Cory vs. Katherine

Here are the differences between the two candidates running for District 2.

Charter School:

Katherine:  Has stated publicly she would not vote for a WPB Charter School.

Cory:  Has recently stated he would not vote for a WPB Charter School.
What he neglected to tell residents was he was a Founding Father and sat on the Board of Directors of a failed Charter School named My Choice Academy. A story was previously written on 1/12/15. For more information please refer to the story below to view documentation.
Reminder: Commissioners Mitchell and Materio have pushed for WPB Charter School.

What Cory Doesn’t Want You To Know! : WPB Gov Watch


Outsourcing City Water & Sewage Plant:

Katherine: Has stated publicly she would never outsource city water or the sewage plant., and believes the plan is not in the best interest of the city or its residents.

Cory: Has stated publicly he would not outsource city water or the sewage plant.
Reminder: He is running on the Mitchell ticket, and Commissioners Mitchell & Materio have been pushing for the city to do just that. I personally believe he will vote yes on the issue. You decide for yourself. Read the story below published 12/21/14


Tent Site:

Katherine: Is in step with Mayor Muoio and want’s the land put out to bid.

Cory: I have no knowledge of Cory’s opinion on how he would vote.
Reminder: Commissioner Mitchell and Materio both want the land sold to Michael McCloskey (no bidding) along with a sweetheart deal consisting of his buying the land (appraised at 16 million) for 13 million, and then Mr. McCloskey wants the city to return 8 million to him for creating jobs. What jobs?He’s a developer?

There may be a bright side to the problem. If the newly elected officials vote not to accept the Michael McCloskey proposal, the process would be restarted and hopefully put out to bid, which I believe would be a win-win for the city and taxpayers.

Business Experience:

Katherine: Retired as VP of Sprint where she ran a nationwide sales force that grew from 40 million per year in sales revenue to 400 million a year.
She has co-founded Gamxing Inc. a software development company located in WPB and has three patents pending. A proven business woman.

Cory: Since graduating college Mr Neering has worked for non profit Planned Parenthood for 16 years and advanced to VP of Education. Mr. Neering has no business experience, although his wife has a small business located in Palm Beach Gardens.

Residents are not the problem, but the solution. Please take the time to vote on Tuesday 3/10/15.