Who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried?

Residents have questioned Mayor Muoio choice of people she has placed in position to supposedly help her run the city. People such as City Administrator, Jeff Green, who she promoted from Finance Director to City Administrator, Development Services Director, Richard Greene, there is more to be written on Mr. Greene at a later date, and former City Spokesman and Director of Communications, Eliot Cohen. Mr. Cohen is no longer the City Spokesman but remains on the city payroll as the Communications Director.

After Mr. Cohen released names of Confidential Informers, Undercover Police Officers, and sensitive investigations by the FBI on the city web site, and with call from residents and the Police Benevolent Associations to remove Mr. Cohen, Mayor Muoio refuses to let him go.

This following story may help explain one of the possible reasons why.

In 2013 the city announced they would outsource their CRA Department and Kim Briesemeister,who ran the city’s CRA dept from 2004 until 2013 resigned in August which allowed her Broward County based firm, RMA Associates to participate in the bidding process. Word leaked to the press that Ms. Briesemeister expressed confidence to her CRA staff that the commissioners would choose her company but denied the accusations when confronted by the press.

The residents were upset with the city and especially Ms. Briesemeister company RMA due to her numerous decisions made while working for the city. For Instance:

City Center: A citizen’s alliance group sued the city over the building of the new city hall, library and garage. The alliance group sued for the right to allow residents to vote on the project. The courts agreed, but then Mayor Frankel, pushed to have the projected finished, while giving the residents the one finger salute. This cost the taxpayer’s $300,000,00.

Digital Domain: The city gave prime city land valued at $10 million, along with $2 million in cash to Digital Domain in a partnership with FSU for a digital animation college.It was reported in the PB Post that Kim Briesemeister approved the deal between the city and Digital Domain, and said CEO John Textor was fully vetted.

On Sept.10,2012 Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell, Kim Briesemeister, and City Attorney Claudia McKenna drove to John Textor’s home for a private meeting.

On Sept.11, 2012 Digital Domain filed for bankruptcy.

On Sept.13,2012 Ms. Briesemeister reported to police her home was burglarized, and two laptops were stolen along with two briefcases filled with paperwork. A week later another burglary and more computer equipment along with jewelry was stolen. Ms. Briesemeister stated it was a private matter and refused to discuss the situation. It leaves one to wonder if the computer’s and briefcase’s contained information on Digital Domain, lost forever.

Now enter Mr. Cohen:
If you have kept up with city politics you are aware of the power Mr. Cohen has been given by Mayor Muoio. If you haven’t kept up, please take my word for it, this man has power over city employees, reporters, residents, and possibly the mayor herself.

The information below was received by a PRR from the city of WPB and the dates are taken from Mr. Cohen’s employment application. Please note the dates.

Jan. 2005 to Sept. 2005:  Office of the mayor, city of WPB. (Employed for 7 months, and didn’t appear to give much notice upon his leaving)

Sept. 2005 to May 2008:  Broward Sheriff’s office and was allowed to “resign.” The date on his “Broward County Sheriff’s Office Resignation Form was signed by both John F. Curry, Sheriff of Broward County on 3/7/08 and Dee Gargotta /IA (internal affairs). on 2/20/08. It appears Mr. Cohen left the BSO on Feb.6,2005, and not May as his WPB application states.

Aug.2008 to Feb.2012: Health First, Inc. Mr. Cohen started his new job 6 months after “resigning” from the BSO.

May 2012 to present: City of WPB. Back where he started.

About now you are asking what the CRA has to do with Mr. Cohen. Well they have history. When Mr. Cohen applied to the BSO he gave Ms. Briesemeister as a reference. So they go back at least 10 years. Coincidence, I don’t believe in them.

How much influence did Mr. Cohen have with Mayor Muoio in order to eliminate all applicants for the city’s CRA outsourcing and insure Ms. Briesemeister received the contract which has a budget of 28 Million dollars, and not much oversite.
See Mr. Cohen’s BSO application below.