Keith James vs. Len Fintzy

In 2011 when Commissioner Keith James won election to the WPB City Commission, I must admit he was not one of my favorite commissioners on the dais.

I noticed a change in Commissioner James during his second term in office and he became more attuned to the residents and their concern. He “broke” from the controlling members of the commissioners, became much more independent, and free thinking.

Today Commissioner James is among my favorites on the commission due to the fact he has “led the charge” in stopping Commissioners Mitchell and Materio with their attempt to outsource our city water to a private company. With the backing of Commissioner Robinson and Moffett the issue has been put to rest, for now.

If Commissioner Mitchell is victorious in her bid for mayor the issue will be back on the table, and I am confident knowing if he were reelected he would once again lead the charge. Commissioner Moffett is voting with James on the issue, but with the retirement of Ike Robinson James would need another Commissioner to stop the project.

Katherine Waldron has stated publicly she would not support outsourcing.

I have no knowledge of where Paula Ryan stands on the issue, and she will be the new commissioner for District 3.

Commissioner James’s challenger, Len Fintzy is close enough to Mitchell I am convinced he would back her project, along with Materio.

Cory Neering is campaigning along with Mitchell and Fintzy as a team, so how do you think he will vote?

2015 will be a crucial time for WPB and I respectfully ask you to consider retaining Commissioner James to the District 4 seat. He is the best choice to keep balance on the City Commission, ensure our city water is not privatized and provide much needed experience on the City Commission.