Muoio vs. Mitchell

Here are the basic differences between Jeri Muoio and Kimberly Mitchell.

Charter Schools:

Jeri: Has listened to the public, and has committed to helping public school system.

Kimberly: Has attempted to bring a WPB privately run Charter School to the city since 2002.

Outsourcing Water & Sewage Plant:

Jeri: Not on her watch—-ever. Backed by Keith James,Sylvia Moffett, Ike Robinson.

Kimberly: Has directed staff to look into the possibility of moving the water plant, and insist the mayor and city commissioners look to Poseidon for privatization. Commissioners Mitchell and Materio, unknown to the commissioners or mayor, met privately with the ECR board with a request for privatization. Poseidon Lobbyist, Richard Pinsky, her ex. Commissioner Materio is her strongest supporter for outsourcing.
Please view Channel 5  “To the Point” interview below.



Jeri: The city has successfully negotiated with police dept. give and take on both sides.
Police fully staffed. Police have been issued body cameras. City is in the process of ordering 19 new cruisers. Painting of the police building, and other repairs. All cost are budgeted, 70 million in the annual budget and approved by the commission.
The Police Benevolent Association has endorsed Jeri for 4 more years.

Kimberly: Said in the interview this was all news to her, never heard about new police cruisers being ordered. She has heard about the body camera’s. Did she read the budget, and approve it?

Tent Site:       Health & Wellness Campus to be built on the land.

Jeri: Is in favor of sending the property out to bid. The highest bidder win’s the property. She is very outspoken concerning the sweetheart deal that Kimberly is pushing for.

Kimberly: This deal must be OK with her, because she has not denied otherwise.
Wants the land sold to Michael McCloskey , a strong supporter of Kimberly’s, who is by her side at all forums and debates, while his daughter works on her campaign.
This is Kimberly’s deal. A piece of land that has been appraised for 16 million, she wants sold to him for 13 million, and, are you ready?, she wants the city to give back to McClusky 8 million dollars for creating jobs, leaving the city with 5 million. Can you imagine giving the developer 8 million dollars for creating job’s. The developer does not, repeat, does not create jobs. Business creates jobs, and if incentives are given it goes to business, and not, repeat, not, 8 million dollars.

I attended the Mayors debate 3/2/15 sponsored by the Economic Forum and the moderator was none other than retired PB Post editor Randy Schultz. One of the questions was concerning the tent site.

Here is what Kimberly Mitchell said. The City Commission has already passed the Health and Wellness Center. Mayor Muoio, appearing stunned, said Commissioner it has not been passed by the commission, Kimberly arguing back said it was.

Randy asked if there were any City Commissioners sitting in the audience, and Commissioners James and Moffett stood, and was asked if it was passed. Both replied it had not. Commissioner Mitchell’s reply. “I wish I had “my” commissioners here.

Here is what the commissioners, acting as the CRA board passed. 90 day’s for negotiations with Mr. McCloskey to come up with a proposal. No other developer invited.
Now is the time to mention Richard Pinsky, lobbyist, and ex husband of Ms. Mitchell.


Jeri: Budget proposal has not raised the Millage in 3 years, and she has pledged it will not be raised in 2015.

Kimberly: Also pledged not to raise taxes, while failing to mention in 2013 she voted to increase Millage 15%, and voting to raise the non-ad valorem assessment for the WPB Fire Protection 240%. That is not a typo, it’s 240%.

Writing Letters:
Jeri: Wrote 1 letter to the parole board stating the many programs that would be available to Michelle Lennon (convicted of murder) should she be granted parole, and relocate to WPB Fl.

Kimberly: Wrote 2 letters on behalf of Michelle Lennon, 1 letter on behalf of former City Commissioner Jim Exline who pled guilty to cheating the IRS, and 1 letter for Mr. Vigliotti, who pled guilty to helping mastermind $8.5 million mortgage scam. Also reported to have mob ties. Kimberly used her influence as a commissioner to appear before the judge on behalf of Mr. Vigliotti with a request to not revoke his bond. Mr. Vigliotti was arrested 2 weeks later at the Miami airport, with a one way ticket out of the country. Read the story, and the judge’s remarks to Kimberly. Read the story below.

Mitchell court letters latest salvo in bitter mayor’s race | www.mypalmbeachpost.com

The above 6 issue’s are a part of why I am supporting Jeri Muoio for re-election, along with Keith James, and Katherine Waldron.

If Commissioner Mitchell is chosen as WPB Mayor, along with her sure votes namely Len Fintzy and Cory Neering, and let’s not forget Commissioner Shanon Materio, who always votes with her BFF Mitchell, say hello to WPB Charter Schools, Outsourcing of city water, the Tent Site and Michael McCloskey deal, along with higher taxes.

Please take the time to vote, this election is to important to ignore. City government shapes the city and your pocketbook.


Just arrived home from the Northend Coalition of Neighborhoods Debate. Commissioner Mitchell, in her final remark made a comment “No body died on my watch” referring to Mr. Herminio Padilla, who died when a grate he stood on gave way and he fell to his death. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Ms. Mitchell used Mr. Padilla’s death from a tragic accident for political gain, and that’s just plain wrong. Shame on her.