PBC GOP Votes to Condemn Common Core, Overriding New Chair’s Call For Delay

New chairwoman, Anita Mitchell’s concerns about spooking donors were disregarded by members of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.  The vote was Wednesday, December 11th, for a resolution opposing the Common Core education standards, initiated by former Republican Governor, Jeb Bush.  Ms. Mitchell won the special election, becoming chair of Palm Beach County GOP, in November when another candidate dropped out of the race.

In her first challenge as party leader, Mitchell told the Republican Executive Committee, she wanted to delay the anti Common Core resolution, to get a better understanding of It. She also expressed concerns of some contributors not wanting the local party to take positions on heated political issues.  Mitchell also expressed her responsibility of  making sure voices are heard and fair as well as building financial health by keeping controversy distant from cash donors. Party activist were not impressed with that argument, pointing out Mitchell’s focus on money when their interest is in the future of the country.

Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee Members filled the commission chambers, holding up green cards to vote against delaying consideration of a resolution opposing Common Core.