How to cheat an Election

This story explains the steps necessary to win an election in WPB Fl. and fool the voters into believing you are the right person for the job.

2/10/15 The Mayor’s debate @ Baywinds between Muoio & Mitchell.

2/11/15 Debate @ Baywinds between District 2 candidates Waldron & Neering and District 4 candidates James & Fintzy.

Both event’s were sponsored by City Watch, President and founder Len Fintzy.

I attended both debates so readers are not receiving second hand information.

9/29/14 City Watch unanimously endorsed Mayor Muoio for re-election, and Len Fintzy for district 4 City Commissioner.

Now enters Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell who Mr. Fintzy refers to as a daughter.

Professionally, she serves as a Managing Director for Loop Capital Markets, responsible for the firms public finance efforts in Florida for the past 10 years. (good job, good money)

Commissioner Mitchell, a sitting commissioner since 2002 has never been challenged for her seat. She has four more years she can serve before being term limited out. In 2019 the mayors seat would be wide open, and the race would be on.

Dec. 2014 Commissioner Mitchell, resigns as commissioner, to enter the mayor’s race.

2/10/15 She disclosed, at the Mayor’s Debate, she no longer was employed at Loop Capital and her job was terminated in December 2014. See where this is going?

Now we have a major problem. Len Fintzy’s City Watch, has already endorsed Mayor Muoio for re-election. How are they going to fix the problem?  This was their solution.

We must have folks sign up to become a voting member of City Watch, which will cost $20.00/ year, and you don’t even have to reside in the western communities to join.

Below is a partial list of new City Watch members with voting rights, who rescinded the Mayor Geri Muoio endorsement, and endorsed Kimberly Mitchell for Mayor.

  • Beth Kennedy, Campaign Manager for Mitchell, Fintzy & Neering.
  • Kimberly Mitchell, City Commissioner. (She endorsed herself)
  • Anita Mitchell , Mother of Kimberly & registered lobbyist.
  • Len Fintzy Founder & President of City Watch. (He endorsed himself)
  • Shannon Materio, Commissioner Mitchell’s BFF on and off the dais.
  • Taylor Materio, Commissioner Materio’s daughter.
  • Michael Carter, Organizer for the Mitchell campaign.
  • Ed Oppel, Friend & Supporter of Commissioner Mitchell & Materio.
  • George Singer, President HOA Baywinds.
  • David Keiser, Interim President City Watch, Baywinds resident.
  • Bob Beaulieu & partner, Friends & Supporters of Mitchell & Materio.
  • Vinny Munnelly, Friend & Supporter of Mitchell & Materio.

People I didn’t recognize may have been from the southern district, supporters of Materio.

These same group voted unanimously to endorse Cory Neering over Katherine Waldron.

Are these the people you want running your city?