Free Speech-Vs-Censorship-Another View

Posting on November 30,2015 “Free Speech-VS-Censorship is an interesting article written by Debbie. I would like to offer another opinion, and invite you to look at the other side of the coin. Debbie’s first paragraph explains the First Amendment of the Constitution on freedom of speech.

She mentions “very insensitive comments” made by Commissioner Moffett at the October 26 commission meeting, but fails to mention what the comments were. I attended that meeting and can’t recall any statement by Commissioner Moffett concerning the West Palm Beach Police Department, except that she wanted the very best officers working for the city.

She mentioned an African-American speaker who had some “strong comments” in that meeting, but failed to mention his name. The speaker is actually a Palm Beach County Deputy and former West Palm Beach Police Officer, who was fired from the city. According to the PB Post at the time of his firing, he had a total of 15 reprimands and 10 suspensions on his record. He is now with the PBC Sheriff’s office where he has acquired more reprimands and suspensions.

At the June 8 2015 City Commission meeting the deputy used his three minutes slandering me with accusations of being a racist and bigot along with being ignorant and condescending.

I was absent from the June 8 meeting but attended the June 22 meeting where it was more of the same.

He sent an email to the mayor and commissioners with a request that his email be read at the July 6, 2015 meeting, and the topic once more concerned me. This email was not read, I believe in part due to the length of his message. It would have taken an auctioneer to deliver the message in the three minutes allotted to residents. He writes in part:
“Saying you don’t understand New York and Baltimore, shows blatant disrespect, lack of knowledge, ignorance and racist views for not knowing why millions of black, white and others were marching around cities in this country because of people like yourself.”

Here is my favorite paragraph in his email.
“Sandy, you need to leave writing about black issues, in our community to us. Clearly you don’t have a grasp of what’s going on in our community and clearly, you need to write about your own community and leave the black community alone.”

Appears he is dictating to me what I can write and talk about. Is he attempting to infringing on my right to free speech?

What I actually said was I didn’t understand why the people of New York weren’t protesting over the murder of two police officers shot to death while sitting in their cruiser, by a black man.

I don’t recall mentioning Baltimore, but did make comments concerning Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson was not protesting, Ferguson was out of control– looting, burning police cruisers, smashing windows, closing business, and when Michael Brown’s stepfather was caught on video yelling “Burn this Motherf—er down” along with “Burn this bitch down” the protesters who were in a high state of agitation and the utterance of the stepfather did just that, set the town on fire, and video showed a vast majority were black. It was so violent a state of emergency was called for.

What I know of Baltimore: After the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore Maryland, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the black mayor, told the police to stand down, and allow the protesters to “vent” Well they vented alright. It was a repeat of Ferguson.

As of August 2015 there have been over 300 murder’s committed, and the count rises daily. Most of the crime appears to be black on black. Many more mother’s heart’s broken.
In July the Mayor fired the Police Commissioner, and replaced him with a black man. The death toll continued to climb.
Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake has decided not to run for re-election as Mayor in 2016. My opinion- she made a good decision.

In the news as I write this:
Police officer Jason Van Dyke was arrested and will be tried on 1st. degree murder charges in connection with the shooting death of a black man named Laquan McDonald in Chicago. Officer Van Dyke shot the young man 16 times. The story continues.

The University of Chicago was shut down recently due to Jabari R. Dean, 21, a black man who threatened to kill 16 white male students or staff. One dead white man for every shot fired by officer Van Dyke. He further stated he “will die killing any number of white policemen that I can in the process” In my opinion when innocent police and citizens are murdered, the black community loses a little more support from the white community.

The comment below was written in the Opinion section of the PB Post 11/15/15, and I will refer to the author as the “writer”

“Off-duty officer was rude, unprofessional”

“Recently, at the West Palm Beach City Commission meeting, during public comment, where speakers have three minutes to address the mayor and commissioners, a man employed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy addressed the commission in a rude and unprofessional way.

I understand that this may be his personal time; however, what the public sees is an off-duty sheriff’s deputy verbally attacking and breaking the rules of the televised commission meetings. Mayor Jeri Muoio had to remind him multiple times that he would be removed from the chambers.

If I were his employer, I would be concerned with his off-duty public behavior. Hats off to the commissioners and mayor who had to endure this abuse. Great job not reacting to this rant, which had to be infuriating. These types of hurtful, disrespectful comments have no place in a city meeting, and it’s unfair to anyone, including the viewing public, and should not be tolerated.”

The “author” who wrote his opinion for publication did not mention the deputy’s name.

At the last city commission meeting (11/23) the deputy may have recognized  himself as being the subject of the “Letter to the Editors” because he directed what I consider to be hateful rhetoric toward the “writer”. The deputy concluded his free speech informing the dais, the audience along with residents listening to the televised meeting personal information concerning the “writer” in what may have been an attempt to shock listeners. To me it showed what the deputy is made of.

I applaud “writer” for speaking up and allowing his views to be known. There needs to be more people willing to come forward and express their opinions in a gentlemanly way as he did.

Debbie you wrote: “Unlike private citizens, elected officials actions are subject to public scrutiny, as they should be.”
I would remind you that “writer” and myself are not elected officials, and it appears our “free speech” is not acceptable to the deputy when our comments concern him. Speaking for myself, I don’t mind scrutiny, but am concerned about being called a racist and a bigot, especially while living in a black neighborhood. All it takes is another Louis Head to cause harm and destruction to me and others.

I applaud the commission, and want to thank Commissioner Ryan and Mayor Muoio for having the courage to suggest public comment be moved to a later time.
Any resident who watches city government and wishes to address the dais is welcome to attend, listen and learn. If residents wish to address the mayor and commission they will still be welcome,hopefully an hour or so later. City government is not attempting to remove anyone’s right to free speech.