Commissioner Shows Temper at Meeting

Please read the PB Post story on “West Palm Beach commissioners: Don’t rush into water deal” then return to WPB Watch for the rest of the story.

I attended the City Commission Work Session on 12/15/14. The first item on the agenda was “Water Presentation.” presented by staff member Scott Kelly. Mr. Kelly presented 2 consultants who gave excellent presentations on water supply and treatment, which hopefully would end the city’s problem with our drinking water, and short supply in a drought season. So far so good.

When Commissioners Mitchell and Materio didn’t have their way, the meeting got embarrassingly out of control. Commissioner Materio was very unprofessional from that point on which included picking up her pocketbook and storming off the dais,not to return. The residents of her district would not have been pleased with their representative, and I question why Mr. Kleinberg omitted that fact from his story.

Commissioners Mitchell and Materio are extremely close with Commissioner Mitchell’s
ex husband Richard Pinsky, a lobbyist doing business with the city. How close, you ask?
Allow me to present some background, and how we got to where we are.

After the sudden loss of Commissioner Moss, 4 people along with Shannon Materio applied for Mr. Moss’s seat. Ms. Materio was appointed.

If you were fortunate enough to watch the commission meeting held on Dec.8 you would have heard resident, Paul McCullough, state he had a golfing date with Mr. Pinsky, and when he questioned the appointment he was told the decision was made over the weekend that Materio would be appointed. No sunshine here, just another back room deal.

Commissioners Mitchell & Materio are on the same page 99% of the time. One or the other makes a motion and the other second’s it. Now they want to outsource our water and they decided jointly that Poseidon could handle our water issues.

Now let’s talk commissioners and lobbyist.

Recent residents lawsuits against the city for two developments, Rybovich and Palm Harbor Hotel, claiming the city is not following it’s own master plan concerning height, density, and set back. Commissioner Mitchell and Materio strongly supported both projects. Lobbyist: Richard Pinsky.

Commissioner’s Mitchell and Materio joined forces to have the city purchase land at 8111 South Dixie Hwy. for $2.9 million in an effort to keep Walmart from building a Neighborhood Market. This taxpayer money was not budgeted. Lobbyist: Richard Pinsky.

Commissioners Mitchell & Materio, again on the same page, want a presentation by Poseidon Resources, and they want it NOW, so they can hopefully talk another commissioner into voting with them to have the issue pass, and there goes our water to outsourcing. Lobbyist: Richard Pinsky.

Remember Commissioner Mitchell’s Digital Domain fiasco, where the city lost well over 2 million dollars and nearly lost the land they so willing gave to John Textor? After a court battle we regained the land and the city has 3 offers to build on what is affectionately known as the “tent” site. One offer is from the Related Group. Want to guess which way this will go? I should mention the Related Group lobbyist is Richard Pinsky.

I would like to take an opportunity to thank Commissioners Moffett, Robinson, and especially Commissioner James for asking the tough questions, standing strong and taking the residents best interest to heart. Commissioner James appears to be coming into his own, and presented a strong argument for a special meeting which he received.

We have an election coming up and James is being challenged by Len Fintzy of Riverwalk. If you aren’t aware of who Len Fintzy is please read the story on WPB Watch titled “Who is Len Fintzy?” which can be found in Archives. If Len Fintzy is elected and replaces Commissioner James say goodbye to your water because Mr. Fintzy will always vote with Commissioners Mitchell & Materio. He will be their 3rd. vote. Always.

We also have a race in District 2 between Mr. Cory Neering and Ms. Katherine Waldron. Mr. Neering has the backing of Commissioners Mitchell & Materio and if elected he will be their 4th vote, and will be able to override any veto the mayor may make. At the start of the election cycle Mr. Neering’s campaign received $1,000.00 contribution from a Law firm titled Akerman LLP. Lobbyist Richard Pinsky firm.

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty. ~~Thomas Jefferson