Rally to protest the WPB-initiated IG Funding Lawsuit

Concerned citizens of WPB, in an attempt to ensure an honest, and strong government, are going to hold a rally in West Palm Beach to protest the lawsuit, initiated by WPB city officials, against the Inspector General’s office.

We are in firm belief that this lawsuit is an effort to disrupt the budget of the IG and ensure Ms. Steckler is denied the funding to properly investigate complaints. In protest the residents will hold a rally to inform city government of our displeasure with their actions.

When: Sept.30,2013
Time: 1:00 PM -2:00 PM
Place: WPB City Hall Courtyard
(nw corner Clematis and N. Dixie)

Believing in “strength in numbers” we welcome everyone who takes an interest in good government to join us in making this rally a success, and have city officials take its residents’ concerns seriously.

If interested please contact either: [email protected] or [email protected].

If you join us – don’t forget to bring some water and a hat!

Here are some sign ideas but make it your own:

  • WPB Stop the IG Lawsuit
  • Pay your IG Bills
  • Fund the IG
  • Listen to your voters
  • WPB Fears IG Oversight
  • Mitchell, Materio, Moffett – NO Re-election in 2014
  • What is WPB Hiding?