Commissioner Shoaf Voting Record

If you read the recent story on Commissioner Lambert’s voting record this story would give you the same information. Shoaf voted with Lambert on every issue presented by developers, against residents objections.
Commissioner Shoaf voted for:
Okeechobee Business District,
One Flagler, a Related project

Voted for approval the plan to narrow the car lanes on South Flagler, where many residents living in the area spoke up trying to explain how the change would affect their way of life.
Voted approval to a 24-story condominium complex at 1309 S. Flagler Drive. “The West Palm Beach City Commission this week gave initial approval to a 24-story condominium complex at 1309 S. Flagler Drive, paving the way for more high-end units on the waterfront just south of downtown and dismissing complaints the 300-foot-tall structure would be far bigger than city regulations allow on a site smaller than 1.4 acres.”  Read entire story below. https://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/20190131/flagler-drive-24-story-condo-gets-initial-ok-from-west-palm-beach

Voted to awarded a 7.9 million no-bid security contract to Professional Security Consultants (PSC)  When residents and the media got involved Mayor James decided a do-over was necessary and set a “Special” City Commission meeting to cancel the PSC contract and request a RFP (Request For Proposal)

“Resolution No. 328-19 canceling the Security Services Agreement with Professional Security Consultants (PSC) Lambert, Shoaf and Peduzzi were no shows, and only Commissioners Neering & Ryles attended the meeting. Residents sat in chambers knowing the word on the street was the 3 would not attend to allow a quorum. 

The population of WPB is over 111 thousand people who depend on a Mayor and City Commissioners to run their city in a professional and thoughtful manner. If they consider their responsibilities a part tine job they shouldn’t run.

At a recent City Commission meeting Shoaf told the audience she is “vehemently” opposed to replacing PSC, stating she has received many emails and phone calls praising PSC. She should have been “vehemently” opposed to voting for the no-bid contract, and then not appearing to cancel the contract.

One resident named Matt Chambers who has a business on Northwood Rd. generally comments to the Mayor and Commissioners and he stated at the last meeting that many of his customers have said how safe they feel with PSC patrolling the area. Appears he is in favor, along with Shoaf to keep PSC on the job. A little investigation and I found that Mr. Chambers is on her Campaign Treasurer’s Report Summary. Below is the City Clerk report for Dec. 2019. Please take the time to view it and note as with Lambert the Chamber of Commerce has made $1,000.00 donation.  https://www.wpb.org/home/showdocument?id=231

Commissioner Shoaf is the Manger and Registered Agent of The Westley Group, LLC.  It appears to be a  business that renovates hotel properties. Could her position as a Commissioner help her family business? It certainly could if she is voting on hotel contracts for hotel companies her firm does business with. Something to watch for.   http://thewestleygroup.com/


I recently ran across an article from the PB Post on Martina Tate Walker who is challenging Commissioner Shoaf. Here is part of the story published 9/1/2019.

“Palm Beach Rams Pop Warner football program saved by community.
When told they’d no longer receive funding from the Police Athletic League after last year, it was the community’s turn to support the team.
West Palm Beach’s Omnipotent Outreach Ministries has played a crucial part, giving the team financial assistance. Pastor Martina Tate-Walker, Evangelist Jeannette Jefferson, and the ministry provided the funds as an act of goodwill.”  Obviously before the gangs reach these kids Ms. Walker would rather see kids on the field playing ball than learning how to load and shoot a gun. Hopefully the Police Athletic League will resume it’s financial assistance.  Please take the time to read the story and see the age of children. This is when you reach them, not when their in their 20.   https://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/20190901/palm-beach-rams-pop-warner-football-program-saved-by-community

We need representatives who will represent the people, with no political agendas and too much attention paid to special interest.  if you approve of the direction city leaders have taken us keep them in office, if your not happy, please vote to change the direction the city is moving.

I walked the city for 8 hours and asked over 1,000 residents if they preferred PSC or another security company.  850 people said they preferred PSC. That sentence is a total fabrication, and because I said it don’t make it true.