Fishing For Votes

On Feb.19,2015 I attended the SENA (South End Neighborhood Association) Debate between the Commissioners and Mayor Muoio & Commissioner Mitchell running for election. Here are the hi-lights of the debate.

Upon arrival we were presented with an invitation to join a newly established PAC called “SEPAC” and it contained a “Preference Poll” asking our preference on candidates.

During the debate a question was asked concerning 8111 So. Dixie Hwy. The city spent 2.9 million dollars for the land in order to prevent Walmart from building, money that was not budgeted for the purchase.

Commissioner Mitchell pointed to her BFF Commissioner Materio,(sitting in the audience, and on home territory) and stated Commissioner Materio was familiar with the plans for the land and on March 11, after she was elected Mayor, she was “going to cut her lose” What does that mean? Cut her lose with more of our tax dollars? I was surprised to hear Commissioner Materio was familiar with the plans, I wish they would educate the taxpayers on their plans.

Well, anyway SEPAC was born and within the week they made their first endorsements.
SEPAC endorsed Mitchell for Mayor, Neering for District 2, Fintzy for District 4.

On Feb. 23,2015 I attended the Downtown Neighborhood Association Debate between the Mayor and commissioners running for election. I sat first row, center, best seat in the house.

At all previous debates here were the seating arrangements. Commissioner Keith James sat next to Len Fintzy (District 4) Mayor Muoio sat next to Kimberly Mitchell, and Katherine Waldron sat next to Cory Neering (District 2)

Commissioner James took his seat on the left side of the stage, Katherine Waldron took her seat on the right side of the stage, leaving a chair for their opponent. That left Mr. Fintzy and Mr. Neering standing. (Did they forget they were to sit next to their opponent?)

I sat in total amazement as Commissioner Mitchell pulled out the chair next to Ms. Waldron and directed Mr. Fintzy to sit down, she then pointed to Mr. Neering and told him to sit next to Commissioner James. Now is the time to tell you the moderator was occupied with directions to the folks keeping track of time candidates were allowed to speak. When he finished he turned and asked if everyone was ready.

Ms. Waldron questioned the new seating arrangements, and explained the District Commissioners should be sitting together. Commissioner Mitchell stood and unfortunately I didn’t hear what she said, but the moderator requested Mr. Fintzy and Neering change seats and sit next to their opponent. Ms. Mitchell appeared disappointed. Here’s where I need reader’s input. Why was it important to Commissioner Mitchell to have Fintzy & Waldron and James & Neering seated next to each other?
Fishing For Votes
Commissioner Mitchell, along with Mr. Neering & Fintzy visited Joseph’s Village, an African American retirement home, located in the northend of the city. All three were thoughtful enough to bring fish dinners with them to pass out to residents. While they were there they did ask seniors for their vote. I can’t help but wonder if they would receive the support of the residents if Commissioner Mitchell drove them by Westward Park, located in her district, and allowed them to witness the corroded railing sitting in the canal, that children walk by daily on their way to school. It is by the Grace of God no children have fallen in, and hopefully will live to see their own retirement.

In closing I would tell readers that I am a senior citizen, and we are not so easily fooled. Amen!