City Spokesman Threatens Resident With Jail!

Below is a statement read at the WPB City Commission meeting held on 12/9/13, and is a follow up on the commission meeting held on 11/25/13. My pictures were city related, city business and reflected concerns about deplorable conditions in a residential area within a stones throw from both downtown and City Place. Mr Cohen, city spokesman,and Public Information Officer gave the orders the camera was to stay on me, and no photos of the neighborhoodhood were televised to the home audience. I question if Mr. Cohen took this upon himself or was taking orders from Mayor Muoio. When I requested I be allowed to reshow the pictures Mayor muoio advised me I had 48 seconds of time left. Definately not enough time. Censorship at it’s best.

“Nov.25 I showed the mayor and commissioners pictures of the northwest Historic District of the city and focused on an area within 5/10 of a mile from city hall. This is the area Mr. Waters, representing the Urban Group, expressed a feeling that the citizens in the Northwest Historic District, Tamarind and Rosemary Avenue, had not been afforded advantages to having economic access or social justice to improve their condition. He also stated, those areas have been historically left behind since the areas were developed. Mayor Muoio and Commissioner Mitchell were offended by his presentation and remarks. My pictures proved Mr. Waters correct in his assessment. Of course the city wouldn’t want these pictures made public and they were not.

I e-mailed the city that I intended to show these pictures and needed help with the equipment. Elliot Cohen approached me before the meeting and requested the thumbnail, which I handed him. Mr Cohen attempted to leave chambers and I stopped him and asked for my property back, telling him I will place in the machine when my time came for public comment. Mr. Cohen told me he would place it in the machine, and I allowed it. Mr. Cohen again was leaving chambers and I again approached him and told him I was pulling my thumbnail. Mr Cohen advised me the pictures would not be shown.

Mr. Cohen stated I would be removed from the meeting, and I told him he better be prepared to have me arrested, which he assured me “I will have you arrested.” I became very angry and walked away, retrieved my equipment, and sat down. Mr. Cohen approached me and I asked him to leave me alone 3 times which he ignored, and continued speaking to me. The 3rd. time I raised my voice. You Mayor Muoio were standing on the dais and never looked up. Debbie Fennie who was in the back of chambers heard me and approached us and told Mr. Cohen I asked to be left alone, and why didn’t he walk away. Ms. Fennie made the request of Mr. Cohen a total of 3 times before he finally walked off.

Will the city allow me once again to show the pictures to be viewed by the home audience.

These pictures and the accompanying story can be seen on WPB Gov Watch.”