Waterview Tower Part 2

If you read the story “Waterview Towers Vs. City of WPB you were told there may be other documentation available, and indeed there were. I have received copies, anonymously, and making them available to the readers interested in the story. (Read Chase letter here)

The first section is a 2 page letter from Palm Harbor Hotel, LLC C/O Chase Enterprise, written by Cheryl A. Chase to the residents of the Waterview Towers Accompanying the letter is another 5 page letter referred to as “Myth vs.Truth” where Ms. Chase attempt’s to bring her view to the residents.

If I wanted to write a letter to frighten and intimidate people, this is the type of letter I would write.

There are 12 myth’s listed and I ask that you read them carefully. Millions of dollars are involved in this venture.

A few of my observations are listed below.

Myth 1. Commissioner Mitchell wants to justify using city funds to help fund the cost of a new garage for PHH.

Myth 2. If I understand correctly a new garage is going to cost 12 million dollars, and PHH is willing to pay 1 million. So who is paying the remaining 11 million? I sincerely hope my tax dollars are not to be used.

Myth 3. PHH states they were requested to not speak directly to individual owners, and they complied. If they complied who are these letters from?

Myth 4. PHH wants to build a 75′ hotel, but the city wanted a 92′ hotel.

Myth 8. Easy enough to prove. Mr Pinsky had another meeting at city hall at 9:00 AM. Mr Pinsky, former husband of Commissioner Mitchell, is a registered lobbyist with the city, and must sign in when he attends any meeting. Commissioner Mitchell can prove a conference call buy showing proof by way of her phone.

Myth 12. My personal favorite. PHH states as truth: “The city has unlimited funds to fight development challenges and law suits” In the short time residents have kept track of city’s losses concerning law suits either settled or awarded the total amounts to 2,879,415.00. There are 2 other lawsuits involving the city, along with Waterview Towers, the taxpayer can look forward to funding the Chapel by the Lake, and Rybovich Marina. You good with that?

On Oct.18,2014 Board of Directors responded to Ms. Chase letter and can be read here.