issue that’s in her District 3?

Let’s think back 3 years to recall what Ms. Mitchell’s agenda was that took priority over the safety of small school aged children. Digital Domain, FSU Motion Picture Academy in downtown and the WPB Charter School were her priorities and all were financial failures for tax payers. Small children with little back packs are still crossing and walking by a dangerous canal with no railings, to get to and from school and Mitchell’s campaign slogan is “City First”? Isn’t Roosevelt Estates South and the City’s Westward Park, part of the city?

It is a fact that Kimberly Mitchell “rarely” attends meetings or events outside of downtown and the western gated communities, she has missed an overwhelming amount of city commission meetings and Agenda Review Meetings, she often rushes into meetings late and was even late for the mayoral debate at Presidential Estates, She is constantly looking over her shoulder, watching the clock in work sessions and work shops, she texts throughout public meetings and these are all habits that are engrained in her and will not change with a title of Mayor.

Kimberly Mitchell is a commissioner who disingenuously sympathizes with the underdog but votes to the contrary, she is an outsourcing commissioner who pushed to outsource the city’s Sanitation Department, ECR Plant, Internal Audit Department and recently attempted to privatize the city’s water, along with Commissioner Materio, under the guise of a Public Private Partnership where Poseidon Resources Inc proposed to build a WPB water plant in the City of Riviera Beach, run 5 miles of under ground pipes from Clear Lake to Riviera Beach and place two 50 foot holding tanks at 23rd and Tamarind  and Poseidon would then “sell” water to West Palm Beach!  The seller would be in control of the price of their product. The majority of the commission rejected Mitchell & Materio’s insistence on a presentation by Poseidon Resources and voted January 12th, to build a new plant on it’s current site at Banyan & Australian, by the 2018 Health Dept. deadline. I might mention, Ms. Mitchell’s ex- husband, Richard Pinsky, was a representative of Poseidon Resources

There is an aggressive hustle now to become mayor and If Kimberly Mitchell becomes Mayor, could she re-visit that project and give control of our water to this private company, Poseidon Resources Inc, with the right commission in place?

It is not in the best interest of our city to be run by the Trifecta of Kimberly Mitchell, Richard Pinsky and Anita Mitchell.