Schools & Jobs

Jobs and schools those 2 magic words that politicians regularly use to con the public into voting for a change to the constitutional amendment or a city charter, which eventually hurts the pocketbook of every taxpayer in the state, Palm Beach County, right down to the City Of West Palm Beach.

Lets start with public schools.
In 1986 Florida voters authorized a lottery through a constitutional amendment. The purpose was to alleviate the money shortfall and enhance Florida public education. The lottery was a great success and over the last 30 years the state has raised billions of dollars.
Did the state put these funds in a designated account to be used on education? No, they did not. The funds were placed in the general fund to be doled out as politicians saw fit.
Pennies on the dollars went to teacher salaries. More pennies spent on books and supplies and schools in disrepair.
In PBC many school children have to share books, and there are not enough for students to take home so no homework assignments are given.
The booming business in Florida are Charter Schools where millions of dollars are given each year,money taken from public schools. While the majority of them fail, they are allowed to keep the land and building, and are not responsible for returning funds borrowed from you, the taxpayer.
“No child left behind” is a dismal failure. There are thousands of children who are forgotten and left so far behind I question if they will ever catch up.
If Florida wont invest and educate children who will? Well, there’s always the gangs.

On April 11 I attended the city commission meeting where the city passed Resolution No. 105-16 in support of Palm Beach County and the School District of Palm Beach County’s plan to raise the sales tax by one-cent to pay for needed improvement to public infrastructure, parks, public safety initiatives, and economic development.
Economic Development: WPB is beginning to resemble Miami and Broward with the construction going on in the area. The city has allowed this while they complain about flooding throughout the city streets. Have you noticed concrete and asphalt will not absorb water very well? Where will the water eventually go? In your house.
The city desperately wants the one- cent sales tax to pass. They need the money for reasons given above. If their so desperate for funds why give businesses a free ride on tax exemptions? Why throw this money away?
When I complained about the business exemptions the mayor explained to the audience the city commissioners would vote on every exemptions presented to them. Sure, they will vote to give Marriott the exemption, and tell the Hyatt no exemption. Which business will sue the city? All will receive the exemption.
The one-cent sales tax issue will be on the November 8,2016 ballot. Please think before you vote, and know the issues.

The March 15 election there were 3 items placed on the ballot. 1: to nominate your choice for president, 2: elect a city commissioner, and 3: to allow businesses to receive tax exemptions for new and expanding businesses.

Many residents voted for #1, and left the polls without voting their choice for commissioner, and many saw the “jobs” and voted for #3.
When speaking to residents they didn’t fully understand #3 and believed they were voting for jobs only. I repeat know the issues.