WPB City Commission President

Commissioners Moffett, Ryan and Materio were sworn in for another 2 year term. Commissioners Ryan and Materio were not challenged, Moffett had 2 challengers and won reelection by 59% of the vote. That should tell readers that residents throughout the city were delighted with her leadership and wanted it to continue.

Now lets talk about the City Commission President and how the seat is filled. After the commissioners are sworn in the sitting president nominates the next commissioner to become Commission President, and if the majority of commissioners vote for approval it’s a done deal.

Supposedly the commissioners are rotated for a 1 year term, and sit to the right of the mayor. If the mayor is absent from a commission meeting the president chairs the meeting, and signs city documents. If the mayor falls ill, the Commission President runs the city, with the help of the Commissioners.

2012 Commissioner James 1 year term ended. Commissioner Mitchell said that Commissioner James had done such a good job, she wanted to nominated him for another term as Commission President. Commissioner James said he was going to nominate her for the position. All in all it was a disgusting display. So with the votes from Mitchell, Materio, and Robinson the deal was done, and Moffett was cheated from the position of City President.
Why? I believe it was Commissioner Moffett’s “punishment” for refusing to go along with 2 items important to Commissioners Mitchell and Materio. The WPB Charter School, and outsourcing of city water. I along with others were extremely upset and voiced our opinion, which of course was ignored by city officials. I attended the swearing in and you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to miss how it was orchestrated. Totally disgusting, and showed exactly how petty they could be.

2013 Commissioner James sat as Commission President for an unprecedented 2nd. term.

2014 Commissioner Moffett was nominated and approved for the position of City President.

2015 Commissioner Moffett was nominated and approved for a 2nd. term. This was just as wrong in my opinion, and should not have happened. Mitchell lost her bid for Mayor, and the remaining Commissioners may have thought a second term would “make up” for cheating her the first time around. Judge for yourself.

2016 Commissioner Moffett nominated Commissioner Materio as the City President, and Commissioner Ryan left early due to family business. Commissioner James voted against Materio as president. Obviously nothing petty about Moffett.

I was not happy with Materio as President, but knew in November she would be nominated.  Why? Let me explain.

The City Commission oversees the Internal Auditor namely Mr. Strout who has recently finished 3 audits and will be presented to the commission at the 4/11/16 meeting for approval. The audit on Parks & Recreations will be the next story written on this site.

Mr Strout has been the City Internal Auditor for over 3 years, and meetings were held on a monthly basis for the first 2 years, and 3 residents were always in attendance. Then meetings changed to quarterly.

Commissioner Materio never attended a single meeting until Nov. 2015, when she arrived 45 min. late. She also attended the 3/24/16 meeting, and arrived on time. This is when I realized she would be nominated City President. You have to show up eventually to get an idea of how the meeting’s are run. Those two meetings were her dry run.
For what it’s worth Commissioner Ryan has attended every audit meeting, and Neering has attended most of them.

A request of Mayor Muoio: Please don’t leave town, and stay healthy.

Prediction: In 2017 Commissioner Materio will nominate Commissioner Neering for City President.