West Palm Beach CRA Selection Committee’s First Meet Postponed

According to the city, representatives of two of the six organizations serving on the committee, have scheduling conflicts and hopes to reschedule some time in the next few weeks. This is one process to watch because when the city announced they would outsource their CRA Department, Kim Briesemeister, who was currently acting as their CRA Director, resigned August 26th so that her Broward County based firm, RMA Associates could participate in the bidding process. Word leaked to the press that Ms. Briesemeister  expressed confidence that the commissioners would choose her company, to a couple of CRA employees but denied the accusations when confronted by the press.

There is a public concern about two members on the selection committee having conflicts of interest. It is said that Russel Greene, who is president of the CRA Advisory Board, has a relationship with Briesemeister and stated that he is in favor of her RMA Company winning the bid, at a chamber meeting, where he is a board member and CRA Finance Director, Jeff Greene, who Kim worked with and helped him draft the RFQ, has a vote.

Kim Briesemeister was also the captain of the Digital Domain Ship that ran a muck costing WPB tax payers several million dollars so It’s past time for Ms. Briesemeister to move on and throw her hat in another unsuspecting ring.