Mitchell’s Letter’s Keep Popping Up

Former WPB City Commissioner Jim Exline sat on the dais from 1999-2007.

June 8,2007: Judge Kenneth A. Marra sentenced City Commissioner James Exline to prison for 10 months, followed by one year probation, and a $3,000.00 fine.

It appears Mr. Exline failed to pay income tax on $50,000.00 dollars he received from a PBC land developer,Sansbury Realty. Mr. Exline directed the developer to pay a third party who would pass it on to him.

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If that were not bad enough, how’s this for protecting the taxpayers. The “Opinion Zone” in the Palm Beach Post asked readers their opinion on The Employee Defined Contribution Administrative Committee that voted to allow Mr. Exline to keep his city-paid (taxpayer)retirement benefits of $16,000.00. It appears the WPB taxpayer is extremely generous in donating $2,000.00 a year per commissioner. Keep in mind the taxpayer contribution was two thousand in 2007. Think they gave themselves a raise in the last 8 years?

Read the “Opinion Zone” below.

Jim Exline | The Opinion Zone – The Palm Beach Post

May 11,2007 Commissioner Mitchell wrote Judge Marra asking for leniency for her friend, Mr. Exline. She didn’t use WPB letterhead, but couldn’t resist writing she was a WPB City Commissioner, and went so far as to recommend his punishment. Read the letter below.


It was also noted that Mr. Exline is a new member of City Watch and voted to un-endorse Mayor Muoio, and endorse Kimberly Mitchell.  If Mitchell is elected, did she make any promises to her friend?

He has already contributed to Len Fintzy’s campaign.